Shake it with a cocktail making masterclass and explore different flavours and ingredients. Try something stronger with whiskey or gin tasting experiences which will leave you merry and content with your new found drinks knowledge. We have complied the top 10 best drinks classes in Bristol for you, cheers to that!

  • Spirituous Sessions
  • Artisan Cheese and Wine Pairing
  • Cocktail Masterclass
  • Cocktail Mixing Masterclass
  • Rum Making Experience
  • Butlers with Bums Cocktail Making
  • Prosecco Masterclass
  • Cocktail Making Masterclass
  • Distil Your Own Gin
  • Cocktail Masterclass with Revolution

Spirituous Sessions

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Location: Redland, Bristol

Flipside is giving the people what they want! Instead of only offering separate spirit tasting and cocktails making masterclasses, they have combined the two to give students the best tasting experience possible.

Observant teachers at Flipside noticed a lot of students who were keen to try new spirits, weren’t too keen on trying them neat. That’s why they have enhanced the tasting experience for students, so that they can taste spirits in all their glory and mixed into a sensational cocktail!

In this two hour class you will learn everything there is to know about your chosen spirit, how it has shaped the dynamic world of cocktails as well as how to use your spirit to make delicious cocktails. Flipside celebrates craft beer, cocktails and spirits. They’re passionate about helping students discover new firm favourite drinks.

Artisan Cheese and Wine Pairing

Location: Redland, Bristol

Experience the ultimate pairing! If you’re a lover of cheese and wine then this is the workshop for you. This tasting course will introduce you to exciting wine tasting techniques. First, this workshop will begin with a blind tasting of a variety of wines, so you can experience the taste alone with no preconception made from the appearance of the wine. Not only will you develop an understanding of wine tasting methods, you will also learn about how to assemble a selection of wines that compliment different cheeses. What could be better than learning how to make the perfect cheese board with the best wine selection from a professional?

Bristol Wine School provides hands-on teaching workshops and experiences for students who want to immerse themselves in new flavours. If you want to broaden your palate and understanding of cheese and wine, they are sure to have a rewarding workshop for you.

Cocktail Masterclass

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Location: Old City, Bristol

Want to gain valuable cocktail making experience? Skilful bartenders at The Milk Thistle structure this cocktail masterclass around what you want to learn. You are encouraged to choose which cocktails and spirits you wish to explore, The Milk Thistle will then create a bespoke workshop which will help you meet your cocktail making goals! Whether you have a hen- do, stag- do, birthday or work party approaching, or if you just want to build your knowledge in a fun activity with your friends, this versatile workshop is perfect for any occasion.

The Milk Thistle enjoys helping students learn in a fun and exciting way, as seeing students use their new skills when making new drinks makes them feel inspired. Their workshops are led by enthusiastic professionals who are welcoming and friendly as well as skilled in their ability to help students make new cocktails, memories and skills.

Cocktail Mixing Masterclass

Location: Clifton, Bristol

You are strongly encouraged to shake off your stress and inhibitions in this cocktail making experience! This workshop at Bar Humbug will teach you how to make classic cocktails which you can sip with a sense of pride at your success in making your new sumptuous tipple. Build your cocktail making skills and expertise through the fun, friendly and hands-on atmosphere in this masterclass.

Bar Humbug will provide engaging and interactive demonstrations and instructions for those who enjoy learning how to make their drinks as well as sipping them. Bar Humbug has a reputation for delivering excellent drinks and experiences for students. They are determined to make sure students in their cocktail making classes have their thirst for learning and cocktails quenched!

Rum Making Experience

Location: Brandon, Bristol

Want to be taken on a fascinating rum journey? Learn about the history, background and origin of this enigmatic spirit, its place as a famous and well loved spirit today as well as how to use rum to make your favourite cocktails and drinks. In this workshop you will learn how to make five famous rum cocktails as well as get to taste the fruits of your labour! Discover the rich and varied tastes of rum from white rum to spiced rum and deepen your appreciation and understanding of this spirit.

Bristol and Bath Rum Distillery have many skills in their tool belt. Not only are they a bar, kitchen and social club, they are also a distillery and pride themselves on their spirit school. Bristol and Bath Rum Distillery are captivated by the history of different spirits, however they are also invested in making sure students get the most out of their workshops.

Butlers with Bums Cocktail Making

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Location: Bristol and the surrounding areas

Looking for a class that has tasty cocktails as well as sexy service? This is a cocktail making class with a twist! Learn how to make your favourite cocktails from a professional mixologist and get creative decorating your cocktail with umbrellas, fruit and much more. Once you have made you tasty cocktails, sit back, relax and enjoy while a butler in the buff serves you your drinks. This workshop is perfect for a hen-do, birthday party or any excuse for a night of making delicious cocktails with your friends.

Butlers with Bums are sure to have a workshop that meets any of your social needs, whether you want a cheeky evening being served drinks with butlers in the buff, to experience life drawing classes or plan a party for an exciting occasion with your friends. With their range of interactive workshops, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Prosecco Masterclass

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Location: Old City, Bristol

It is now time to send corks flying! If your love for Prosecco is bubbling over then this masterclass is sure to make you pop with joy. This relaxed and informal Prosecco tasting will enlighten you to different Prosecco as well as why it is one of the nation's favourite sparkling wines. Explore different Italian Prosecco while building your understanding of the range of styles of Prosecco such as frizzante and colfondo.

Meet other fans of this popular bubbly while tasting a selection of dry and Brut Prosecco. Got a soft spot for cocktails? This workshop will also teach you how to incorporate Prosecco into different cocktail recipes. Clifton Wine School is an independent and local school in Bristol which promotes the education and understanding of wines with the guidance of their knowledgeable teachers. Not only do they run sociable in-person classes, they also organise and run virtual online classes so you can appreciate wine anywhere and everywhere!

Cocktail Making Masterclass

Location: Clifton, Bristol

Whether you want a fancy cocktail or a moreish mocktail, learn how to make a range of classic favourites in this lively workshop!

In this class you will learn how to make a cosmopolitan, mojito and a sex on the beach which you will then get to sip and enjoy. This workshop with Alterego is perfect for any celebration. They can tailor this class to your needs by hosting the class themselves in their venue or providing a mobile workshop which can be set up in whatever location you desire! So why not gather your friends for a drinks night with a twist and learn how to make your favourite cocktails from knowledgeable professionals?

Alterego offers a large and varied range of cocktail making classes. Shake your stuff in a cocktail making and dance class or sing your heart out in a karaoke and cocktail making workshop. With their selection of energetic and entertaining workshops, you are sure to let your hair down in one of their classes!

Distil Your Own Gin

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Location: Kingsdown, Bristol

Pour a bit of excitement into your weekend plans! This Saturday afternoon workshop will teach you how to distil your own gin. Enjoy crisp and refreshing drinks? Explore the versatility of different gin drinks. The range of tonics and other mixers to choose from can be quite overwhelming! In this class you will get to taste classic gin and tonic pairings, beginner tips and tricks for distilling your own gin as well as recipes to take with you for putting your new skills to use making gin at home.

Psychopomp Microdistillery provides an atmospheric, social, fun and relaxed environment for learning how to make your own gin. Not only is Psychopomp Microdistillery passionate about making new gins and teaching students how to make gins too, they also have an array of informative spirit tasting workshops. This will provide you with a range of exciting spirits and mixers to try as well as useful details about each sample, making it the ideal place to find your new favourite drink!

Cocktail Masterclass with Revolution  

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Location: Old City, Bristol

Want to understand the many nuances of mixology? Lucky for you Revolution offers a valuable cocktail making workshop which is led by their passionate and experienced professionals. This workshop promises to give you  a cocktail making masterclass like no other! Not only will you develop your cocktail making skills and approaches, you will also have a ball in the vivacious atmosphere of the workshop. This one and a half hour workshop will ensure that you learn how to make your favourite drinks as well as have an amazing experience!

Revolution are a nationally loved bar and are well versed in providing and creating memorable nights and drinks for people all over the country. They are enthusiastic about making sure your celebrations are done right! Whether it is just an overdue night with your friends or a birthday treat, they are sure to deliver remarkable drinks and workshops for any occasion!

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Discover alcoholic drinks outside of your usual order, learn how to become a bartender or experiment with unfamiliar spirits, wines, whiskeys and mixers. Bristol is fizzing with teachers who are eager to teach you all you need to know about your favourite and new drinks in their workshops. So what are you waiting for? Get straight to sipping and find the perfect drinks workshop in Bristol for you!

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