If you are hoping to discover your inner Picasso or to step out of your comfort zone with a drawing class, then you have come to the right place! Below, you will find classes to fit all standards and abilities, so don't feel hesitant if you are new to the art world, or are so talented that you can paint in your sleep! These classes have been cherry-picked by Obby to stimulate your arty instincts and provide an epic learning experience. Time to don the beret, grab the paintbrush and find the most palette-able art class in Bristol.

The Top 10 Best Art Classes in Bristol are:

  • Beginners Painting Class at Love Art
  • Will's Paint and Draw Art Class
  • Group Tuition with Emma Burleigh
  • Go Sketch Club Kids Course
  • Life Drawing with Beth Kirby
  • Graffiti Workshops with Graft
  • Sculpture Workshop with Barbara Ash
  • Roma's Arty Classes
  • Portraiture Course with Brushstrokes
  • Bristol Print Room Beginners Lino Printing

Beginners Painting Class at Love Art

Location: Saltford, Bristol

Mindful art in practice

Love Art was founded to try and encourage more adults to experience the freedom of painting. Students range in age from 19-90 showing that art can really be attempted by anyone, its just a matter of taking the leap of faith and getting started! There are 4 different levels of course for all abilities taken by a very experienced tutor. Each class is incredibly flexible and ensures that every student feels they are going at their own pace and ability. If you feel you are more of a watercolour expert or an acrylic connoisseur then there are a range of mediums for you to try. More classes than you can flick a brush at!

The beginners course is designed to go back to the absolute basics. Even as far as picking up and holding a brush! Expect to dabble in basic sketching, oil pastel blending and watercolour techniques. And the bonus? All art materials are provided for you meaning all you need to bring are your yourself and a can paint attitude!

Will's Paint and Draw Art Class

Location: Stoke Bishop Village Hall, Bristol

The premise of Bristol Paint and Draw is the kick the taboo that art is a skill that is impossible to learn or "something that you are good at or not". You will be taught accessible building blocks to gradually start adding to your arty armoury. If you are looking for a bit of me time, or feel that you want to have an outlet for experimentation and fun then this is the place for you. Art can also be very sociable and is a chance to make friends with fellow creatives!

We recommend trying the Beginners Painting Class to try a variety of different mediums including pencils, watercolour, charcoal, ink, acrylic and pastel. Courses are in high demand and run every few months in person. Or even better, if you like the sound of this but can't get to Bristol, why not try out an online Zoom class? Your teacher Will has 24 years worth of teaching experience at beginner-intermediate level, so you are in very capable hands! Classes are priced at £60 for 6 weeks with the option to have materials supplied or to bring your own.

Group Tuition with Emma Burleigh

Location: Royal West Academy, Bristol

Expect to be soothed by the rhythm of Emma's mindful classes.

Are you looking to detox, relax and be mindful? If so, then this class with Emma Burleigh is right up your street. Her classes look to develop your confidence to paint intuitively and expressively with an emphasis on mindfulness. With the credentials to back up her professional portfolio, Emma has a PGCE in Art and Design from Oxford Brookes University and over 10 years of experience at teaching all levels of art.

The Group Workshops last 3 weeks and are taught online. Emma has been doing these classes for the last year and is adept at making the most out of virtual interactions! For those looking to bolster their professional portfolio or enhance their art GCSE grade, then this class is ideal and is certainly appreciated with rave reviews from many former students! Materials are sent in advance of the class so no need to worry about supplying your own.

Go Sketch Club Kids Course

Location: Online

Sketch to your heart's content

"There is no such thing as good art or bad art!" Says Emma, the founder of the Go Sketch Club. Are you wanting your kids to be able to express themselves and feel empowered through the medium of art? That is exactly what is provided in these very accessible and affordable online courses aimed primarily at children but with courses also opened up to adults.

If you are wanting to join your young protegee, there is the all ages Live Art Club where each person will receive tailored advice but also given the independence to explore artistic license with a guiding hand. Or dive straight in with the Live Drawing Tuition for kids aged 9-16. To cater for all, there is no necessity to turn on cameras and all classes are standalone meaning you can pick and choose which class you attend. All for a very competitive £13 for the hour! Judging by the overwhelmingly positive reviews, this is incredible bang for buck.

Life Drawing Classes with Beth Kirby

Location: Hamilton House, Bristol

One of the more unique experiences featured here is this Life Drawing Class with exemplar artiste Beth Kirby. With a background in conceptual art and illustration, Beth will be able to deftly guide you through your 1st or 50th time encountering the nude form. Expect to explore subjects and topics of female expression and sexuality with a range of models and poses presented before you each lasting 5-20 minutes.

Talk about stepping out of your comfort zone! But fear not, there is no right or wrong in navigating the nude figure. If you feel empowered by Live Drawing, or just want to try something new, then you are in luck. These very relaxed classes are weekly: paper is provided, but be sure to bring any other materials you feel suitable.

Graffiti Workshops at Graft

Location: Nelson Street, Bristol

Are you the next Banksy?

Gone are the days where graffiti is analogous with anarchy. Graft is here to give everyone the chance to wield a spray can! Founded in 2012 by former teachers Rob and Sophie Wheeler, they swapped the schoolbooks for stencils to set up this business founded on the principles of engagement, craft and sharing.

Expect to be on your feet, expect to be active. This is guaranteed to be an action packed 2 hours. Not only will you come away with a bespoke souvenir crafted by your own hand, but you will learn how the greats in the game operate: think Banksy and beyond. Perfect for parties, stag/hen dos, or team building with a heavy smattering of camaraderie.

Sculpture Workshop with Barbara Ash

Location: The Bristol Folk House, Bristol

We think it is time to make art 3D again! Why not turn your hand to sculpture design with the endlessly talented Barbara Ash. If you are looking for a mentor with stories to tell, then Barbara seems to have done it all. From creating a snow sculpture in the house of the Red Army in Moscow to spending 10 years in Bangalore, India honing her craft; she has certainly seen the world which seamlessly translates into her eloquent craft.

Now based in Bristol on a house-boat, she delivers regular courses at the Bristol Folk House. If you've got time on your hands, have a shot at the Exploring Mixed Media Sculpture Course lasting 6 weeks and expect to get experimental! Or if you are only keen to dip your toe in the world of sculpture, she runs a day course in Wire Sculpture. Whatever floats your house-boat!

Roma's Arty Classes

Location: Patchway, Bristol

You are invited to the Secret Ar-tea Party at Roma's house

Imagine receiving the key to the Secret Garden of the art world. That is precisely what Roma Widger will be providing you when she shares her professional secrets that she has been accumulating over her 20+ years of diverse artistic experiences covering all genres. As well as in person classes for adults, she also provides online sessions which you can attend from anywhere in the UK. Couldn't be a better way to provide a mindful balance to your day.

Her classes cover all genres and are aimed at all abilities. So if you are keen to dive head first into the watercolour world of Roma Widger Art, then look no further! Why not try and canvas support from like minded enthusiasts? This is the perfect opportunity to brush up on your acrylic handiwork..! Classes range from Pastels, Painting and Drawing or even Calligraphy and Collage making.

Portraiture Course with Brushstrokes

Location: The Flamingo Centre, Bristol

6 weeks of pure bliss

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought what it would be like to paint yourself? Or looked at a portrait hanging in a grand country house and questioned how its possible to paint such an accurate likeness? Laura Truesdale has the answers. Over 6 weeks you will learn to explore your artistic identity to formulate and reinforce artistic tools for life.

Laura has 10 years of teaching and mentoring under her belt and could not be better suited to guiding you through the soothing ebb and flow of Landscapes and Portraiture. Her teaching style is supplemented by an extensive knowledge of art history, so expect to come away knowing the difference between Renaissance and Baroque. Art materials are an optional extra.

Bristol Print Room Beginners Lino Printing

Location: Bristol Studios, Bristol

Hot off the press! If you don't fancy painting, then lino printing could be the perfect outlet for your creative cravings. Fusing modern and ancient techniques, tutor Steph Renshaw has brought to life the 16th century method of Intaglio printing which creates toned and complex prints. She offers up limitless options such as markmaking, card-making and printing by hand to product stunning take-home pieces.

Lino Printing courses last 8 weeks and are designed to take the student on a stimulating journey of multiple projects. Class sizes are purposefully small lending to a supportive learning experience. Why not give it a shot?

Need more advice?

Judging by the quality of classes available in this blog, it seems as if we have just hit the second artistic Renaissance. Step aside Leonardo! Imagine the eclectic day that you could have planned: a glorious morning of interpretive Life Drawing followed by an afternoon of graffiti al fresco. The options are endless. However, completely understandable of these Bristol Art Classes don't tickle your fancy! We have plenty more on offer, just follow the links below.

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