Whether you want to add a splash of colour and pick up a paintbrush to paint your own pottery or properly understand how to make porcelain like a professional, pottery workshops in Bristol will help you glaze through new pottery skills. Learn in a beginner taster workshop or develop your existing pottery expertise with interactive courses. We have rounded up the top 10 best pottery workshops in Bristol so you can get straight to creating your own personalised pottery pieces.

  • Two Day Raku Course
  • Children's Animal Bowl Making Masterclass
  • Team Building Pottery Workshop
  • Imprints in Porcelain Class
  • Online Pottery Leaf Platter Course
  • Hand Building Pottery Taster Workshop
  • Potters Wheel Taster Class
  • Make a Pot Workshop
  • Five Week Pottery Course
  • Private Wheel Throwing Class

Two Day Raku Course

Location: Wrington, North Somerset, Bristol

Why not fill your Sunday with a peaceful pottery class? This two day workshop takes place on two Sundays and will teach you everything you need to know about the ancient and impressive Japanese raku approach of making pottery.

In the first workshop you will learn how to make your pot through a range of techniques including both wheel throwing and hand building. Once you have made your masterpieces,  in the second workshop you will have the chance to adorn your pots with your own designs and customisation as well as experience the enchanting process of firing and finishing your pottery.

Not only will you have made around eight to ten pieces of pottery, you will also have gained a deeper understanding of raku pottery as well as the overall pottery making process.

Clayability runs a broad variety of pottery workshops in their magical walled garden. With classes in North Somerset, these workshops are worth going the extra mile! Their workshops are the perfect excuse to indulge, relax and learn in the great outdoors. As well as celebrating ceramics, teachers in their classes also feel inspiration from helping students discover their pottery making potential.

Children's Animal Bowl Making Masterclass

Location: Westbury on Trym, Bristol

Children exploring their imagination and creativity is incredibly enriching for their growth and development. Sculpting and moulding clay with their own two hands to create their artistic vision will help build confidence in their own abilities and ideas.

Not only will this workshop be rewarding for children's well-being and self-image, it will also be an opportunity to learn in a fun, friendly and exciting environment. In this workshop, children will learn the coiling method to make their own bowl that resembles their favourite animal.

Each student will learn the step by step method of making their own ceramic bowl as well as how to customise their pottery with their own touches.

Wot Pots has a cosy professional studio nestled within a beautiful calm woodland landscape making it the perfect place to clear your mind and learn captivating pottery skills. Although Wot Pots enjoys helping children use their imagination to be creative, they also teach adults of all abilities how to connect with their creativity through craft, ceramics, pottery and art.

Team Building Pottery Workshop

Location: Bristol Harbourside

Teamwork makes the dream work! After a hard graft, get your colleagues together to let off some steam. Whether you want to break the ice and get to know new members of staff, celebrate your hard earned success or have a creative Christmas office party, learning together is the best way to practise team bonding.

Learn how to make your own pottery that can be used as a plant pot, vase or decorative piece of home ware. Not only will you learn new pottery techniques from a professional, but you will also learn about your teammates.

This workshop is an opportunity to discover your colleagues strengths and character outside of your professional work setting as well as improve your communication with each member of the team.

Potstop are passionate about helping their students build their pottery confidence and skills. They have a range of workshops for any occasion! Whether you want a team building activity, creative party idea or new hobby, they are sure to have a workshop or course that teaches you how to get creative with ceramics.

Imprints in Porcelain Class

Location: Lawrence Hill, Bristol

Whether you’re a beginner or feeling rusty with your current pottery skills, this four hour workshop will help students of all levels and abilities refine their techniques and knowledge. Although you are encouraged to use your creative freedom to design your own imprints, this class will give ideas and themes to help provoke your imagination and artistic nature!

Discover how to work with slabs of porcelain as well as how to imprint different textures using a selection of plaster press moulds. Use these porcelain slabs to then make a range of ceramic pieces of your choice including cups, jugs, tea light holders and much more.

With classes limited to no more than six students, you are sure to get focused and concentrated guidance from your professional teacher.

Louise Blois at Clay Shed feels inspired by natural surroundings and the beauty mother nature has to offer! Through her adoration of breathtaking landscapes, Louise’s ceramics are influenced by her fondness of nature. Louise’s workshops are designed to help students make ceramic pieces that also inspire and excite them.

Online Pottery Leaf Platter Course

Location: Recorded Online Course

Recorded courses give you the opportunity to learn whenever and wherever you like. Sometimes timetabled classes don’t fit into our busy schedules, recorded workshops give students the freedom to pick up their clay and learn anytime they are feeling inspired.

Everyone has different learning styles and preferences that help them develop their skills. For those who enjoy learning in the comfort of their own home, recorded classes give them the opportunity to learn somewhere they feel creative.

In this recorded workshop, you will learn how to make a stunning unique leaf platter that can be displayed with pride as a decorative piece or used at your next dinner party.

Workshops with Sonya Wilkins will help you create original pottery using natural materials and a range of impressive techniques. Sonya creates stimulating and informative online courses and is so determined to make sure her students get the most out of her workshops, that she has telephone as well as zoom calls to give advice to students who want more specific guidance while completing the workshop.

Hand Building Pottery Taster Workshop

Location: Winterbourne, Bristol

Want to try your hand at hand building? Get inspired by feeling the smooth clay to mould and sculpt into your personalised shapes and designs. This three hour workshop will give you a full taster of hand building pottery techniques to make your own ceramics.

Hand building is a great avenue into the world of pottery, as you get to explore and feel the clay as well as form your pottery with your own two hands.

This taster workshop will help all beginners understand the pottery making journey as well as hand building techniques such as slabbing, pinching and coiling.

The Pottery Shed believes in the powerful rejuvenating impact of working with pottery. Ceramics and pottery making have an incredible effect on our mental health and many people, including teachers at The Pottery Shed, promote pottery as a valuable mindful exercise. This workshop will have you feeling proud of your pottery pieces as well as relaxed and centred.

Potters Wheel Taster Class

Location: Rangeworthy, Bristol

Throw away your stress in this wheel throwing workshop! Take part in this incredibly popular and rewarding hobby and develop your creative skills. Wheel throwing workshops are exciting for students of all levels, as beginners are eager to take the wheel while experienced pottery students never get tired of the feeling of shaping and centering their clay on the wheel.

This two hour workshop is suitable for beginners who have no knowledge or experience wheel  throwing and want to spin into a new skill! Workshops have no more than six students to ensure that everyone gets the attention they need from the professional pottery teacher as well as their very own electric potters wheel.

The only thing you need to bring along is your unique creativity and artistic intuition as all of the materials as well as glazing to finish your pot is provided in the workshop.

Stupots Pottery Studio is surrounded by the beautiful countryside of the South West of England. If you are looking for an oasis to get creative just outside of Bristol, then this workshop is the best place to learn calming pottery methods and techniques.

Make a Pot Workshop

Location: Easton, Bristol

This workshop is your time to shine! Learn how to make a personalised pot with the guidance of your encouraging teacher. Not only will you learn how to make a pot with wheel throwing techniques, you will also get to socialise in a small group with other friendly and enthusiastic students!

With professional finishing and glazing included in this workshop, your masterpiece pot should be placed with honour in your home for all to see and admire.

Can’t get enough of this pottery workshop? Bristol Pottery Workshops run this class every week so you can continue to develop your pottery skills and make professional looking pots and pieces.

Bristol Pottery Workshops have inclusive pottery classes for everyone. They provide a friendly atmosphere for everyone of any ability and age to get creative and discover their passion for clay and pottery.

Five Week Pottery Course

Location: Bristol City Centre

Want to learn everything there is to know about making professional pottery? This course will take you from being a beginner to a seasoned professional potter! Get a full comprehensive understanding of different pottery approaches in this five week workshop that can be tailored to fit your favourite learning styles. Whether you get a taste for wheel throwing or hand building, prioritise and master the skills you enjoy in this course.

Jessica Thorn has a range of pottery workshops designed to help beginners and intermediate pottery fanatics explore this exciting and innovative craft skill. Whether you want to develop your own understanding or find an interesting group activity for you and your friends, Jessica Thorn is sure to have the perfect pottery workshop for you.

Private Wheel Throwing Class

Location: Bedminster, Bristol

The beauty of one-to-one classes is that you have the complete attention of a professional potter to learn from! Not only do you get their direction throughout the whole workshop, they can also track your progress and give you specific feedback and advice to improve your skills quickly.

In two hours, you can learn how to flawlessly make pots through wheel throwing in this beginner workshop. Two hours is plenty of time to get some practise as well as make pottery to be proud of.

Not only will you make impeccable pottery in this workshop, you will also build your confidence in your ability to use a potter wheel like a professional.

Trylla have a wonderful wide range of workshops with the intention of helping students get experimental and creative with pottery as well as different crafts. Trylla is the perfect place for students looking for pottery classes that are effortless, fun and interactive.

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Whether you want to brush up on your techniques for making handmade ceramics or you’re a beginner wanting to attend a taster pottery workshop, pottery teachers in Bristol eagerly await in their inspiring studios for students of all abilities. Discover the pottery making process, from the potters wheel to kiln firing and glazing. Explore artistic and creative classes for adults and children as well as the materials and supplies used in the ceramics making journey with the best pottery classes Bristol has to offer.

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