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Express your creative side and begin learning all about the art of sword making because there’s a whole world of eye-catching swords waiting to be discovered. Learn all about the art and skill that goes into making each sword and throw yourself into the process

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2. Wine Appreciation
Think you know your Nebbiolo from your Counoise grape variety? What year would be the best Riesling to sip on? Making the right choice in a supermarket aisle or looking at a wine menu during a date can be a daunting experience. For many of us, ordering wine in a restaurant is like shooting darts with our eyes closed. We set the bar quite low for ourselves when it comes to defining success, and often we’re content just to hit the board. We may aim for a delicious wine (and strive not to embarrass ourselves in the process), but how can we expect to consistently nail our target when we’re shooting blind? In this unique introductory online course, Amelia Singer combines a rigorously thorough understanding of wine with a witty and charming ambience – you will finish the course energized and confident about your own abilities to order wine in restaurants. If you choose the expert version of the course, Amelia will advise you personally to meet your own objectives for the course. You will come away with the confidence to choose the right wine for you, for the right occasion. The course is filmed in the esteemed London based winery ‘London Cru’ alongside winemaker Alex Hurley. Alex is a Master of Enology and Viticulture, and a key member of the London Cru Winery team. Alex worked as a Geologist through Australia and Asia before deciding to follow his passion for wine. Having previously made wines in Australia, Burgundy, and Barolo, the seduction of working with quality English grapes brought him to the UK Since their launch, London Cru’s wines have won prestigious IWC awards and are listed in numerous Michelin star restaurants in London and beyond. Alex’s insights into the industry are invaluable, and will ensure that you really appreciate what it is that you’re drinking - from grape to glass. We will also explore how to pair wine with food, with Leith’s School of Food and Drink’s resident chef, Dan Cameron. The course will cover wines from California, Australia, France, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Argentina and many more. If you wish to buy any of the wines featured, to accompany this course (recommended) you can do so from

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