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Invest in a commercial sewing pattern to upgrade from standard designs you recieve in most sewing packs. If you want to stand out then commercial pattern sewing is the way forward for you and your sewing project.

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4. How to use Dressmaking Patterns: Paper + PDF
This workshop is aimed at beginners, who want to delve into the craft of using paper patterns and PDF patterns. Using patterns can be quite a daunting prospect when you are first learning to sew. There are a lot of things you need to learn, about measuremetn charts, fabric consumption, how to place the patterns on you fabric correctly....and the list goes on! Craig your tutor, will guide you through all of the important things you will need to know.... before you start. That famous old saying "Measure twice....cut once" Workshop breakdown: Introduction to Paper Patterns (1 hour) Choosing the right project for your sewing level (Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced) Size charts Fabric consumption Suitable fabrics for your chosen design Where to buy fabrics Woven fabrics Vs stretch fabrics Choosing the right stretch fabric (stretch percentages) How to cut out the paper pattern to your size Basic alterations you can do on your pattern Pattern Markings - and their meaning Layout plans - Laying the patterns on your fabric Cutting out techniques Marking your fabric - Notches / Tailors Tacks / Chalking Introduction to PDF Patterns - Digital Downloadable Patterns (1 hour) What is a PDF pattern? The best websites to get your PDF patterns (Free or paid) The files you will receive when downloading your file Adobe Acrobat - using layers to print out Printing options - A4 / A0 / Projector files - Printing at home vs Copyshop Printer settings - Very important! Working with A4 printouts - joining them together During this workshop you will learn all you need to know about dressmaking patterns! This workshop is delivered as a seminar. You will receive a printed PDF pattern of a small cushion cover, for you to learn how to join A4 sheets together, to create a full size pattern. You can then take this pattern home, to use to make a cushion cover if you wish.

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