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Ballroom dancing is an elegant and calorie burning activity that can be done by experts seeking improvements in technique and novices wishing to learn. Fun to accomplish with a partner, it can be tiring but worthwhile learning this wonderful new talent.

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2. Ballroom and Latin dance for Adults
In Dance Delight London our teachers will engage you in two directions in stricly dancing such as Ballroom and Latin. The European program (ballroom) includes such dances as romantic English waltz, passionate Tango, fast Viennese waltz, smooth slow Foxtrot, and fervent Quickstep. In the Latin American program, we will give you the opportunity to learn the basics of such dances as rhythmic Cha Cha, buoyancy Samba, Rumba, which is a reflection of the romantic relationship between a man and a woman, also pasodoble which represents the Spanish bullfight, and finally lively and very fast dance Latin American program Jive. These classes are held in a very sincere and informative atmosphere. Where we teach you the basic movements of the above dances. Also devoting time to the technical execution of the figures, the choreography, the interaction with the partner as well as the emotional component of each dance. It is very important for us that you get pleasure from the dance that is why we are always ready to meet and listen to your questions and wishes. We work with students of absolutely any age and ability, because we know that it is never too late to start living the dance. There are a million reasons why people start dancing, our task is to make you do it as often as possible. We can prove to you that no matter when the time comes, it will never be too late to start. Dance and be happy! We will be glad to see you at our lessons, Individuals or couples are welcome! Do I need a partner? If that's the only thing holding you back, you can rest assured. At the group classes, especially beginners quite a lot of time we spend dancing separately. Because it is very important for beginners to feel their own balance. Moreover, there is always the opportunity to find a partner in class and dance with him having the same goals and interests. It is also possible to dance individually with the teacher. This option can be very effective, as with a professional you will progress at lightning speed. 1,5 hour class - 45 minutes for ballroom and 45 minutes for latin. Strictly dancing combines plenty advantages such as: physical activity, communication with interesting people, also you will gain a sense of rhythm. Each dance class will make you more plastic and graceful, because the more regularity and desire a person is engaged in dancing, the more you will get it and increase confidence. Thanks to the dance, you will have the opportunity to gain inner freedom and a slim figure. It is also important that classes in Dance Delight London easily and quickly help to relieve a person from psychological and physical fatigue. If you still find time for dancing in your working day, you are guaranteed to provide yourself with a good mood, a charge of vivacity. Even after a hard day's work dancing will be the best means of stress. Also, you have the opportunity to express yourselves emotionally through dance, and feel those muscles, which you did not even suspect. Ballroom dancing is a marvellous workout That is why novice dancers will appreciate the following advantages of classes in the dance studio: Dancing, a person uses all muscle groups. This allows you to improve your physical condition. Dance formed a beautiful posture, smooth gait and smooth lines of the body. Dance moves improve blood circulation, rejuvenate the body. This directly affects the state of internal organs. Decreases the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. A person becomes graceful, increases the flexibility of the body. Coordination of movements and work of the vestibular apparatus improves. This will help during various sports. During the dance, a person gets pleasure, which increases his mood. It has an impact on mental health, which helps to successfully deal with stress and depression. When performing dance moves the brain also begins to work actively. This improves memory, increases brain activity. This is the best way to affect the performance. Any dance requires concentration. There is a feeling of self-confidence that will help a person, both in business and personal life. So why not start right now. Learn something new, reap multiple health and social benefits and make new friends... all from just learning to dance. Come alone or bring with you your partner.
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3. Private Ballroom Dance Lessons
These Private lessons are for individuals and couples of all levels. Whatever your goal for dancing, Flow Dance can help you achieve it! Private lessons give the experts a chance to work with you on a one-on-one basis or to help couples improve their leading & following skills, floor craft, technique and of course more dance repertoire. Owned and run by World Class International dance champions, Flow Dance and its top team of professional dancers can guide you every step of the way through your dance journey. Why Private Lessons? This form of one-on-one dance tuition is designed for you to be able to personalise your dance improvement to your own schedule, pace and goals. Whether you wish to simply learn how to dance for your own pleasure as part of your weekly activities; or want to impress someone with a new skill; or dream to embark on a new challenge and become a 'Strictly Star' of your own - Flow Dance is a place where you can get it all! Is it for you? If you are reading this, then yes - it is definitely what you are looking for! Customers who come for private dance classes range from wedding couples; career driven or retired men and women who want to learn how to loosen up and be able to dance on any occasion with or without a partner; young gentlemen wishing to impress their other halves; busy mums looking to feel and look glamorous; aspiring amateurs dreaming to win their next trophy and many, many more... There is a dance instructor for everyone! Is there a level to begin from? No, the experts will take it from where you are, whether from a complete "0" or if you already have some dance knowledge. They teach all levels and make sure the lesson is paced to your personal improvement and ambition. Dance styles: They offer various dance styles in our private lessons including all couple dances like Ballroom Tango, Latin Cha Cha, Waltz, Samba, Jive, Foxtrot, Rumba, Quickstep, Paso Doble, and Viennese Waltz. They also have amazing teachers for Argentine Tango and Salsa. If you are interested in individual dances like Street dance, Commercial, Contemporary, Ballet or Belly & Bollywood dance styles and more, this can also be arranged!
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