Make and Mount Your Own Frame! by DIY Framing - crafts in London
woodworking classes in London
Make and Mount Your Own Frame! by DIY Framing - crafts in London
woodworking classes in London

Make and Mount Your Own Frame!

Learn how to make and mount your own frame in this frame-making class! Brought to you by DIY framing, a framing school in Richmond, London

Woodworking Class

Two session class


Richmond TW9

Make and Mount Your Own Frame!
by DIY Framing


Two session class


Spend a whole weekend learning about the art of picture framing and mount design. Learn how to build and transform the frame of your artwork and create you own unique look! This 2 day course will entice your passion for the art of framing.

In this class

Throughout this weekend course you will spend two days learning about the art of framing. During the first day you will be introduced to the basic process of framing from cutting a mount, glass and frame to final assembly as well as the application of a stain and lime wax finish. This course is aimed at beginners and those who desire more hands on experience to help them choose suitable framing equipment for their needs.

The focus of the first day of this course and the individual teaching will rest on:

  • Measure and cut a mount using a simple mount cutter and rule
  • Measure and saw moulding using a bench saw and measuring system
  • Glue, strap clamp and pin the frame with hand tools
  • Cut glass
  • Apply a water soluble stain and/or lime wax finish
  • Assemble frame, with Backing board & fixings for hanging

During the second day you will move past your introductory steps and delve further into the world of frames. You will learn about the important impact of mount design and decoration and how it can increase the perceived value of any art form. Whether you produce framed work for retail or just to hang at home, you will be astonished by how simply you can achieve powerful and desired effects simply by applying a select few skills and products. This day will allow you to present your images and art in a more dramatic and exciting way. Learn to maximise the impact of your images, engaging with the final element of presentation. The second day will focus on an array of practical skills and the understanding of products used in mount cutting and decoration. You will produce a portfolio of mounted artwork, covering the following areas:

  • a range of cutting techniques using a mount cutting system
  • experimenting with double mount, offset corner and combination mounts;
  • marking out and cutting a mount with multiple openings for groups of photos
  • deep bevel mounts;
  • spaced mounts

Now you can

  • Build your own frames
  • Add value to your own artwork or photography
  • Engage more with your art

Shorter classes?

Don't have all weekend? No problem, you can do either just the day 1 intro to framing class here or the day of mounting and cutting here.

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Did you know?

There is no copyright law on frames, so there is no stopping one maker from mimicking another. As a result, many frames were-and still are-designed and produced to look like earlier frames. But in this class you can create your own truly unique frame!
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Class location

270 Sandycombe Road

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Make and Mount Your Own Frame! by DIY Framing - crafts in London

About your host, DIY Framing

DIY Framing will teach you how to make bespoke frames.

Launched in 2008, DIY Framing presents the best offers to learn about picture framing in the country. With a long history in the art of framing, this school has a reputation as the top learning institution for everything related to frames. In addition to being a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild, the school’s programme was also awarded Art & Framing Industry 2010 award for Innovation.

Re-discover your practical skills, let your creativity flow into your hands and discover the art of framing. If you have always wanted to build your own frame or learn about anything related to frames, this is the place to come and be imbibed with or fortify you passion for framing.

The UK School of Framing support all skills, abilities and backgrounds.

Find us:

  • Just a stones throw away from Kew Gardens
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* For the double mount an A4 (297x210mm) size picture or photo - you can bring a selection to take advantage of the mount board colour choices; * For the smaller pieces (Deep Bevel, Offset Corner) worked on as demonstration workshop pieces, you may wish to attach images: you can bring (3) 100 mm x 160 mm (7" x 4" or slightly larger) images; * For the multiple mount opening you need three, appropriate pieces of artwork/photos with a common theme {one piece PORTRAIT, approximately A4 size (297mm X 210mm) one piece LANDSCAPE, approximately A5(148mm x 210mm)and one piece LANDSCAPE, approximately A6(148mm x 105mm)size}.

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Make and Mount Your Own Frame!
by DIY Framing
Two session class
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