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Candle Making Masterclass at The Ealing Artisan

Get involved in this candle making masterclass and lunch, hosted by Lucy Heale, founder of the The London Refinery.
£55 pp
1hr 30min
What happens in this class?

Attendees will first enjoy lunch at 1.30pm and then start at 2pm with learning about how our sense of smell works and how fragrance affects are mood and emotions. They will then learn about the different fragrance families and what top, middle and base notes are.

They will then learn how to use the range of essential oils to blend into their own candle. They will start by heating of the wax, blending of the oils, and finish with pouring their own 180ml candle to take home.

Each workshop participant will have their own blending equipment, mixing jug, whisk…

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Things to remember

As a masterclass attendee, you will also receive a 20% discount to use to purchase anything you want from our online store.

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