Wax Sculpture Workshop

    This sculpting with wax workshop was built for everyone who wants to learn or improve their skills in sculpture

    Sculpture course

    Two session course

    Beginners welcome

    London Sculpture Workshop, SE18

    What you'll learn

    What material is so versatile that it can be used to make candles, slick back hair, shine your car, protect cheese and make sculptures? Why, WAX, of course! This two-day sculpting class at London Sculpture Workshop by the beautiful Thames is the ideal introduction to working with wax as a sculpture material.

    In this class

    This class is for experimenting with the different properties and textures of wax. You'll learn to mix up your own wax, cast it into plaster moulds, and make up sheet waxes. You'll use wax casts as a way of scaling up artwork, and discover the different advantages of hard vs soft wax. Finally, you'll discover how to reinforce wax for showing it as a finished product.

    Now you can

    • create a huge variety of differently sized, shaped and textured wax sculptures
    • gain a great base knowledge in casting that can follow on to casting metals or ceramics
    • freak your friends out by offering to make 'death masks' for them


    Participants are encouraged to bring along sketch books, ideas, small models or any reference material that might aid their work. Old clothes and strong footwear are advised in the workshop environment.

    Did you know?

    Chances are you've heard about her famous wax museums around the world, but did you know that Madame Anna Maria Tussaud was a real person? Born in 1761, Anna Maria's mother served as the housekeeper for Dr. Philippe Curtius, who made wax figures for anatomy research. The young Madame Tussaud learnt the trade from him, but then went on to become far more famous and accomplished than her mentor. In fact, she worked for the court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette and even made their death masks after they were executed.

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    Class location

    London Sculpture Workshop, Woolwich

    Unit 0, Harrington Way

    SE18 5NR


    About your host, London Sculpture Workshop

    London Sculpture Workshop is the first, not-for-profit, community interest organisation, based in London, with exceptional facilities for artists and those interested in making work in 3D. Its workshop is right on the river by Thames Barrier and has incredible views of the Thames guiding lots of inspiration for 3D pieces. It offers a superbly equipped metal and wood workshop with additional mould making and ceramic areas.

    London Sculpture Workshop was established in 2012 by two founding members Giles Corby, MA (RCA) and Jessica Mello, MFA (Slade) and it also has a studio manager Melis van den Berg, MFA (Slade). They are all practicing artists’, bringing their own ideas and inspiration to the organisation, and between them, have 21 years of teaching experience.

    In 2013 and 2014 London Sculpture Workshop was awarded awarded a “Artist’s Run Space Award” by the Chelsea Arts Club Trust.

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