Sand Casting with Aluminium

    Sand casting with aluminium workshop in Greenwich, London - learn the process of making and using sand moulds to cast aluminium objects

    Sculpture course

    Four session course

    Beginners welcome

    London Sculpture Workshop, SE18

    What you'll learn

    No, not sand castles, though this class is nearly as fun as a day at the beach. We're talking about sand casting with aluminium - the process of making and using sand moulds to cast aluminium objects. This intensive four-day course at London Sculpture Workshop is the ideal introduction to the sand casting process.

    In this course

    Day one will introduce you to the sand casting process with a useful presentation and practical session. Day two will cover pattern-making. On day three, you'll learn how to mould your pattern up, and melt and pour the aluminium. On day four, you'll finish the casting by fetting and chasing, and enjoy a lively discussion about your workshop experience to wrap it all up.

    Now you can

    • Mould with sand and work with aluminium;
    • work with patterns to produce a final product;
    • be as metal as Metallica.


    The cost of the course includes 2kg of aluminium, and more will be available to purchase if necessary. Clothes and shoes suitable for a workshop environment are essential.

    Did you know?

    Sand casting was first mentioned in a book by Italian metallurgist Vannoccio Biringuccio around 1540. Biringuccio is often considered the father of the foundry industry - a foundry being the name given to a workshop or factory for casting metal. Follow in Biringuccio's footsteps at this sand casting course at LSW.

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    Class location

    London Sculpture Workshop, Woolwich

    Unit 0, Harrington Way

    SE18 5NR


    About your host, London Sculpture Workshop

    London Sculpture Workshop is the first, not-for-profit, community interest organisation, based in London, with exceptional facilities for artists and those interested in making work in 3D. Its workshop is right on the river by Thames Barrier and has incredible views of the Thames guiding lots of inspiration for 3D pieces. It offers a superbly equipped metal and wood workshop with additional mould making and ceramic areas.

    London Sculpture Workshop was established in 2012 by two founding members Giles Corby, MA (RCA) and Jessica Mello, MFA (Slade) and it also has a studio manager Melis van den Berg, MFA (Slade). They are all practicing artists’, bringing their own ideas and inspiration to the organisation, and between them, have 21 years of teaching experience.

    In 2013 and 2014 London Sculpture Workshop was awarded awarded a “Artist’s Run Space Award” by the Chelsea Arts Club Trust.

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