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Various Techniques Mosaic Course

5(65 reviews)
30 hour course for beginners and improvers, who wish to explore a variety of mosaic techniques and materials.
Gospel Oak/Hampstead
£295 pp
5 session course
Next available date:8th April 2024
What happens in this class?

A 30 hour mosaic course for beginners and students with some experience of mosaic making who would like to expand their practice and learn a different technique. Students will work on their own individual project, emphasis will be placed on a personal approach to your design.

You will be able to make a mosaic choosing from one of the following techniques: direct, indirect, double indirect (into plastercine) or direct into tile adhesive. Cutting and shaping material with tile nippers will be taught, including how to form a curve. Use of the mosaic hammer and hardie to cut down stone and…

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Things to remember

There will be a wide range of materials available for you to use, including: Vitreous glass tiles, ceramic tiles, stone and marble and china. Detailed information sheets will be available for you to take home on all techniques, cutting skills and 'andamento'. Tuition will be mainly individual with group instruction…

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Can I take my piece home with me at the end of the course?
This depends on the method you use to set/install the mosaic. Please discuss this with the teacher during the class
What if I have to miss a class?
If you have to miss a session on a multi-week course you should speak to the tutor first to arrange for you to make up the time missed. Depending on availability of spaces/tutors we try to accommodate you.
What if I haven't finished my mosaic at the end of the class?
If you do not manage to complete your mosaic during the duration of the class or course, there are options for you to book/pay for extra studio or tutor time. Please discuss this directly with your tutor.
Extra material charges
If you work with Smalti and Marble exclusively, and at a size larger than 20x20cm an extra charge may apply and the teacher will make you aware of this at the start of your project. The charge depends on the type of material e.g. whether it is recycled or not and the colour range.
Latest Reviews
5(65 reviews)
Susan Bagwell - 1 October 2023
Catherine is a great teacher. This is my second course with her
Ruth Rosenthal - 30 September 2023
I can’t imagine a better set up for learning and developing the skills needed to make a successful mosaic project. You are guided and supported through the processes thanks to knowledgeable experts. Can’t ask for more… Thank you Catherine and LS of M
Debbie - 23 September 2023
Catherine patiently helped me work out how to turn my ideas into a practical mosaic project so now I'm really excited to begin
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London School of Mosaic is a small independent art school specialising in mosaic art. The school has over 14 years of experience in teaching mosaic art and offers a vast range of unique short courses to suit all levels (i.e. from beginners to advanced). The school also delivers a degree and diploma in Mosaic Studies for those wishing to take their skills to a professional level.

The tutors are second to none and have received training from world-class institutions including the world-renowned Spilimbergo mosaic school.

Class Location
London School of Mosaic
Gospel Oak/Hampstead
181 Mansfield Road
Ludham Basement


Susan Bagwell - 1 October 2023
Catherine is a great teacher. This is my second course with her
Ruth Rosenthal - 30 September 2023
I can’t imagine a better set up for learning and developing the skills needed to make a successful mosaic project. You are guided and supported through the processes thanks to knowledgeable experts. Can’t ask for more… Thank you Catherine and LS of M
Debbie - 23 September 2023
Catherine patiently helped me work out how to turn my ideas into a practical mosaic project so now I'm really excited to begin
Gail Levy - 23 September 2023
Wonderful inspirational teacher in an artistic atmosphere. My favourite time of the week.
Lisa Goldblatt - 23 September 2023
I love this class and the new studio is spacious, bright and well equipped. Catherine is an exceptional teacher. She is patient, understanding and has a full understanding of technique while always respecting the student’s interpretation of design.
Daljit Rai - 1 June 2023
This place is a gem. It's a very friendly and the classes have never disappointed . The teachers are very knowledgeable and I always earned something new. The teachers also nudge you along if you're unsure and at the same time allow you the space to experiment and be authentic with your designs. The range of materials is huge and it's like like an Aladdin's cave .
Carrollanne Lindley - 1 June 2023
This is a great class in which to find and then polish your craft. Catherine is an excellent teacher, patient and always with suggestions how to deal with difficult shaping. The range of materials is exemplary. For me and the other students in the class, this provides an absolute haven on a Thursday night towards the end of the working week. I would thoroughly recommend if you are interested in music.
Gail Levy - 29 April 2023
Wonderful inspirational place with excellent tuition for those who are starting out on this journey and inspiration for those as they continue their journey into the world of mosaics.
Kirstie Cupper - 21 April 2023
The 5-day course was a great experience, very enjoyable in a friendly studio with an excellent instructor, Catherine, giving advice and encouragement throughout. I would thoroughly recommend this course if you have any inkling at all to learn about mosaic and will definitely do this again.
Gerda Oosterhof - 6 April 2023
Relaxing class with great tuition and results. Highly recommend!
Melinda Nicholds-Brown - 28 March 2023
100% recommendation. Catherine is both a clear and supportive tutor. Good at quickly understanding each students needs. A wonderfully inspiring space mixing masters and beginners in one large studio. Book now- you won’t regret it.
Susan - 21 February 2023
Really enjoying the course. Excellent guidance from Catherine.
Debora Singer - 18 February 2023
I love this class. Our teacher Catherine encourages us to convert our ideas into beautiful pieces of creative art.
Emelia Thorold - 16 February 2023
Really enjoying my classes with Catherine. She is a very patient teacher and always on hand to give you a steer if you want/need one - but also gives you space to do your own thing. Highly recommended.
Jose - 20 January 2023
Brilliant class, brilliant teacher, brilliant studio!
daniel edney - 20 January 2023
Best decision I’ve made in a long time to study at the London school of Mosaic. It’s so chilled and wonderful to be amongst such helpful students and staff. Genuinely cannot find fault :)
Aneta Ivanova - 20 January 2023
This class is absolutely amazing. I am learning new skills and the level of teaching is superb. You have to try it to believe it!
Ruth Rosenthal - 14 January 2023
Wonderful to be back at LSM - excellent teaching, super helpful staff and a welcoming studio to work in. Highly recommend.
Ana Maria Lorz Vidan - 13 January 2023
Very professional and helpful teacher,
Geraldine Gray - 13 January 2023
Great course, well resourced and taught.
Gail levy - 13 January 2023
Inspirational teacher Catherine Parkinson encourages, instructs and make the class enjoyable while learning about mosaics. All techniques are taught and having been to Caterine's classes for about 10 years I am still learning and enjoying her courses.
Ewa Carsten - 4 December 2022
A very enjoyable course ran by experienced, considerate and very patient tutor Catherine Parkinson. Highly recommended.
Sharon Strelitz - 5 November 2022
I am taking the Various Techniques Mosaic course from Catherine Parkinson in Fall 2022. It is a terrific course, exposing you to a variety of mosaic techniques. You choose one of these techniques to develop a project with. Catherine is a very supportive and experienced teacher, she has encouraged me to do a project that is challenging but I am quite happy with the results!
Lucy Clark - 4 November 2022
LSoM is such a great environment to work in. Lots of inspirational work around to look at, students and tutors friendly and helpful, and an excellent variety of equipment and materials to use to create your ideas. Then put Catherine into the mix ....................! She is a wonderful teacher, knowledgeable, encouraging and always able to spot just what it is that will help your project progress.
Janet Cohen - 4 November 2022
excellent class teacher very helpful and good choice of materials.
Ana Maria Lorz Vidan - 2 November 2022
Excellent teacher, patient, and very knowledgeable .
Catia Funcello - 31 October 2022
Wonderful teacher, passionate and patience, ready to answer to a million questions!
Gail Levy - 8 October 2022
Excellent class with a wonderful inspirational teacher
Bunty Phillips - 7 October 2022
A most enjoyable class run by a warm & helpfull teacher She is always willing to help & wants us to enjoy the class
Peter Wilson - 1 October 2022
Catherine is a great teacher and always helpful, and encouraging. No wonder I keep coming back.
Sylvia Chrzanowska - 17 July 2022
I didn’t expect to enjoy the course as much as I did; it was well organised, well timed and well explained. Catherine- the teacher made sure everyone had her attention if needed; guided through the phases and different techniques. Thank you once again Catherine.
liz Aston - 9 May 2022
I attended a one week mosaic course which was fantastic. The teacher was really helpful and encouraged us to explore new ideas and techniques and the facilities are excellent. The atmosphere is welcoming and the cafe is excellent.
Peter Wilson - 7 May 2022
Great class. Great teacher. Great fellow 'students'. Catherine is amazing as the tutor. She is generous with both her time and (in my case) her patience as well as being very supportive. A brilliant introduction into mosaics.
Prerana Phadnis - 6 May 2022
Absolutely love this class and the tutor is super knowledgeable and good at getting the best out of each student. I am a repeat customer and am always impressed with the variety and quality of work produced under Catherine’ s expert guidance
Winnie - 30 April 2022
I always enjoy my courses here with Katherine. I learn so much and the school is just amazing. The facilities, the dedicated space and staff have all been brilliant
Priscilla-Louise Morrow - 30 April 2022
It is so much more than I expected! Catherine is an amazing tutor. Can't wait for next Friday. So glad I enrolled with London school of mosaic.
Gail Levy - 30 April 2022
A wonderful class with a teacher Catherine, who inspires you to create. Whatever level you are learning every week in an enjoyable environment with like-minded people. It is the highlight of my week.
Ruth Rosenthal - 12 April 2022
For a first timer this week long course couldn’t have been bettered. Hugely supportive teacher (Catherine) made for an enjoyable, rewarding learning experience. Highly recommend.
katie surridge - 12 April 2022
A really great week. I learnt a lot and had time to develop some new work. Thanks !
Jose - 27 February 2022
Great course, lovely tutor, fabulous venue. Thank you!
Sarah Monk - 27 February 2022
Fantastic course, superb amenities, warm atmosphere and terrific teaching. Really great bunch of students too - highly recommend
Debbie - 25 February 2022
I love this class. Students get to work on their own projects with the expertise and encouragement of our teacher Catherine Parkinson.
Geraldine Gray - 24 February 2022
Excellent teaching and resources.
Peter Wilson - 22 January 2022
My group was very friendly and made me feel very welcome as the new person. Catherine was brilliant too being very patient with me and explaining things in an easy to take in way - although I will probably need reminding.
Rachel Kolsky - 21 January 2022
You only have to see how many of Catherine's students return to her classes term after term, year after year to know how wonderful her courses are. I am a 'newbie' having attended for the first time in the autumn of 2021 but I am back in January 2022 and will be back for more too. We listing to Songs for Swinging Snippers as we shape our pieces of glass and ceramics ... the evenings speed by despite us all sitting there just snipping away. Book early everyone, if you don't you will be too late!!
James Mott - 21 January 2022
Wonderful as ever. The calmest part of my week.
Debora Singer - 3 October 2021
I love this class. Making mosaics is very mindful and Catherine brings out the creativity in her students
Lisa Goldblatt - 3 October 2021
This class is the highlight of my week. I have learnt so much and the choice of materials is exceptional. The teaching is of a very high standard and the classes are still nice and small because of covid so it is a safe environment. I can not recommend it highly enough.
Geraldine Gray - 1 October 2021
Excellent class, well run, well resourced and very interesting
Gabriele Trinczek - 30 April 2021
Professional tutor, very organised, very friendly and helpful. Very supportive to explore ideas. Materials offer a fantastic choice.
Gail Levy - 29 April 2021
Learning the various ways of techniques at the London School of Mosaic is truly inspiring and enjoyable.
Judith Perle - 24 April 2021
Exceptionally enjoyable - and productive.
Sophie MACKOWIAK - 23 April 2021
This is my second "Various techniques mosaic course" ans i recommend this course for beginners as well for initiaites. The teacher, Katherine Parkinson, is very competent and attentive. A wide choice of materials and techniques are available too. This is "the place to be" to improve your mosaic skills !
Lisa - 8 October 2020
I have done many mosaic courses but have never had a teacher who was as skilled as the teacher on this course. She is excellent. The space is large and there are a lot of supplies and a library for ideas and its the perfect place to do mosaic. Its the highlight of my week.
Andrea - 3 October 2020
The first class of Various Techniques Mosaic Course was very informative. The teaching methods are clear and the materials are good quality and teaching to a high standard. Its great to get stuck into a new hobby and meet people at the same time. The library is good for any research and the LSoM a lively community be a part of.
Gail - 27 September 2020
Really enjoyable class with inspirational tutor and like minded students. Highlight of my week.
Lucy - 11 April 2020
Catherine is such an encouraging teacher, who always has a good suggestion as to which direction to take ones work.
Judith - 10 April 2020
Excellent course. Excellent teacher. Excellent venue.
Clare - 2 April 2020
I love going to this course. A highlight of my week.
Vladimir - 1 April 2020
I’ve attended only one term by now and I’m more than happy with everything from LSM. Very friendly place. Teacher, students and staff where great. I’m looking forward to restarting my classes as soon as we finish with this Corona viruses.
Jose - 28 March 2020
A brilliant course! Catherine is a great teacher and so knowledgable about mosaics. I love the way she pushes me out of my comfort zone. And I always learn something new in every session.
Janet - 27 March 2020
This course is excellent. The teacher is very encouraging and all the staff are helpful. There is plenty of material available and the students produce amazing work.
Janet - 1 December 2019
Excellent teaching and great to have everything supplied.
Lucy - 30 November 2019
Excellent course, lots of help using various techniques and media.
Lucy - 30 November 2019
As always the course was fantastic. Great venue and resources and the teacher Catherine manages to support, advise and challenge without imposing or being overwhelming. I would highly recommend any classes she teaches. Lucy