Paint Van Gogh’s Poppies and Help the Heroes - Bayswater

    Join PopUp Painting for a special workshop in Bayswater, making your own version of Van Gogh's Poppies and meeting some new people.

    Painting class

    2.5 hour class

    Beginners welcome

    DoubleTree Hilton, N1

    What you'll learn

    Instead of swimming the channel, or climbing Everest, why not drink wine and paint for charity? Join PopUp Painting for a special workshop in Bayswater, making your own version of Van Gogh's Poppies while meeting some new people, in support of Help for Heroes.

    In this class

    This class is a fun-filled evening of painting, drinking and chatting so sign up if you fancy something a bit less ordinary.
    During the workshop you will get the chance to paint your own version of Van Gogh's Poppies on canvas. An expert from PopUp Painting will be on hand to show you how to paint your masterpiece, as well as to offer hints and tips, so all ability levels are welcome.

    The ticket price includes a £5 donation to Help for Heroes so you can go home doubly happy, with your finished work of art and also the knowledge that you've supported a great charity

    Now you can

    • paint with more confidence
    • show off your canvas to friends and family
    • pretend it's the real thing (we won't tell if you don't)


    We'll send you away with your canvas and the knowledge and skills to continue painting once you get home.

    Did you know?

    The question we all want the answer to - what is the correct pronunciation of 'Van Gogh'? It turns out that this depends on where you are from. Americans pronounce the name as if the final -gh is silent, resulting in 'Van Go' whereas Dutch people do not pronounce the initial v-. Anyway, that's settled that, sort of.

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    Class location

    DoubleTree Hilton, Angel

    60 Pentonville Road

    N1 9LA


    About your host, PopUp Painting

    PopUp Painting invites you to unleash your creativity at one of its social painting experiences.

    PopUp Painting was founded in 2013 with the mission of inspiring the inner artist in everyone, away from the gallery and classroom, making it easily accessible. They work with a number of different artists, all of whom create a relaxed environment where you can let loose your creativity with a glass of wine in one hand and a paint brush in the other!

    Each workshop focuses on a different painting by one of the greats. Choose one that inspires you, from Van Gogh’s Starry Night to Banksy’s Girl With A Balloon, and let those creative juices run wild!

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