PopUp Painting art classes in London
PopUp Painting art classes in London


PopUp Painting

59 reviews
59 reviews

PopUp Painting invites you to unleash your creativity at one of its social painting experiences.

PopUp Painting was founded in 2013 with the mission of inspiring the inner artist in everyone, away from the gallery and classroom, making it easily accessible. They work with a number of different artists, all of whom create a relaxed environment where you can let loose your creativity with a glass of wine in one hand and a paint brush in the other!

Each workshop focuses on a different painting by one of the greats. Choose one that inspires you, from Van Gogh’s Starry Night to Banksy’s Girl With A Balloon, and let those creative juices run wild!

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26 May
Staff was lovely and venue was charming. Will book again
21 Aug
24 Oct
I had a fantastic time - highly recommended!
24 Oct
Loved it, thanks so much Obby :)


26 May
Staff was lovely and venue was charming. Will book again
21 Aug
24 Oct
I had a fantastic time - highly recommended!
24 Oct
Loved it, thanks so much Obby :)
14 Jan
very good just the class was too big
21 Jan
Great fun!
8 May
the space was very short distance from the station and easy to find. Class was very enjoyable with lots of groups which made it feel like a night out. Very friendly staff and lovey painting to paint. Only thing I would change is that I would actually prefer to paint an actual Van Gogh punting rather than just paint with his style.
24 Feb
Good fun, nice to have something to take home, and would do it again! It says its suitable for complete beginners but during the demonstration there was still a fair bit of assumed knowledge - e.g. 'just mix these colours' with no mention of physically how to do that. Do I use my paintbrush to mix as well as paint? Was I supposed to use water? How should I hold my brush? Should I cover it in paint or just the tip? It just dived straight in assuming you'd done these basics before. Nonetheless the staff were friendly and happy to answer any questions. More of a painting 'experience' than a class or teaching but still picked up some good tips. It would have been helpful to see more closely exactly what we were trying to recreate, too. A few tech problems, microphone not working, wrong link sent in email, etc too, but overall an enjoyable time that I would recommend.
14 Dec
This was great fun. I really didn't expect to paint anything like the picture we copied. The artist made it all so easy coaching us through. If I could change anything, I would've liked a longer session just so the end didn't feel rushed.
28 Jan
Absolutely loved this class! The staff were friendly and helpful, the instructor was excellent, and the atmosphere was lively and fun. There were people of all levels and everyone was encouraging and complimentary of each other’s works.
7 Mar
Fun, date night. Really mixed crowd and abilities! I really recommend it
17 Nov
Really enjoyable taster painting session. Super social, super fun. Exactly the right way to "dabble" in painting. Thanks Obby!
28 Aug
really fun💗
11 Oct
I had a lot of fun! Will be doing this class again
16 Oct
Had such a brilliant evening! So proud of my picture (and I’m not arty at all), what a great way to spend a Friday. The team were super enthusiastic and patient...and fun! I’ll recommend this to everyone. Thank you!Iona
22 Feb
Such a fun evening!! Really thought the teacher was lovely and relaxed - I now want to do more painting for sure! Everyone has complimented my painting but main thing was feeling free to express on the canvas :-) Music was fun and atmosphere relaxed! Defo he back!
26 Jun
Really fun and well organised, we were amazed at what we produced in the short time we had! thanks!
7 Jun
Great fun, good teachers and some great paintings!
7 Aug
Not quite as good as a previousy I attended (Paint London in Obby Stratford). In terms of the painting - this is quite a hard one to do, and the instructor at the front was not very good at giving instructions. He did not really tell us how to blend our colours, when to start on different aspects of the painting, or which techniques would work best to get the right look for the waves etc. He just did his own painting and didn't interact very much unless specifically asked. The other 2 painters going around were quite good (they were the same people who I met at my previous painting class) however I was hoping to get more instruction from the guy at the front. Also because he didn't speak very much, everyone was painting at different rates and towards the end lots of people (including me) ran out of time and left with unfinished paintings as we did not realise to move onto the next step when he did. They also started the class late as 2 people turned up late which also contributed to this. In terms of the location - this class was held in the Horniman pub at London Bridge. We paid more for this class than others in the series - is this because of the zone 1 location? Given this class cost more, it was really disappointing how uncomfortable the room was. We were in the basement and the lights were really dim and artificial so it was difficult to mix the right shade of paint - I came home with a painting that looked a lot different in natural light than it did in class! Also it was extremely hot! There was no aircon and halfway through the class we realised that the radiators were also on! We told the instructors but they claimed they had already flagged the issue up to the venue and there was nothing to be done. This made it a really uncomfortable experience, lots of people were complaining and hoping to just finish the class and get out of that room! Overall I l still ove the concept but would not go to a class at the Horniman and again and would appreciate more instructions.
13 Apr
Good atmosphere, excellent location, fun and relaxing night.
25 Feb
It was really good fun! Easy to follow the instructions, everything was provided, friendly staff & atmosphere! Definitely will sign-up for other classes, too .
22 Jul
1 Feb
Absolutely loved it! Was my first time and I came on my own and thoroughly enjoyed it. The staff were really organised, friendly and professional. A great thing to do after a long day at work, really relaxing.
8 Apr
Timing is a bit limited to finish this complex painting. But the experience is quite good . Much fun
20 Apr
Great experience :) Good class size. Liked the location and vibe. Also attracted nice people. The lesson was easy to follow, with full freedom to do your own thing.
28 Apr
Really enjoyed the class and my painting came out better than I had anticipated - all through following the instructor. The small bites during the break were of good quality too. One thing that could have been improved was the speed in which the instructor was going. Also, the frame supporting the canvas was not that sturdy. Nevertheless, both members of staff were very friendly and helpful, and personally the class went well. I would definitely recommend this.
12 Aug
Really good fun and would highly recommend for a relaxing and productive activity! Teachers are experienced and very encouraging.
17 Aug
Amazing experience! Everyone was so nice.
21 Aug
We really enjoyed the class! I'm incredibly bad in all painting and artistic stuff while my girlfriend is a pro but she never has the time to cultivate her passion. I found this class to be very entertaining and a perfect fit for people not talented like me or very creative and actually good. It's a funny experience that needs to be faced as a game / fun time in which the most important thing is to experiment and enjoy the journey more than the result. The team was really good at creating a good atmosphere with music, drinks and.. Paint! Super recommended to all
29 Sep
Great fun! Super fun and sociable way to learn painting. Highly recommended.
12 Jan
Very good class , no need to have any previous experience, and good fun.
24 Apr
Okay but not what I expected. This is not a painting class but more some social painting event. Although the teachers were good, the atmosphere was nice and the location was convenient, I found that it was too rushed. We did not finish at 10pm but at 9.30pm so we could have time to look at other's paintings and take group pictures. Because of this, it felt a bit rushed, especially at the end. This means that we could not follow the instructions properly or even finish the painting. Even the teacher's one did not look at all like the example he had brought, due to the time constraints. I would suggest starting at 6.30pm and actually finishing the painting at 10pm.
20 May
I would like to go again, very good session, I really enjoyed.
6 Jul
Really fun evening with great teachers
11 Aug
Well thought out experience and great fun - would need a sign saying where it is in the bar though just as i was ten mins late by not knowing it was upstairs. great fun though :)
29 Jan
It was a fun workshop and I enjoyed the painting, however, compared to other painting classes I have been to via Obby, this class was very busy and it meant that I struggled to see and hear the instructor and there was limited guidance.
25 Oct
Staff was lovely and venue was charming. Will book again
30 Nov
Well thought out experience and great fun - would need a sign saying where it is in the bar though just as I was ten mins late by not knowing it was upstairs. Great fun though :)
14 Nov
Very enjoyable evening. Really loved it. My only complaint is that it was advertised to end at 10pm but at 9.20pm was rushed to end. Felt cut short.
30 Jan
SO much fun! Perfect idea for a date night
23 Jul
Let us know your opinion about the class. (optional)
23 Jul
5 May
The class was fantastic! The atmosphere was great, the teachers were very helpful/friendly and it was a lot of fun! I would highly recommend this pop art experience to everyone 😍
22 Jul
19 Apr
some of us felt a bit pushed timewise as if there wasn't much time to enjoy painting but more to get it done.
10 Mar
I booked this as I was in London for a weekend and looking for something a bit different that I could go to on my own. I've never been able to draw or paint and I haven't done any since I was at school, but I was interested in seeing how I got on now in a fun, unserious atmosphere. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and would recommend it. People seemed to enjoy it too; there were a few groups of (mostly female) friends who'd come to celebrate birthdays or just have a different night out. The staff were really helpful and encouraging, and the venue (Brasserie Blanc) was really lovely and very accommodating. As a fun evening it was everything I wanted, but in fact it doesn't end there as I'm now going to buy some basic materials and start painting as a hobby.
4 May
Great night, lots of creativity, with nice people, even nice food to order for early dinner. Thank you :) Enjoyed creative freedom and tips
21 May
Had a lot of Fun!!! will get another painting class. thank you very much
24 May
It was a fun evening within a relaxed and jovial atmosphere! Definitely recommend it!
26 Nov
Ok where to start... First, the place was very small; there wasn’t even space to put your booze next to canvas, and you could barely walk around the chairs. Second, it was the most stressful painting experience ever. I’ve tried similar events before with different organizers but this one was the least professional. The painting chosen was extremely detailed to finish in 2 hours already, and there were ‘deadlines’ set to finish each part of the painting. The instructor was constantly rushing everyone saying ‘last 10min to finish before the break’ or so and stressing everyone out. And obviously at the end of the class, none of us were happy with the outcome. No way we are going to another event from Popup Painting.
26 Nov
Had a really great time I haven't painted like that before it's a shame the area was in a very small part of the pub felt quite squshy but I enjoyed it and would like to do it again
7 Jan
Incredible evening! So well organised and everyone was super friendly
12 Jan
The class was really well organised: the materials were all laid out when we got there. The teachers were also very good at making everyone feel at ease with painting. They also conveniently broke down the steps to paint , so it was easy to do all the elements of the painting. The venue was very convenient and it was a good space for painting. There were about 10 of us on the day, but there was space for more.
19 May
We had an absolutely incredible time! the teacher was fantastic and the venue was so nice. Thank you for a wonderful evening :)
30 Jul
30 Jul
3 Oct
Excellent location! Excellent facilitators! And the painting session was great fun! I’ll recommended it to friends and will definitely join again!
1 Dec
Fun night: instructors have pointers on how to recreate a landscape, but also let people free to paint their own. Relaxed evening and a cool, different way to spend your Wednesday eve.
7 Dec
This was a fun class led by friendly and enthusiastic people. I was a bit disappointed by the choice of painting especially as I saw the previous group going home with a much nicer one.

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