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4.9(46 reviews)
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What happens in this class?

Taking Bookings for September 2024 Start Off in the Right Direction with professional tuition from practising London artist and oil painting specialist Allan Storer. Allan's broad experience enables him to adapt his teaching style to your individual needs whether they are abstract, expressionist, naive or anything else. Take your pick from a choice of classes ranging from shorter Weekday classes of 2.5 hours for £35 or Allan's ONE DAY TWO PART OIL PAINTING PLAN FROM £50Bookable here on the Obby Bookings Options menu..

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** Twickenham Studio…

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Things to remember

All materials, oil paint, brushes and paper (for colour wheel exercise) are provided except canvas. Please bring canvas maximum size 18 ins (45 cms) AND Protective clothing Oils are messy!

Latest Reviews
4.9(46 reviews)
Nida - 4 March 2024
A very informative and productive session with Allan. A greater value for money and time. I will be booking sessions with him again.
Larissa - 4 November 2023
Allan is absolutely wonderful, and my friend and I cannot wait to return!
Philippa - 13 August 2022
I really enjoyed the class. Really relaxing and a wonderful start for me as a beginner.I felt confident in what I was doing and am eager to learn more about oil painting and can’t wait to do another class.
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Your Teacher

A great teacher with a well informed knowledge of Art, Allan Storer MA. BA. PGCE. is a practising oil painter, theorist and tutor with a professional background in therapy and education defined by rigorous OFSTED education expectations.

A top teacher, Allan is a warm and caring natural educator and lifelong learner placing strong emphasis upon interaction and feedback during classes.

Following seven years studies in four universities devoted to Psychology and Art Theory, Allan practised art and its creative principles working in a a professional capacity with adults and young people in educational and therapeutic environments

He has exhibited with…

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Class Location
This class takes place in multiple different locations. Click on SEE DATES and select your Booking Option to see where each date takes place.


Nida - 4 March 2024
A very informative and productive session with Allan. A greater value for money and time. I will be booking sessions with him again.
Larissa - 4 November 2023
Allan is absolutely wonderful, and my friend and I cannot wait to return!
Philippa - 13 August 2022
I really enjoyed the class. Really relaxing and a wonderful start for me as a beginner.I felt confident in what I was doing and am eager to learn more about oil painting and can’t wait to do another class.
Irene - 9 April 2022
Lucky me - to initially have been treated to my beginners class in oil painting with Allan via Obby and then to have him run it although one other had cancelled and so it was a 1:1. Very enjoyable at just the right level of tuition and experimentation.
Haraman - 9 April 2022
Enjoyed learning some colour theory and painting our own pieces
Fiona Barton - 8 April 2022
I have to be honest i was a little sceptical about my class (not sure why) but it exceed my expectations. I learnt so much from Allan last night - he taught be to be bold and just stop over thinking things when painting. I learnt a lot and Allan is really patient and really interesting and it was a lovely evening. I will definitely do another class with Allan.
Tina - 2 April 2022
A really good introduction to oil painting. Alan is methodical in his teaching as I have never painted with oils before. He explained the properties of the paint, the solvents and canvases. He taught us the colour wheel which you need to know in order to create the exact colour you want. This is a class you can book again and again as he teaches to your level and there is so much to learn!
Bisha Zahid - 22 October 2021
Alan is a great teacher! We started with the basics which was totally worth it. I feel much more confident in my ability to mix colour. I didn’t think it would be helpful but it was! I will definitely be returning. One of the best art lessons I have had.
David Lilienthal - 20 October 2021
Very nice curse.
Alexandra Decouvelaere - 21 September 2021
Great teacher
George Gemei - 28 August 2021
Allan is a Great teacher and a very good artist, as well as being an interesting and nice guy. Me and Mick had a really great time.
hillarine martin - 10 August 2021
Attended Alan’s class. I found it interesting and gave me an insight into how to use oil paints and a better understanding of how to mix colours using the colour wheel. He was also very encouraging and I came away more confident and gained some experience using oil paints. I was surprised at the end result of my painting. Would Defo recommend to anyone and thinking of attending again.
Kamila - 8 June 2021
Highly recommended! Very informative, lots to learn from Allan. Perfect for beginners and amateurs who would want to learn from well established artist.
Eleanor - 18 December 2020
Fantastic lesson. Explained colour theory, got to experiment with oils. Very much looking forward to continuing my journey into oils.
Romina - 5 November 2020
Alan was very welcoming and very enthusiastic about art and offered good insight and advice. I've recommended this class to friends and family.
Wynand - 1 November 2020
Thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic teaching
Ka Yin - 28 September 2020
Allan was very nice, friendly and well explain about the color wheel. We haven't done any oil painting before and we enjoyed the lesson so much! highly recommend !
Michelle - 26 September 2020
Allan was very nice, friendly and good with colour wheel, really fun class!!! Lovely studio great location!
Vanessa - 22 September 2020
The class was excellent and Allan was very friendly. Took time to explain colour theory as I’ve never oil painted before. Would highly recommend to others who are interested in oil painting!
Yuki - 11 March 2020
Allan taught us how to mix colours with oil, and I painted my first ever oil on canvas. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and will do it again.
Wynand - 9 March 2020
Excellent day
Liliana - 10 November 2019
I bought this class as a gift for my friend birthday and she really loved it.
AIsha - 18 September 2019
Amazing! Made me realise abilities within myself that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to find. Allan and Mila were great as well; made us all feel really welcomed and supported us through our work. The journey was definitely worth it! Thank you x
Katy - 15 September 2019
Good fun
Michael - 11 July 2019
Allan was a very engaging tutor and constructive in steering me down the right path where oils are concerned. He is very accommodating and I’m sure our paths will cross again as I need further tutoring
Sirena - 3 June 2019
I learnt a lot from just one class with Allan. He gave us really useful colour mixing techniques and painting guidance which really helped me improve my skills. By the end of the day I had produced a piece of artwork I was really pleased with. Great location with a good size room to work in. Highly recommend!
Louisa - 27 March 2019
Hi there, Yes I really enjoyed this workshop. As Allan does so many, I felt he still cares about whether we had got the process or not. Would recommend to any of my friends. The most important thing about this teacher is, there's freedom of speech. Nothing is taken too seriously, which is perfect when painting. He is very encouraging and allows the creative flow to just..flow! Haha. Thanks
Virginia - 27 March 2019
Inspiring, interesting and thought provoking art class, which is tailored to each individual’s needs snd capabilities. Allan is skilled at developing and giving confidence to each person, and listens to what they want to achieve. Freedom is given to enhance your own talents, and to learn how to obtain your own unique style in a non conformist and non conventional way. Thoroughly enjoyable.
Lindsay - 26 March 2019
I did enjoy the class but would have liked a more detailed outline of the class content. Essentially it centred on the Colour Wheel and mixing colours. Had I known this, i would probably have chosen a different class. More details on each class please!
Cecilia - 26 March 2019
As a complete novice to the art of painting, the introduction to the colour wheel and the blending of the 6 primary colours was interesting and useful. I am pleased to have experimented with oil painting, and much as I love oil paintings, I’ve decided on a practical level it would suit me better to apply what I have learnt to painting with a different medium, possibly acrylics. The duration of the workshop was just right as an introduction, knowing that smaller, more focused workshops are available for someone wishing to take the interest further.
Virginia - 13 February 2019
Really enjoyed this class. Allan was an interesting and engaging tutor. Very good atmosphere, and everyone was working on very different and individual paintings. Learned quite a lot on my first class. Going back next week.
Laura - 21 January 2019
This was exactly what I wanted when I booked this oil painting class. Allan was patient & informative, offering varying levels of instruction to the small number of students (of varying skill level) in the studio. He provided an excellent creative environment & a wealth of knowledge in oil painting.
Jeanette - 14 January 2019
As a beginner I found the class very enjoyable, there wasn't the worry that what you produced, following Allan's clear instructions on colour mixing and applying the oil paint to paper, that it could be wrong. Having that freedom to do as much as you wanted in your own style was perfect and I very much look forward to my next session so thank you.
Kim - 12 November 2018
Allan is great. I used to do oil painting but had called out of practice and his class was a great refresher. I'm now excited to paint again and I look forward to my new class and finishing the painting j started.
Nicole - 5 November 2018
I really enjoyed it - great for first timers as well as those wanting to get back into painting. Allan was lovely as well as entertaining.
Nicola - 10 October 2018
Love classes with Allan. Very friendly environment, great encouragement, it's really helped me find my feet in the art.
Atifa - 7 September 2018
Very helpful
Rosa - 17 July 2018
Friendly well taught oil painting class :)
Yolande - 17 July 2018
A very helpful and well organised course on the basics of colour mixing in oils, useful for both beginners and improvers. The tutor demonstrated well, and was encouraging to individual students, and the general atmosphere of the group was pleasant and friendly.
Hannah - 4 June 2018
Really good session, learning how to mix colours in oil paint. Allan is a good teacher with a strong sense of humour. He takes the time to speak to each individual and help them improve. The Kingston studio is light and airy. Good workspace and easy to find.
Atifa - 2 June 2018
Atifa - 2 June 2018
Atifa - 16 May 2018
Atifa - 2 May 2018
This was my first oil painting class and I loved it.
Josephine - 18 April 2018
Another great lesson . Learning a lot !
Josephine - 11 April 2018
I really enjoyed it and and will be back again soon. We went through some basic colour wheel blending and tips and even though I’m not a beginner it was very useful. Quirky funny teacher