These are unprecedented times, and yoga offers a great release from all the stress. Not only does it have many proven physical benefits for your health, like boosting your metabolism, and increasing flexibility-  but it also works wonders for your overall mental health.

Whether you’re ready to head over to a local yoga studio, or prefer the comforts of your home- there are many great options.

The Top 10 Yoga Classes in London are:

  1. Virtual Slow Flow Yoga Class
  2. Yoga with Georgie
  3. Hove Yoga sessions with Sarah
  4. Mellow-Yellow freestyle yoga sessions
  5. Mindfulness, meditation, and yoga class
  6. Fermentation demonstration with yoga and brunch
  7. Ashtanga Yoga with Emma Scott
  8. Base Flow Class by FLY LDN
  9. Virtual Yoga Vinyasa with Isie
  10. Yoga Class at FLEX Chelsea

1.Slow Flow Yoga Class

If your body is getting cramped up from staying at home and working remotely each day, then the slow flow yoga class, taught online by Diya Within might be the key to alleviating the tension in your body and mind. Classes are offered at budget friendly prices and one can sign up for either a one hour single session or make a private booking.

The slow flow yoga session will enable you to increase your mobility, relax your muscles while building strength and possibly get you flexible enough to do those splits you always wanted to do! Moreover, this session will help you practice mindfulness and develop a state of deeper inner awareness. The sessions are open to both beginners and intermediate practitioners of yoga and all that is required is your willingness to try something new and a yoga mat!

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2. Yoga with Georgie

Women, if you are looking to work up a sweat while simultaneously centering and strengthening your mind and body connection, this one is for you. Join yoga sessions with Georgie, a Yoga Alliance International (YAI) certified yoga instructor with 5 years of experience under her belt.

Georgie offers private sessions that one can take in the comfort of their own home at extremely affordable prices. Her hour-long sessions will enable you to strengthen your body, release stress effectively, increase focus and productivity, as well as boost your energy levels. Her sessions are tailor made to each student’s ability and needs which is why, her sessions can be taken by people with little to no experience in yoga as well as intermediate and advanced practitioners looking for challenges to help them grow.

Simply grab your yoga mat, a water bottle and book a session with Georgie today!

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3. Hove Yoga sessions with Sarah

If you constantly feel tired, have low energy levels or are reaching a point in life where you feel overwhelmed and out of control, then signing up for a session of hove yoga with Sarah is just the opportunity to turn your life around for the better! Sarah, a certified yoga practitioner trained in Kerala, India, offers a variety of options to access her yoga classes for people looking to take a class.

If you’re undecided about whether or not this is worth your time, you can choose to take a single class or even purchase a replay link to a live session to help you decide. One can also choose to sign up for a long term package or purchase an unlimited use Youtube play back link to her live zoom sessions!

Her packed sessions enable one to practice mindfulness, become conscious of the inherent connection between movement, mindset and breath, as well as restoring a sense of balance in life and energy. Furthermore, her sessions can be taken by simply anyone regardless of prior experience at economical prices. Don’t wait to act!

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4. Mellow-Yellow freestyle yoga sessions

If you have taken yoga classes before and found it to be dull, rigid, boring and just not for you then the sessions offered by the Freestyle Yoga Project, founded as a 21st century approach to movement and yoga, will definitely make you reconsider. UK-based Mark, with 16 years of experience, offers a dynamic, challenging and creative take on yoga, which encourages students to push the limits of their body and mind without adhering to any particular form or discipline of yoga.

The mellow-yellow session aims to enable one to keep the body moving, stretching and breathing, but at a slower pace which allows for more time to concentrate and focus. This session will definitely leave you with higher energy, better focus, regulated breathing and increased confidence and coordination in your body.

This session is absolutely perfect for all levels of experience as it allows one to practice technique and strengthen the body for evermore challenging sessions offered. One can choose between joining the class online via zoom or even book a class and experience this in person at friendly prices! Just bring yourself and a yoga mat, and you will get to experience an outside the box application of yoga. PS: First class is free.

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5. Mindfulness, meditation, and yoga class

If you’re looking for flexibility and personalization- this is your go to class. It takes place where you’d like, and offers private and group options at affordable prices. Louise is very personable and makes sure everyone is comfortable, especially those new to yoga and meditation.

The mix of yoga and meditation is also a great way to incorporate mindfulness into your yoga practice. This has many benefits for your mental health, research shows it lowers stress and anxiety levels. This is a great class for beginners, allowing a smooth transition into mindfulness practices and restorative yoga.

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6. Fermentation demonstration with yoga and brunch

This one could be a fun way to spend a Sunday morning- learn to make kimchi, take a yoga class, AND have vegetarian brunch while you’re at it. It doesn’t get better than this (does it?)

This workshop is run by Loup Yoga and The Urban Fermentary. It is the epitome of health and happiness- a day well spent. Not to mention you get free kombucha and lots of kimchi tasters too (great probiotics and source of nutrients).

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7. Ashtanga Yoga with Emma Scott (Virtual and in-person)

Ashtanga Yoga is a form of Hatha yoga, and is part of an ancient system of yoga. The instructor, Emma Scott runs a 30 day programme via zoom, that you can pace on your own schedule. There are variations in difficulty levels, making sure beginners are accommodated. The in person location is at the Yoga Studio Carlisle, where she is also offering a free community yoga class for the month of July. Mark your calendar for next month- you don't want to miss this one.

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8. Base Flow Class by FLY LDN

Looking for an immersive experience? Look no further than FLY LDN. Their dark studio space utilizes technology to help with meditation. Think: sounds of crashing waves, videos of green pastures. Try their Base Flow Class which is beginner friendly, and can also accommodate those with injuries. The class focuses on posture, alignment, and body focus to ease you into yoga basics. This is a great place to get started, and the studio offers many options for advanced classes should you choose to continue, Yogi!

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9. Virtual Yoga Vinyasa class with Isie

Vinyasa is one of the most popular forms of yoga. This class is great for HIIT and cardio lovers. It's open to both beginners and intermediate students, and incorporates many different forms to make a sequence. The instructor, Isie has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and completed her training in 2014. All you need is a yoga mat, water, and your laptop to tune into Isie's killer vinyasa flow class.

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10. Yoga Class at FLEX Chelsea

FLEX Chelsea offers a variety of classes in power flow, vinyasa yoga and slow flow which are all designed to deepen the connection between movement and breathing, as well as body and mind, all while creating a relaxed and meditative state of mind. With their experienced team of trainers leading the sessions, one will definitely get their money’s worth and will leave the sessions wanting for more! The classes are made for people of all experience levels and are available at appropriate prices.

One can choose to buy class passes ranging from a single class to even 5 or 10 classes depending on how much you enjoy the sessions. If you’re worried about having no experience, then you can also sign up for introductory yoga sessions at discounted prices to help you get started on your journey! There is also an option to take group sessions in the park if you wish to connect with nature more intimately.

FLEX Chelsea is offering quite a few incentives to get you motivated on this healthy, energetic and relaxing lifestyle. Grab a mat and book your class without further ado!

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