Wood carving is an incredibly fun and creative skill to have in your arsenal. With a little bit of practice, effort, and time you could chisel your own masterpieces.

This one is sure to be impressive at dinner parties. To get started, all you need is a wood carving kit and a willingness to learn. There are many techniques to choose from, the most beginner friendly being whittling! It requires no studio space, and all you need is a piece of wood and a whittling tool. There’s a range of options, from the more complex to creative- there’s something for everyone.

Not to mention, these kits also make great gifts- they are unique and memorable items, and would be great for novices and hobbyists alike!

The Top Best 8 Wood Carving Kits (and classes!) are:

  1. GilesNewman Fine Art Wood Carving Kit
  2. GilesNewman Carving for Beginners
  3. The Trimming Shop Wood Carving Kit
  4. Spoon Carving Workshop
  5. 12 pc Wood Carving Chisel Set
  6. Flex Cut Beginner 2 Blade Craft Carver Set
  7. Wood Carving Knife Kit
  8. Lankerx Wood Carving Set 6-in-1

1. GilesNewman Fine Art Wood Carving Kit

Calling all hobbyists, be spoilt for choices with this one. You can choose between pendant carving kits and earring carving kits. Each has several customisations, from animal shapes like moths and snakes, to plants- there’s something for everyone. The skill levels are mentioned and all materials are included, except a carving knife. Beginners are in luck - Giles includes pre drawn designs and easy to follow instructions. The oakwood is sustainably sourced and is a great way to brush up on your wood carving skills. With so many choices for DIY accessories- you could get one of each!

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2. GilesNewman Carving For Beginners One-Day Workshop

Wood carving is a difficult but rewarding craft. Giles offers a one day workshop in his indoor/outdoor studio space in Lancashire countryside. This workshop is specially designed keeping in mind the learning curve for beginners. It is restricted to four people at a time, allowing for a more intimate learning experience.

Giles walks you through everything you need to know: the tools you need, understanding wood and its characteristics, sourcing sustainable wood for free, using tools safely etc. there is no stone left unturned in enriching your learning. With this transferable skill set, you’re one day away from carving impressive wood pieces. Their next cohort is July 10, 2021.

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3. The Trimming Shop Wood Carving Kit

This 5 piece set of wood carving tools include hook, detail, and whittling knives, along with a canvas bag, polishing tools, and leather strop. This kit works as well for beginners, as it does for professionals. The kit is portable and long lasting, the polishing compound helps maintain the longevity and sharpness of the blades. The possibilities are endless with this kit which is built to last. Great toolset for a unique skill which can be mastered at one’s own time regardless of any prior experience.

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4. Spoon Carving Workshop

Grab an axe, knife, (all included) and get ready to carve your own spoon from a tree grown in Hackney. This course is open to beginners, but can also be fun for those wanting something new. Similarly, there are other courses for making a bowl, which you can follow this up with. The class is intended to be outdoors in all weathers, and covers axe skills along with woodcarving! The next cohort is July 23rd, 2021.

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5. 12 piece wood carving chisel set

This particular wood carving chisel set comes with 12 different tools to aid you in your wood carving projects! The variety of tools allows you to depend on this set solely for any creative project you can dream up. The tools are made of highly durable forged carbon steel with machine grounded sharpened blades.

The tools also support hardwood handles for a better grip and come in a highly convenient roll up storage pouch for you to quickly pack away your tools in. Some of the tools include 6MM Straight, 10MM V Tool, 6MM Right Skew, 6MM Double Skew and the 8MM Gouge tool amongst others at quite a popular price. Go ahead and add these fine tools to your collection and take your wood carving skills to the next level!

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6. Flex-Cut Beginner 2 Blade Craft Carver Set

If you’ve been contemplating picking up a new skill but lack the time or money for a full 10 week program, or if you’re worried about the pandemic and would like to restrict your movements to your house, then the beginner carving set is the answer for you. The kit is an ideal introduction to the fascinating craft of woodcarving and includes everything that one needs as a beginner.

The kit is supplied with two carving blades plus an interchangeable ABS handle as well as a basswood blank for the leaf carving project and a second blank for practicing cuts. Moreover, there is a leaf project DVD as well as a 24-page project manual which one can reference in case of confusion. The kit is offered at an extremely budget friendly price and only requires you to get started!

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7. Wood Carving Knife Kit

Whether you’re an absolute beginner without a single artistic bone or you’re someone with prior experience in wood carving looking polish your skills, the wood carving knife set is the perfect opportunity for you to add tools to your arsenal. The wood carving kit includes a detail, hook and sloyd knife, a polishing compound and a leather strop for sharpening the knives.

The knives are made from carbon steel and thus, are extremely durable and lightweight. The knives are further supported by wooden handles which allows for a firm grip and increase in precision while carving. This set of tools is a must have for veteran wood carvers as well as beginners who are contemplating about exploring this skill. The leather strop and canvas roll allow the user to keep their knives sharp and in pristine condition even after heavy usage. The kit is being sold at extremely affordable prices and is simply an opportunity one cannot miss!

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8. Bowl Carving Workshop

Learn to turn a log of locally grown wood into a hand carved bowl in a day! Using an axe, an adze and gouges, make your own carved wooden bowl from a tree grown in Hackney.

This is our most intensive and physically demanding course. Beginners are welcome but we recommend coming to our other one-day courses, Make a Spatula or Spoon Carving, first. You'll enjoy this course more if you've had a bit of practice beforehand.

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