Dancing is back and we’re so here for it. After more than a year of social distancing and lockdowns, there is nothing we missed like dancing. It’s time to get that cardio in, and those endorphins running.

From tap dancing to salsa, London is bustling with options this summer. And if you’re still skeptical about mingling in a class, there’s plenty of private and virtual options too. However, finding the best option and fit can be a stressful process.

To save you the trouble of finding them, we rounded up ten of the best dance classes on offer in London.

The Top 10 Dance Classes in London are:

  1. Rum and Rumba Workshop
  2. Egyptian Belly Dance
  3. Ballerina workout
  4. Salsa lessons for couples
  5. Kids Creative Dance Class
  6. Beginners Afro-beat Dance Class
  7. Argentine Tango private lessons
  8. Beginners Bollywood Dance Classes
  9. AYB Body Party
  10. Hip Hop Weekly at Pineapple Dance Studios

1.Rum and Rumba Workshop

Take the opportunity to learn the authentic basics of cuban rumba at the Baila Cuba Dance School. This 2 hour course is offered at budget friendly prices and will enable you to learn and practice all the moves you need to show off at your next get together with friends and family!

If that’s not enough of an incentive, this course also offers rum, a percussion rumba session and a salsa fiesta that runs late into the night giving you the chance to appreciate latin music and dance to the fullest! The course is open to all levels of experience, so sign up today!

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2. Egyptian Belly Dance

If you’re interested in trying out an exciting and glamorous style of dancing, then Asmahan’s courses on Egyptian belly dancing would be the perfect fit for you. Asmahan, a professional belly dancer with over 20 years of experience, designed her courses to teach you the correct posture, the 8 basic steps of belly dancing along with a short dance sequence to a song in order to apply everything you learn!

The course also includes hip scarves, veil accessories to provide a creative and fun learning environment. In addition, Egyptian belly dancing utilizes deep muscle groups in your core in order to move gracefully. Simply put, you’ll get those abs showing while you learn to dance! The session is available at economical prices and to people of all experience levels. Go ahead and give this session a try!

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3. Ballerina workout

If you’re unable to make it to an in person class, consider experiencing ballet at home. The class is open to all fitness levels, including beginners. This would be a great way to incorporate ballet into your fitness routine, and learn something new.

The class is tailored and personalised according to your fitness level and experience. The best part? Anyone can join in, thanks to the era of Zoom.

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4. Salsa lessons for couples

This one’s a great option for date night. Grab your partner and head over to Club Azucar’s cuban style salsa class. While it’s open to couples and singles, the class is designed for couples. It’s taught by native instructors from Latin America, rest assured you are in good hands.

If you’re a beginner, Club Azucar is a great option to get started. It’s a Latin Dance Company and their vision is to make people feel good about themselves, through dancing. They say they can make everyone dance, even if they have two feet- you’re in for lots of learning.

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5. Kids Creative Dance Class

Kids hate sitting idle, it’s always a good idea to keep them engaged and preoccupied. Gemma’s kids creative dance class is a great option- it aims to stimulate their curiosity and inquisitive minds, with a focus on improvising as you go.

The young dancers get hands-on experience, they’re expected to create their own sequence with the aid of sensory materials provided to them. Moreover, Gemma also incorporates yoga and meditation into the class to make sure the children leave here, stress free.

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6. Beginner Afrobeat Dance Class

If you’ve always wanted to try Afrobeat, now is the time. This class is made for beginners, and is taught at your pace. The class is taught by the founder of the dance academy, Lexi. He started Upside Down Dance Academy to help those that are new to dancing. He has been teaching for 13 years, in the UK and France. This is one of his most popular classes, and you should avail this opportunity.

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7. Argentine Tango private lessons

Learn to fall in love with the sensual and sultry style of Argentine Tango at Tanguito Academy. These personal lessons will enable you to understand and master the steps of tango while developing your unique style and technique under the patient and watchful gaze of your instructors.

The instructors also provide access to class notes and video recordings which you can use to practice in the comfort of your own home! The academy offers lessons for both singles and couples regardless of prior experience at affordable prices! Get tangled up in Tango!

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8. Beginners Bollywood Dance Classes

This opportunity will allow you to learn the basics of Bollywood dancing with Shreeya, an extremely skilled dancer and instructor, in an energetic, fun and creative way! You will also learn a choreographed piece of music that you can practice at your convenience and set yourself up for the more advanced levels offered.

This class will help you work up a sweat, boost your energy levels, and have a ton of fun all at a friendly price! This is one of those decisions you’ll thank yourself for in the future.

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9. AYB Body Party

AYB or 'At Your Beat' offers a range of dance classes. They focus on the dancing more than the choreography- everyone is cut out for this. This class is a dancing HIIT workout (High Intensity Interval Training) with focus on isolated muscle groups. Dance tunes in a dark room with colorful lights - this is where you should go to get your workout in, and your rave fix till the world fully opens up.

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10. Hip Hop Weekly at Pineapple Dance Studios

Pineapple Dance Studios hosts over 250 classes every week offering a plethora of courses on various dance styles. John Graham’s especially popular and stylized hip hop classes will provide you with a creative and fun way to let out that pent up stress. Simply drop in to these extremely affordable classes and give this session a try! By the end of these classes, you’ll be able to customize the taught routine to your own creative style.

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