Portraiture Masterclass

    Designed for individuals with a good understanding of DSLR's, photography techniques and skills, this course focuses on the techniques surrounding portraiture.

    Digital class hosted by Photography Course London

    Beginners welcome

    7 hour class

    7 Printing House Yard, E2

    What you'll learn

    Designed for individuals with an already sound understanding of DSLR's, photography techniques and skills, this course focuses solely on the art and techniques surrounding portraiture.

    In this class

    The course begins with a question - 'what do we want to capture through the portrait and what will we achieve?' this question will become the foundation for all portraiture photography, and leads into the rest of the course material; historical portraits, techniques, hints, tips and ending with a practical session where attendees attempt to recreate great historical portraits. All of this is guided by an experienced, friendly tutor.

    This day course includes:

    • The Big Question - What do we want to capture through a portrait and what will we inevitably achieve?
    • A study of the greats - We look at the work of some of the great portrait photographers and dissect their images.
    • How to compose a Portrait - The head and shoulders vs The story
    • We look at how to use natural light for portraits through images and practical exercises
    • We will use a simple one light studio flash portrait set up
    • Kit - What is a portrait lens?
    • How to interact with your subject for the best results.
    • A practical session where we try and recreate a portrait from one of our chosen greats.

    Now you can

    • perfect your portraiture technique and add it to your portfolio
    • expand your skills, knowledge and confidence
    • offer portraiture shoots to family, friends and colleagues to both show off your new skills and practice your new skill

    Did you know?

    George Eastman named his company 'Kodak' - Theories surrounding the reason for doing so include 'Kodak' being the sound a camera shutter makes, as well as George really liking the letter 'K'. Maybe both are true in equal measures?

    Class location

    7 Printing House Yard, Hackney

    15 Hackney Road

    E2 7PR


    Dates & times

    Fri 20 Oct, 10:30am - 5:30pm

    Thu 14 Dec, 10:30am - 5:30pm

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    Photography Course London is a Photography school based in East London, Shoreditch, offering a wide variety of courses and classes, from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced DSLR Photography to Post-Production Courses. You can engage in classes in the evening, daytime and on Saturday, in the classroom or fully practical, on location or in the studio. Their approach revolves around a focus on small sized classes at affordable prices, with experienced and skilled teachers as well as practitioners in the professional photographic industry. Click with photography by learning from the best.

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    • Just a stones throw away from… Old Steet Tube Station

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