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5(80 reviews)
Learn about pottery in this great workshop in Wimbledon!
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4 session course
Next available date:4th March 2024
What happens in this class?

In this workshop you will explore the foundations of working with clay learning a variety of methods such as slab-building, pinch potting and coiling or combinations of these, making something new each week.

You will also learn how to use slips and have an introduction to glazing.

This is ideal if you don’t have any previous experience; good too for people who just need a refresher or want to improve their techniques.

Please be aware that this block does not include wheel throwing, we offer these as a separate listing

These workshops run for consecutive weeks on the…

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Things to remember

We do not provide aprons, please bring your own to the workshop weekly or wear clothes that you don’t mind getting messy.

You’re welcome to bring a drink but please make sure that this is in a lidded cup.

Latest Reviews
5(80 reviews)
Annamaria Atkins - 12 February 2024
It’s my second series of beginners workshops and just love the relaxed vibe. our instructor Zoe is very patient and helpful and helps us put our imagination into real actual pieces of pottery.
Diana - 19 December 2023
Excellent beginners introduction to different basic pottery techniques. Great facilities in Weir Road Wimbledon and our teacher Leanne was patient very good. Would recommend as a starter.
Robert Hosking - 19 December 2023
I enjoyed the experience. Looking forward to seeing the final result’s.
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Your Teacher

A social enterprise based in Wimbledon offering pottery, mosaics & print making at evening and weekend workshops.

Workshop 305 have created a relaxed studio atmosphere with a spacious ground floor that is divided into 2 large studios with a kiln room as well as a kitchen/dining area. The fully accessible building allows access for everyone.

Day to day, the workshop has classes for students with disabilities but also runs evening workshops in pottery, mosaics and print making for both adults and children with all abilities.

Our evening and weekend workshops, team building days and specialist workshops all support the work…

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Class Location
This course takes place in multiple different locations. Click on SEE DATES and select your Booking Option to see where each date takes place.
Workshop 305 Community Interest Company
9 Weir Road, Wimbledon
SW19 8UG


Annamaria Atkins - 12 February 2024
It’s my second series of beginners workshops and just love the relaxed vibe. our instructor Zoe is very patient and helpful and helps us put our imagination into real actual pieces of pottery.
Diana - 19 December 2023
Excellent beginners introduction to different basic pottery techniques. Great facilities in Weir Road Wimbledon and our teacher Leanne was patient very good. Would recommend as a starter.
Robert Hosking - 19 December 2023
I enjoyed the experience. Looking forward to seeing the final result’s.
Sharon Mallison - 10 November 2023
Enjoyed my first hand building beginner's pottery course so much I book straight on to the next course
Annamaria Atkins - 9 November 2023
I had a great time and Zoe is a lovely and patient tutor. It's so therapeutic focusing on working with your hands for 2 odd hours.
Veronica Garcia Rodriguez - 28 March 2023
A really enjoyable course, having the chance to learn different techniques and approaches to pottery in a relaxed class environment.
helene dabrowski - 12 January 2023
I really enjoyed the pottery workshop, it is well kitted out with lost of tools and space. There is a fun atmosphere and the teacher is great. I can't wait for next session.
Chris - 10 October 2022
Fantastic workshop. Teaches you a lot basic techniques needed to then explore your own work. Second time returning to this course.
Jane Farrell - 6 September 2022
Workshop 305 is an oasis of calm. The staff are so supportive and helpful whatever level you are at,they help you to develop and achieve. I am so glad that I have found this place.
Kelly Martin - 27 June 2022
A wonderful class. I am signing up for another session as soon as one becomes available. Excellent teaching in a relaxed atmosphere. No skill necessary to thoroughly enjoy it.
Tom Dowrick - 26 November 2021
Absolutely brilliant! Love every minute of being in the workshop. The team at 305 are amazing. The tutors are very knowledgeable and always there to help you with your creations.
Robin - 19 November 2021
Excellent! Really enjoyed this course. Lovely studio, great teacher and nice atmosphere.
Fatima - 3 April 2020
Amazing as always. My daughter and my sons partner are going to a taster class as I have talked about work shop 305 so much. They want to see it for them selves. Well done. Fatima
Sally - 3 April 2020
A fabulous class, with a varied group and lots of creativity with essential experience. Plenty to learn in a fun atmosphere.
Mathy - 3 April 2020
Workshop 305 have been amazing as always. Over the course of this term, I've made a few bowls and a few mugs. I cant wait to see how they turn out!
Loren - 20 February 2020
Still the best way to spend a Thursday evening. I love it!
Mathy - 12 December 2019
The course was a lot of fun. The workshop is spacious and well equipped and the teachers are very friendly and helpful. Would recommend!
Sally - 12 December 2019
Addictive activity, absolutely loved using clay. The tutors are extremely helpful and have great all round experience.
Fatima - 6 December 2019
As always teachers are wonderful and I’m learning new skills. A lovely atmosphere I look forward to my workshop every Thursday so much so I have booked the whole of 2020. Well done All Fatima
Karen - 6 December 2019
Lovely bright space, friendly staff and access to all types of clay making.
Jacqui Wenn - 15 November 2019
I've had an amazing time at my pottery workshops in a well equipped, calm and relaxing studio. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and full ideas to get you started. I've learnt so much about working with clay and tried lots of different techniques. The teachers are lovely and always on hand to help if needed. I've met lovely people and made many new friends. I would thoroughly recommend these sessions.
Hazel - 31 October 2019
A brilliant course to attend. The teachers are brilliant and will help you to create what you are imagining if even you are a beginner. There is a lovely atmosphere within the room and I looked forward to it each week. I would highly recommend.
Fatima - 25 October 2019
As always I look forward to going every Thursday evening. Teachers are lovely, help and advice is very very good. Atmosphere is lovely and I have made some lovely pottery. I would recommend this particular class to every one who wants to learn or improve the pottery skills. Well done 305 workshop.
Sally - 18 October 2019
Fabulous course using a variety of techniques working with clay! Great sense of achievement when you take your finished work home
Karen - 18 October 2019
Lovely relaxed workshop, with so much to learn.
Rachel - 8 August 2019
Absolutely loved learning all about pottery, in a friendly and relaxed environment. Everyone was so helpful and lovely, got to try lots of different aspects of pottery. I’d love to go again!
Izabella - 8 August 2019
Great class and friendly helpful teachers
Karen - 1 August 2019
Very relaxing sessions, with as little or as much direction as required. Always fun.
Hazel - 30 July 2019
I have now completed two terms or pottery making at workshop 305 and I love it! Everyone is very welcoming and supportive, allowing you to get creative while learning new techniques all the time!
Sally - 28 July 2019
Loved this class very friendly and supportive tutors, I’m hooked!
fatima kassab - 29 June 2019
I learnt different skills to improve my pottery. The teachers are very informative and really friendly and made me feel very relaxed. The atmosphere is wonderful I look forward to Thursday evening. The venue is very good and has everything you need. I would highly recommend the workshop to anyone who wants to learn pottery. Last but not least I am going to book my next seven weeks
Loren - 20 June 2019
I keep coming back to these wonderful workshops because the people are fantastic and the atmosphere is so friendly.
Hazel - 16 June 2019
I loved this course - it has been great. As a complete beginner, I’ve been able to learn different techniques each week, whilst also feeling relaxed during the session. I would highly recommend this course.
Faith - 11 June 2019
This workshop is a must! The teachers are super informative, helpful, encouraging. The space and atmosphere is relaxed and friendly - perfect for beginners or more experienced potters. Highly recommended!
Sally - 7 June 2019
A really good course for all levels, tutors offer plenty of advice and the students provide all the support and encouragement needed.
Faith Woodruff - 1 June 2019
The teachers are all super informative, encouraging and supportive. The atmosphere of this class is relaxed, friendly, chilled! Whether you’re a complete beginner or experienced potter I can’t recommend this class enough. Really brilliant!
Faith Woodruff - 1 June 2019
The teachers are all super informative, encouraging and supportive. The atmosphere of this class is relaxed, friendly, chilled! Whether you’re a complete beginner or experienced potter I can’t recommend this class enough. Really brilliant!
Sophie - 11 April 2019
Really great classes where you can try a variety of techniques. Staff are really helpful in assisting you with whatever you want to make, and teaching you the different elements you need to get there.
Sam - 11 April 2019
I've attended this course for a year and a half. I'm really enjoying it. So much to learn and great support on hand to help when you need. The ratio of teachers to learners is good. Usually around 3 for 16 students. Everyone works independently and makes what they want. There are potters wheels, plaster mould and all sort of glazes and under glazes to try.
Izabella - 11 April 2019
Lovely class and lovely staff - will be coming again!
Elluria - 9 April 2019
I did Mosaics with Joss and received so much personal attention and professional guidance. Plus all important encouragement when I was waning as I had chosen to do a really big project even though I am a novice. I will be joining again to get on with what I have started. It is a relaxed atmosphere and the highlight of my week!
Sally - 7 April 2019
I have been able to throw on the wheel, and am thoroughly enjoying it. It is so relaxing and takes your mind off everything else. Loving it!!
Gintautas - 31 March 2019
Amazing experiences, the class was great,the teachers was friendly.
Rosalind - 28 March 2019
I really enjoyed my 7 weeks at 305. I had some previous experience but was keen to try the wheel. I managed to make a few things with expert guidance from Mike. The other staff are knowledgable, friendly and helpful and ready to answer questions and help you improve your work. I'd recommend this course if you want to improve and are self motivated in what you are making.
Sam - 22 March 2019
I've booked this course on and off for about a year and half. The class is a nice nix of new and regular attenders. The teaching staff have remained constant over this time and are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. In terms of ceramics I've used the wheel, I've made a number of cups, plates and bowls using a wide range of ready made plaster moulds and I've created stuff from scratch. Lots of support and advice on hand throughout the workshop.
Sally - 20 March 2019
Absolutely loving throwing on the wheel, it’s so satisfying to do whether or not successful! But so good to produce a little dish.
Karen - 20 March 2019
Busy, friendly workshop with advice and instructruction readily at hand, as and when required, from great staff.
Sam - 11 March 2019
I've made a number of lovely things on this course using a potters wheel, moulds and constructing. I've struggled a bit with the glazing, but the staff are always on hand to help so I need to make more of this when I'm glazing in future. I've recently attending with my 10 year old daughter and she loves the course. she's always made some rather lovely things too. The guys there support her really well and are particularly motivational.
Sally Gomes - 26 February 2019
Loved learning to use the potters wheel, lifelong ambition. I just want to do it again. Great tutors and facilities, just add your imagination and you’re good to go.
Laura - 25 February 2019
Very helpful staff, I would definitely recommend!
Daniela - 25 February 2019
As a beginner to pottery, I thoroughly enjoyed the course! The teachers are very friendly and the class was very relaxed. Will definitely come back :)
Sally - 10 December 2018
Another term doing what I love! Workshop 305 is the perfect place to put your creativity to use. Love it!
Izabella - 7 December 2018
Great class- good facilities and tutors are lovely 😊
Loren - 2 November 2018
Now on my second year and it continues to be the highlight of my week!
Jacqui - 1 November 2018
Lovely studio, great resources, really helpful staff and have met some great friends.
Sally - 30 October 2018
I am addicted. I really enjoy the complete freedom to create. Workshop 305 have great facilities and the tutors are very knowledgeable. I can’t give it up.
Ragna Mueller Bowen - 19 October 2018
I‘ve been doing this amazing pottery and mosaics class for nearly 3 years now and I absolutely love it. The tutors are very knowledgeable and incredibly lovely and I’ve learned a lot of stuff to do with how to make pots and mostly how to create great mosaics. I highly recommend it.
Izabella - 30 July 2018
Lovely workshops & lovely helpful and supportive staff!
Sally - 28 July 2018
Last Pottery & Mosaic evening class, I will really miss it. But signed up for September and planning my next project. It’s a great class and lovely tutors. Try taster session.
Izabella - 5 June 2018
Lovely staff & atmosphere. Many different types of techniques to try out too.
Sam - 4 June 2018
I really this course. Very informal and relaxing. the staff are great, approachable and knowledgeable. You can pretty much get on with what you want and ask for advice or you take guidance if you are out of ideas. I've learnt so much in a very short time.
Sally - 2 June 2018
Love the pottery & mosaic course at Workshop 305. I’m completely addicted. The tutors are so helpful and inspiring always so encouraging as are the group.
Jackie - 27 May 2018
Joined for last 3 week of course and found the mosaic workshop really interesting. Hope to get back to finish project on the next course. The personnel who were available for the mosaics and pottery were very friendly and the course was held in a venue that had a lot of interesting projects going on.
TJ - 18 March 2018
lovely people and great, relaxed atmosphere. Great for all experience levels
Diana - 16 March 2018
Workshop305 Excellent facilities and very good tutors. Friendly atmosphere. Also if the class supports people with learning difficulties or physical difficulties, it's even better as the photographs and evidence of work by them is brilliant.
Sally - 16 March 2018
I have now completed 3 terms at the Pottery & Mosaic class, and I’m hooked! The tutors are so adorable, helpful but not overpowering. It is such a creative environment with people of all abilities. As soon as you arrive you clear your head and get your hands dirty. I absolutely love it!
Ragna - 13 March 2018
Absolutely brilliant workshop.
Sam - 12 March 2018
I'm thoroughly enjoying this class. The teachers are supportive, approachable and very knowledgeable. the group is friendly and mostly made of those who come back again and again, term after term. Highly recommended.
Ragna - 11 March 2018
I have been going to this pottery and mosaics workshop for two years now and I absolutely love it. The teachers are amazing, very knowledgeable and lovely people. I couldn't recommend this workshop more highly.
Izabella - 11 March 2018
Loved it and will go again. Staff are lovely, helpful & encouraging!
Karen - 11 March 2018
Fantastic environment for all levels - both for pottery and mosaics. Lovely informal classes - with help and advice always available.
Sam - 15 January 2018
This is my third booking for this session. There is a good balance of people doing mosaics and Pottery. The teachers are very approachable and helpful. Materials in abundance and lots of good company. Very enjoyable (from a complete novice!).
Christina - 12 January 2018
I love this place. It is the best post work wind down. Great people to give you as much (or little) advise, help or encouragement as you want. Good vibe and enough equipment to keep learning new things. Give it a try.
Sally - 5 November 2017
I am thoroughly enjoying the pottery & mosaic evening class held at Workshop 305. It has been a revelation to have access to a variety of pottery forms and complete creative freedom, with assistance on hand when required. A great group of people with huge imaginations.
Loren - 17 September 2017
Sam - 17 September 2017
My first time here and very much enjoying the course. The staffing level is great. Always someone on hand to help with queries and s. The staff are very hands on and incredibly approachable. I take my 8 year old child with me and she can be a handful, but the staff are fabulous with her.
Sally - 17 September 2017
I had a fabulous first workshop! It was so friendly and a very calm relaxed atmosphere. I also managed to make two pots, which I was not expecting.I am looking forward to the next workshop and cannot praise Sorsha, Mike & Jos for their help on the day.
Loren - 18 June 2017
A wonderful atmosphere with friendly and helpful staff. It's the highlight of my week.
Izabella - 18 June 2017
Lovely- helpful staff and very relaxing as an activity! Loved it.
Anonymous - 14 January 2017
Everyone is very helpful and the class has a great atmosphere.