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Brush pen Calligraphy for Beginners

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Learn the basics of Modern Calligraphy using a Brush pen and develop your own unique style. This workshop is suitable for complete beginners.
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What happens in this class?

Come and explore the fascinating world of Brush pen Calligraphy with Sai, an experienced Calligrapher and teaching artist, who will guide you through this workshop.

In a world where communication is largely driven by technology, the art of writing can often seem irrelevant, but the beauty of a handwritten card or note is timeless. Sai is passionate about sharing the beautiful art of Calligraphy, not just for its aesthetic value, but because of its unique ability to help us remain completely focused and get into a mindful state of flow very quickly.

In this workshop, you will learn the basics…

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Things to remember

All materials and instructions for the workshop will be provided.

What can we expect in these workshops?
After the initial introductions, we will dive straight into the basics of Brush pen calligraphy and hand lettering using a Fudenosuke brush pen. We start with basic letter formation and faux Calligraphy and learn how to create beautiful thick and thin strokes using your brush pen. You will be guided throughout with clear step-by-step instructions and demonstrations.
I am a complete beginner – will I be able to do this workshop?
This workshop is suitable for complete beginners. No previous experience is required. Our workshops are led by Dr. Sai Banerjee, who is an experienced calligrapher and teaching artist. Having taught hundreds of students with varying skill levels, Sai is adept at recognizing the challenges that a beginner might face. By following a step-by-step approach and allowing time for troubleshooting, Sai simplifies seemingly complex techniques to make them accessible for everyone.
I am left-handed. Is this workshop suitable for me?
Our workshops are suitable for everyone. Although Sai is right-handed, she has taught many students over the years that are lefties. If you are left-handed, you will be provided with lots of unique and useful tips and tricks to develop your Calligraphy practice.
My handwriting is terrible – can I still learn Calligraphy?
Learning Calligraphy has nothing to do with your natural handwriting. Calligraphy involves learning a set of strokes that are used to build up your letterforms. Once you learn the technique and practice regularly, Calligraphy is a skill anyone can learn regardless of their handwriting.
What age group is this workshop suitable for?
Our Calligraphy workshops are suitable for adults. Anyone over the age of 16 is welcome.
What are your class sizes?
Our class sizes are usually between 12-16 students. However, our numbers may vary depending on the capacity of the venue. As a general guideline, our maximum limit is 22 students per session, to ensure everyone gets individual attention.
What should we wear?
You may wear comfortable clothing with some layers as the temperature settings at different venues may vary. We will be using semi-permanent and permanent inks during the workshop, so please be mindful of long sleeves and jewellery.
Do we have to bring anything?
All materials will be provided. All you need to bring is an open mind.
Do you teach private lessons?
Yes. I occasionally teach private lessons for small groups.
Are your classes Covid secure?
Yes. We take all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students. We sanitise all the tables and chairs before and after the session.
Where is your class located?
The workshop will be held at the Art Space, located on the first floor of Cass Art, Kingston. It is a lovely large gallery space with plenty of natural light and ventilation. The store is located just minutes from the Kingston train station and can be easily accessed by public transport.
How do we get there?
Train – Southwest trains to Kingston, which is the nearest train station. Buses – Several buses stop on Eden Street, which is the nearest stop. Please check your bus routes. By car – Parking is available nearby at Cattle market carpark and Bentall’s centre carpark.
If I am unable to attend the class can I get a refund?
If you wish to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, you need to give us at least 3 weeks notice in order to get a full refund. If it’s less than 3 weeks we recommend that you reschedule and book another session as we run several workshops throughout the year. The venues are paid for and prebooked so it’s hard for us to find a replacement for a cancelled booking within a short notice.
Latest Reviews
5(1 review)
Bee - 20 February 2022
I enjoyed the Calligraphy workshop a lot. I learned a lot in a short time and realise I need to practice a lot to be good at it. The lessons were structured in as much as time allowed. The venue was warm and spacious. I would be happy to recommend my friends and would definitely like to do more of similar subject.
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Your Teacher

Dr. Sai Banerjee is an experienced teaching artist, art historian and calligrapher committed to promoting creativity as a wellness practice through art and calligraphy. Sai is the founder of Blue Palette Art Studio – a creative space that nurtures mindful creativity through classes, courses and workshops for adults and children.

As a former University lecturer with a Ph.D. in Art History, Sai discovered her passion for teaching and learning. Based on personal experience, Sai truly believes in the transformative power of art and its positive impact on our wellbeing. Her goal is to share this awareness with others and help…

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Brush pen Calligraphy for Beginners


Bee - 20 February 2022
I enjoyed the Calligraphy workshop a lot. I learned a lot in a short time and realise I need to practice a lot to be good at it. The lessons were structured in as much as time allowed. The venue was warm and spacious. I would be happy to recommend my friends and would definitely like to do more of similar subject.