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Brush Lettering with Alice Gabb

Come and learn brush lettering with Alice Gabb at Pearl & Groove.
Brush Lettering with Alice Gabb
by Pearl & Groove Bakery
Brush Lettering with Alice Gabb by Pearl & Groove Bakery - art in London

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What you will do

Single session

Brush lettering is a beautiful skill, particularly for the determined Bride (or nominated Bridesmaids!) who are keen to do some (or all) of the event lettering...or if you are planning a party and you want to add some finishing touches to look even more fancy...or you just like showing off and want to letter your own notebooks and presents with beautiful writing.

In this workshop

You will start by being introduced to Alice's Starter Kit, which solves the issue of wasting money on unnecessary beginners supplies... This is yours to keep and includes everything you need to get started (just see some of the photos).

You will then go straight into some practice exercises, moving on to various letter forms, and by the end of the workshop you will be able to write your name, or a your favourite quote.

Pearl & Groove is a beautiful space and really gets the creative juices flowing - oh and just to add some excitement, you will receive a glass of bubbles and a delicious treat from Pearl and Groove half way through the workshop.

Save your spot

Workshops with Alice Gabb sell out super quick...workshops with Pearl & Groove sell out super quick...workshops with free prosecco and cakes sell out super quick...you can obviously see where we are going with this - book now to avoid missing out!

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Did you know?

On average, a bride and groom will spend over £300 on wedding invitations.
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Brush Lettering with Alice Gabb by Pearl & Groove Bakery - art in London

About your host, Pearl & Groove Bakery

Pearl & Groove bakery has a love for indulgence, flavour, colour, cake, puddings, glitter and parties matched with the balance of health, wellness and creativity.

Founder Serena Whitefield believes that cake is something of love, friendship, sharing, celebration and says cake is so much more than just a sweet treat!

The bakery is 100% gluten free, using mainly ground almonds as a substitute, which makes the cakes moist, full of flavour and needless to say, delicious! The bakery is full of sweet smells and smiling faces, they are constantly getting creative in the kitchen and making sure new seasonal flavours and puddings are coming in fresh and fast.

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Brush Lettering with Alice Gabb
by Pearl & Groove Bakery
Brush Lettering with Alice Gabb by Pearl & Groove Bakery - art in London
Single session


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Brush Lettering with Alice Gabb

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