Whether you’re keen to make quality quilts or feel like needle felting, crafts classes in Liverpool will help you develop your innovative skills. Weave macrame plant hangers or learn how to make personalised jewellery from a knowledgeable silversmith, the choice is yours. So what are you waiting for? The time to discover your crafting capabilities is now! We have assembled a list of the top 9 best crafts classes in Liverpool that will provoke your craving for crafts.

Top 9 Best Crafts Classes in Liverpool:

  • Mindful Macrame Class
  • Bath Bomb Making Workshop
  • Metal Clay Botanical Charms Class
  • Pizza and Planting Workshop
  • Silver Stacking Rings Workshop
  • Flower Arranging Hen Party
  • Letterpress Printing Course
  • Glassblowing Workshop
  • Card Making Workshop

Embroidery Thread
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Mindful Macrame Class

Location: Vauxhall, Liverpool, Baltic Triangle, Liverpool and Birkenhead, The Wirral

Discover the mindful nature of weaving macrame decorations in this class. In this macrame workshop, you will learn the basic knots and techniques used to weave macrame. You will leave this workshop with your very own macrame wall hanging, the knowledge to make more macrame decorations and with an uplifted mood and perspective.

Make has a wide range of exciting workshops that celebrate arts, crafts and creation. From woodworking, mosaics and tie dye classes to life drawing, sewing and perfume making workshops, develop your innovative nature within their friendly craft courses.

Bath Bomb Making Workshop

Location: Calderstones, Liverpool

Learn how to make bath bombs with your own two hands! Create personalised bath bombs using natural ingredients and materials. Whether you want to make three bath bombs as a treat to yourself or as a gift for a loved one, this workshop will teach you how to make luxurious bath bombs. Get step-by-step guidance from your expert teacher on how to use natural ingredients to create customised bath bombs.

YNNY has an amazing array of craft workshops which champion self-care and creativity. Their classes range from candle making courses to soap making workshops. If you want to discover a sweet smelling craft hobby, then workshops with YNNY are definitely for you.

Metal Clay Botanical Charms Class

Location: Vauxhall, Liverpool

Feel like a jewellery designer in this creative metal clay class! Make jewellery that you are excited to wear in this exciting workshop. In this class, you will take inspiration from the great outdoors and use metal clay to replicate the intricate design of leaves and flowers to create your own beautiful botanical charms.

Noctua believes that beginners and experienced craft students alike can learn new craft skills in their interactive workshops. Whether you want to make your own wedding rings or botanical charms, within their workshops you can make high quality, durable jewellery pieces.

Pizza and Planting Workshop

Location: Ormskirk, West Lancashire

Have an appetite for learning? Perhaps you have a craving for pizza too? This workshop teaches you new planting techniques while also providing you with tasty pizza. It’s a win win! Not only do you get to learn how to make your own jar terrarium, you also get to fuel your creativity with delicious pizza.

Emma’s Wild Garden believes that gardening and caring for plants is an incredibly rewarding experience. Their workshops aim to share with students valuable tips and tricks that will help them keep their plants happy and thriving.

You can only trust your eyes when you have an imag
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Silver Stacking Rings Workshop

Location: Litherland, Liverpool

Always wanted to learn how to create your own smooth silver jewellery? This workshop will teach you how to make sophisticated silver stacking rings like a professional silversmith. This exciting class is designed for complete beginners who are new to sawing, annealing, soldering, sanding, polishing and texturing, as your encouraging teacher will give step-by-step guidance on how to master these impressive jewellery making techniques.

Metal and Flame Jewellery School are determined to demystify the jewellery making process to students of all levels. Their welcoming workshops will help you exercise your creativity as your creative freedom is encouraged when designing your jewellery. Teachers in their classes and courses have a wealth of experience making jewellery and are skilled in sharing their valuable knowledge.

Flower Arranging Hen Party

Location: Allerton, Liverpool

Discover your inner florist in this fabulous flower arranging hen party. Bring your friends and family together before the big day and learn the foundations of flower arranging together. Whether you want to make hand tied bouquets or flower crowns, each flower arranging hen party is designed with what you want to learn in mind.

Booker Flowers enjoys teaching students how to creatively arrange flowers and produce powerful and striking bouquets. Their workshops are fun, friendly, informative and hands-on. Expert teachers in their workshops will help you discover your fondness for flowers, foliage and seasonal wreaths.

Letterpress Printing Course

Location: Kensington, Liverpool

Learn how to make personalised prints from a professional! This class will not only teach you impressive letterpress printmaking techniques, you will also be enlightened to the rich history of printing. Using a range of materials which are provided in this workshop, you will learn how to make your own personalised poster for you to take home and admire.

The Red Button Press praises letterpress printing and thrives through sharing their knowledge and skills with students of all levels. As well as teaching students how to make customised posters, they also give students the opportunity to learn typesetting, linocut printing and so much more.

Glassblowing Workshop

Location: Garston, Liverpool

Already got some experience glassblowing? Challenge your skills and refine your techniques in this glassblowing workshop. Learn how to make a colourful glass pendant and personalised ornaments with the guidance and direction of your expert teacher. This workshop lasts three hours and is limited to three students to ensure that your talented teacher can give you the time and attention you need to advance your glassblowing skills.

Mersey Glass Works runs rewarding workshops which aim to teach students how to make fascinating glass artwork. Their workshops will enlighten you to the world of glassblowing and teach you about the entire glassblowing process.

Card Making Workshop

Location: Bootle, Liverpool

Want to make creative homemade cards? This workshop gives you the chance to explore your creativity while designing your own cards for any occasion. Whether you want to make thank you cards, Christmas cards, birthday cards or valentines cards, this workshop will teach you new approaches and methods used to make captivating cards.

Craftivity believes developing new craft skills can be an incredibly enriching experience for all students. Their creative workshops and craft courses gives you the opportunity to explore your innovative and creative nature.

Can you believe I made this terrarium?! It needs some more love but looks great for now. Crop it up, flip it, and reverse it.
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Learn anything from leatherworking to origami with crafts classes in Liverpool. Whether you want to knit your own clothing and accessories or learn how to make your own terrarium using a range of different plants, crafts workshops in Liverpool will help you exercise your innovative and resourceful skills. Explore new materials, supplies and crafting techniques from encouraging crafts teachers within crafts classes in Liverpool!

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