Many meditation methods are influenced by Buddhist teachings and principles. However, meditation can be practised in a number of different ways, from yoga to walking. Whether you want to integrate meditation into your day to day routine or discover new ways to practice mindfulness using mantras and manifestations, meditation classes in Liverpool will teach you valuable approaches to mindfulness. We have put together a list of the top 10 best meditation classes in Liverpool so you can get straight to relaxing and meditating.

Top 10 Best Meditation Classes in Liverpool:

  • Eight Week Mindfulness for Health Course
  • Beginners Yoga Class
  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga Workshop
  • Yoga Express Class
  • Beginners Meditation Class
  • One-to-One Mindfulness Workshop
  • Candlelit Warm Yoga Class
  • Online Meditation Class
  • Yin Yoga Class
  • Beginners Ashtanga Yoga Class

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Eight Week Mindfulness for Health Course

Location: Huyton, Knowsley

Often people are so busy that they forget to treat themselves with kindness. This course is here to help you integrate mindful practices into your everyday life! With the guidance of your calming teacher, you will learn how to exercise self-compassion and mindfulness as well as a range of other meditation techniques.

Mindful People Community are determined to help students discover the importance of mindfulness and meditation. The aim of their mindful courses is to help students understand the different ways mindfulness can positively enhance their overall wellbeing, both physically and spiritually.

Beginners Yoga Class

Location: Huyton, Knowsley

Worried you're not flexible enough for yoga? This beginners yoga class demystifies the assumption that only young and flexible people can get the most out of yoga. Learn the basics of yoga as well as the many benefits of practising yoga in this beginners workshop. This class is structured with beginners in mind, so the stances and stretches you will learn will be manageable yet rewarding.

Yoga for the People believes that everyone can feel the enriching nature of yoga. From hot yoga classes to beginner's mindful yoga workshops, Yoga for the People runs a wide range of yoga courses to help all students reach their full yoga potential.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Workshop

Location: Baltic Triangle, Liverpool

For those who are unfamiliar with Vinyasa Flow Yoga, where have you been? Vinyasa Flow Yoga is where students form a sequence of postures and stretches creating a seamless flow. Breathwork is also a key part of this style of yoga, with the direction of your expert teacher you will learn breathwork techniques as well as yoga stances and poses.

Yogacita has a broad selection of yoga classes for students of all levels. Their workshops provide a peaceful environment for students to feel connected with their body. Yogacita has an inspiring studio which is sure to motivate you to learn new yoga and meditation techniques.

Yoga Express Class

Location: Liverpool City Centre

Want to feel energised for the day ahead? This express yoga class will make you feel strong and ready for the challenges in your everyday life. The poses you will learn in this class will help you engage every muscle in your body, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised. Simple step-by-step guidance from your encouraging yoga teacher makes this the perfect class for those who are new to yoga or those who want to refine their existing techniques.

Yin Yan wants to make yoga and meditation accessible to everyone. Teachers in their workshops believe yoga can help make students feel more fulfilled and healthy. If you want to experience yoga as a form of meditation and mindfulness, then their workshops are definitely for you.

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Beginners Meditation Class

Location: Venues across Liverpool

This meditation class is perfect for beginners who are new to engaging their mind and body in meditation. As well as including a guided meditation, this class will also focus on how to wind down and prepare yourself for reflection and meditation. Explore meditation techniques as well as different avenues to practise mindfulness within this beginners meditation class.

X-Hail runs enriching meditation and yoga workshops across the country. The goal of their workshops is to give students the knowledge and tools to practise mindfulness and meditation in their day to day life as well as when they are feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

One-to-One Mindfulness Workshop

Location: Liverpool and the surrounding areas

Learn at your own pace in this one-to-one workshop. Many students find there are many benefits of learning within a private one-to-one class. Not only can you get specific and personalised guidance from your teacher on how you can improve your meditation techniques or yoga stances, you can also choose what you learn. From mindful yoga to breathwork techniques, you can prioritise the skills you want to learn without having to compromise with other students in a group class.

Mindpool has an amazing array of mindful workshops. Within their mindful classes, learn valuable tips and tricks that will help you make time for mindfulness and meditation in your busy lifestyle.

Candlelit Warm Yoga Class

Location: Wavertree, Liverpool

Do you feel most relaxed by candlelight? This ambient yoga class will help you unwind and de-stress. With the direction of your yoga teacher, you will challenge yourself with different yoga poses, stretches and stances. Teachers in this yoga class aim to help students of all levels feel elevated and uplifted through yoga.

Planet Yoga has a broad selection of different yoga classes. Their hot yoga class is perfect for those who exercise mindfulness through energising yoga, while their candlelit yoga class is ideal for students who explore mindfulness through relaxing yoga postures.

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Online Meditation Class

Location: Sefton Park, Liverpool

This online meditation class introduces students to Buddhist teachings and beliefs. Although this meditation class focuses on Buddhist teachings, it is not essential for students to already be familiar with Buddhist ideas to get the most out of this class. In this meditation class, you will develop a deeper understanding of yourself and how to cope with your busy thoughts when you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious.

Kadampa Meditation Centre understands that many students feel most inspired in the comfort of their own home. They offer meditation classes both in-person and online so that students can feel motivated in a new environment or master meditation techniques at home.

Yin Yoga Class

Location: Liverpool City Centre

Build your strength through practising yin yoga! Yin yoga strengthens your balance and muscles as it consists of holding poses and stances for short periods of time. Discover the many benefits this style of yoga has on your wellbeing, mind and body. Strengthen your joints and muscles as well as your resilient nature in this welcoming workshop for students of all levels.

Yoga Hub Liverpool has a range of workshops which teach students different styles of yoga. From hot yoga, express yoga and yin yoga to slow, restful and restorative yoga, their workshops will help you discover new techniques and poses.

Beginners Ashtanga Yoga Class

Location: Liverpool City Centre

This beginners Ashtanga yoga class is designed for those who are completely new to yoga. Many of the stances you will learn in this class are simple yet fulfilling standing poses, which will help you feel present and focused on your body and its movements. Surprise yourself with your abilities in this yoga class which will both challenge you and uplift your spirits.

Ashtanga Yoga Liverpool runs yoga workshops that help students improve their fitness and health as well as their mood and mental wellbeing. Their classes will help students of all levels discover the many ways yoga is a valuable way to practise mindfulness.

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Treat yourself to a moment of stillness and calm. Whether you want to explore meditation on a short retreat or with regular energising yoga workshops, meditation classes in Liverpool are the best place to begin your mindfulness journey. Meditation, yoga and mindfulness can positively impact your life in several ways, from reducing anxiety, stress and depression to building strength and physical wellbeing. Learn how to self-soothe using mantras, yoga and Buddhist teachings with meditation courses in Liverpool.

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