Design decorations for your home with pottery workshops in Glasgow. From hand building to wheel throwing, master every method of making ceramics with pottery courses in Glasgow. We have hand built a list of the top 10 best pottery workshops in Glasgow, so you can learn how to make pottery to be proud of.

Top 10 Best Pottery Classes in Glasgow:

  • Five Week Wheel Throwing Course
  • Hand Building Pottery Class
  • Making and Glazing One-to-One Pottery Workshop
  • Private Pottery Class
  • Wheel Throwing Course
  • Beginner Eight Week Ceramics Course
  • Children's Ceramic Painting Party
  • Make A Ceramic Highland Coo Class
  • Hand Building and Raku Firing Workshop
  • Team Building Pottery Class

Throwing Pottery by Clay Plant Road Pottery
Photo by Courtney Cook / Unsplash

Five Week Wheel Throwing Course

Location: Glasgow City Centre

Learn how to make your own pottery from scratch! Within this beginner pottery course, you will be introduced to basic wheel throwing techniques. This group course is made up of five workshops, where you will try your hand at making different pottery pieces. Each week you will learn how to make jugs, mugs or bowls and master techniques such as trimming as well as throwing. From moulding your clay on the potter’s wheel to surface decorations and glazing, you will learn every step in the pottery making process in this course.

The Craft Pottery Studio celebrates every aspect of pottery, from creating pottery to adorning and painting pottery masterpieces! Their aim is to help students of all levels and all ages appreciate pottery and ceramics.

Hand Building Pottery Class

Location: Strathblane, Stirlingshire

It’s time to build pottery with your own two hands! In this pottery class you will master fundamental hand building pottery techniques. From slabbing, coiling, pinching and sculpting to embellishments and the slip technique, if you’re confused by this technical pottery jargon don’t worry! With the guidance of your expert teacher this baffling pottery vocabulary will soon be demystified. You will get to see the fabulous finished product of your pottery project as your pot will be glazed with the colour of your choice in this class.

The Milndavie Pottery run their rewarding pottery workshops in Strathblane, just North of Glasgow. However, their range of pottery classes are worth going the extra mile! Each of their pottery classes are led by experienced teachers who are enthusiastic about sharing their pottery knowledge.

Making and Glazing One-to-One Pottery Workshop

Location: Kingston, Glasgow

Explore different methods used to make pottery masterpieces. This workshop is made up of two sections, in the first you will discover how to create personalised pottery while in the second part you will be enlightened to glazing techniques. All of the tools, clay, materials and direction you will need will be provided by your encouraging teacher. Beginners as well as students with some pottery knowledge are welcome in this workshop, as it is structured to help all students develop and refine their pottery skills.

Studio Mama has a broad selection of focused pottery classes, from glazing workshops to one-to-one classes. Their studio workspace is ideally located close to Glasgow city centre. The location of Studio Mama as well as the accomplished artistic pottery teachers in their workshops will make any student feel inspired.

Private Pottery Class

Location: Govan, Glasgow

Want a relaxing pottery workshop surrounded by your nearest and dearest? Private workshops give you the opportunity to choose who you learn with as well as what you learn. Whether you want to master hand building a vase or wheel throwing a bowl, private pottery classes let you set the agenda! Explore materials and a selection of clay from porcelain and Raku to stoneware and earthenware. This private pottery class can be adapted to create the atmosphere that makes you most inspired, from peaceful pottery classes with your friends to a lively birthday party activity.

Stef Baxter Pottery enjoys sharing their specialist pottery knowledge with students. From Raku pottery to wheel throwing, teachers at Stef Baxter Pottery promote the rewarding nature of pottery and creating unique ceramics.

Creating cups on a potter's wheel.
Photo by Earl Wilcox / Unsplash

Wheel Throwing Course

Location: Finnieston, Glasgow

This wheel throwing course is designed with complete pottery beginners in mind. Learn how to confidently use wheel throwing techniques to make vases, plant pots and so much more. This course consists of five interactive workshops. In the first workshop you will familiarise yourself with the potter’s wheel and basic wheel throwing techniques. Within the remaining workshops, you will use and develop the techniques you gained in the first workshop through trying your hand at making cylinders, handles, bowls and glazing your pottery pieces.

Spin Pottery are determined to help all students, no matter where they are on their pottery journey, create personalised and creative pottery. Their range of workshops champion pottery as a powerful tool for creative expression. From painting pottery classes to hand building workshops, flex your creative muscles in their exciting workshops.

Beginner Eight Week Ceramics Course

Location: Govanhill, Glasgow

Master making pots, ornaments, decorations, artwork and sculptures within this eight week long ceramics course. Gain a greater understanding of hand building approaches such as pinching, slabbing, coiling and press moulding. As well as making unique pottery, you will also learn slip decoration and glazing methods. This course will take you from feeling clueless about ceramics to making pottery like a professional. Fill your home with terracotta pots made with your own two hands in this course.

The Wellbeing, Arts and Health programme at Govanhill Baths encourages the idea that being creative through pottery can be beneficial for students' overall wellbeing. Using your hands to sculpt and mould clay to bring your artistic pottery vision to life can be an extremely fulfilling experience.

Children's Ceramic Painting Party

Location: East Kilbride, Glasgow

Let your children’s imagination run wild in this creative ceramic painting party! If you’re unsure what to organise for your child’s birthday party, this pottery party will create a birthday experience they will never forget. As well as having fun with their friends, your child will be exploring their creativity through painting pottery which is incredibly beneficial for their development and wellbeing. Teachers in this pottery painting party have a wealth of experience working with children and will guide them through painting their chosen ceramic animal.

Teachers at Cafe Ceramico believe that pottery can be appreciated by students of all ages. Their pottery parties prioritise fun and creativity. They are skilled in teaching students how to use their imagination to produce painted pottery pieces they can be proud of.

Photo by Anne Nygård / Unsplash

Make A Ceramic Highland Coo Class

Location: Nitshill, Glasgow

Scotland is famous for its striking landscapes and the stunning animals that live on them. This class focuses on and celebrates the beautiful Highland Coo! Learn how to make your own cute Highland Coo using hand building pottery techniques. Scotland is home to the Highland Coo, and it’s only right that this charming Highland Coo is praised! As well as shaping and making your Highland Coo in this class, you can also attend a pottery painting workshop where you can add some colour to your Highland Coo. Learning new pottery techniques can be thirsty work, that’s why this class has a bring your own booze policy.

Roukenglenpottery has over ten years of experience enlightening students to the world of pottery and ceramics. As well as their weekly welcoming workshops, Roukenglenpottery also makes their own pottery within their exciting pottery painting kits.

Hand Building and Raku Firing Workshop

Location: Dennistoun, Glasgow

This workshop takes you through the whole process of making pottery, from hand building pottery with clay to Raku firing your ceramics creation. Discover hand building techniques such as the kurinuki technique and pinch-pot methods. After two weeks you will be invited back to the studio by your professional pottery tutor to glaze and finish your pot through the exciting method of Raku firing. Beginners as well as students with some experience hand building decorative pottery will all learn something new in this creative and interactive workshop.

Nicola Henderson runs hands- on Raku workshops. From wheel throwing to hand building methods, classes with Nicola Henderson will teach you a range of pottery making techniques as well as how to expertly turn your clay into ceramics using ancient Raku firing.

Team Building Pottery Class

Location: Dennistoun, Glasgow

Every team needs to let off some steam! Why not get creative at your next office party? Learning together creates a shared experience which can help you get to know your workmates better and improve communication between colleagues. It’s a win win! Not only do you get to produce your own personalised pottery, you will also build your rapport with your colleagues, making working with them friction-less and seamless. Take a break from the corporate workspace and instead learn pottery making techniques while also learning about your colleagues within an informal setting.

Glasgow Ceramics Studio has a wide selection of workshops that focus on different ceramic making techniques. From group Raku firing workshops to private one-to-one hand building and wheel throwing classes, explore shaping pottery and firing ceramics in their fascinating and interactive workshops.

Throwing a clay pot on a potter's wheel.
Photo by Earl Wilcox / Unsplash

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Get messy and creative moulding and shaping clay to produce stunning ceramics! Experience the tactile nature of pottery by using your hands and tools to create imprints and patterns. Explore how to make ornaments using slabbing, pinching, coiling and sculpting techniques. Whether you want to turn up the heat and learn Raku firing or discover terracotta pot making methods, pottery classes in Glasgow will help you make customised pottery decorations and pieces.

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