Learn how to make rings and jewellery from a professional silversmith, how to carve furniture from a skilful woodworking teacher or how to make your own bags in an informative leatherworking course. We have compiled the 10 best crafting classes in no particular order, so you can discover an inspiring craft hobby in Bristol.

  • Soy Wax Candle Making Workshop
  • Stained Glass Studio Class
  • Beginners Lampworking Course
  • Glassmaking Class For Beginners
  • Sorrel Studio Jesmonite Workshop
  • Five Week Papermaking and Pulp Printing Course
  • Mini Bag Making Course
  • Millinery Course For Beginners and Intermediates
  • Introductory Letterpress Class
  • Beginners Lampshade Making Workshop

Soy Wax Candle Making Workshop

Location: Thornbury, South Gloucestershire

Explore the power of fragrance and how scents can impact your mood and home. Whether you want to learn candle making skills so you can create candles as a gift or as a treat to yourself, this two and a half hour workshop will teach you all you need to know about the joy of candle making. In this workshop you will make three different candles of different styles and scents using completely natural soy wax and ingredients. Get inspired by the seasons and learn how to make a candle that fits each month, from cosy Christmas scented candles in the winter to fresh fragrances in the summer months.

Mount Cottage Crafts are passionate about helping students engage and discover their craft skills. Workshops with Mount Cottage Crafts will not only teach you pouring, moulding and other handcraft candle making techniques, their range of workshops also have other craft courses on offer such as creative jewellery making courses. Mount Cottage Crafts run their classes just outside of Bristol, however their workshops are definitely worth going the extra mile.

Stained Glass Studio Class

Location: Kingswood, Bristol

Creating stained glass can be an incredibly therapeutic and mindful experience. Let your creativity take the reins and learn how to make stained glass with your own designs. In this eight to ten week course, you will be enlightened to the versatility of stained glass as well as technical stained glass skills. Whether you’re a beginner and have no experience or you have some knowledge of stained glass that you want to refine and master, workshops in this course will teach you how to make a leaded glass panel, copper foil techniques and as well as inform you about kiln and fused glass.

Sally Basson at Bristol and Bath Craft Workshops offer a range of classes for students of all abilities. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to challenge yourself with an interactive course or you want to build your existing knowledge and skills in a day workshop, Sally will help you meet your stained glass goals. If you want a workshop that provides all the tools and teaching needed to build your glass making skills, this is the course for you.

Beginners Lampworking Course

Location: Old City, Bristol

If you think glassmaking is hard, this workshop will shatter that illusion! This three hour workshop will teach you everything about how to make glass beads. Work with a hot flame to make your glass while receiving guidance from your professional teacher. Not only will you learn how to create your glass beads, you're also encouraged to use your creativity when learning in the workshop. Develop surface decoration skills to adorn your glass beads with your own designs, personalisations and style.

Catriona R. MacKenzie Glass believes that making glass is an exciting skill for all students to learn of all abilities and levels. Discover the enigmatic and dynamic nature of glass as well as how to make your own pieces.

Glassmaking Class For Beginners

Location: Arno's Vale

Want to get hands-on teaching about hot molten glass? This workshop will teach you how to shape molten glass into unique and stunning objects and items. With an emphasis on a practical approach to learning, this workshop helps you get stuck into making your glass pieces straight away! Make simple items while you develop your skills then challenge yourself with more technical objects such as baubles. This two hour workshop will take you from being a glassmaking beginner to confidently making glass like a professional.

The Original Bristol Blue Glass pride themselves on their glassmaking methods. They believe the glassmaking process shouldn’t be made with any shortcuts and celebrate the idea that all pieces of glass are unique. The Original Bristol Blue Glass are renowned for their quality and distinctive glass production, however their workshops are equally something to should about!

Sorrel Studio Jesmonite Workshop

Location: Bishopston, Bristol

Want to discover the joy of jesmonite? Jesmonite designs are a fun, interesting and easily customisable way to create and design objects. This two hour workshop will teach you how to make jesmonite pieces through casting and many other techniques! Develop your understanding of terrazzo and create two candle holders with your own two hands. Make two tealight holders, two classic candle holders or one of each to display with pride.

Ella from Sorrel Studio is passionate about making homeware with a range of various textures, colours and styles. Ella gets inspired by helping students not only learn about the jesmonite making process but also create homeware pieces they are excited to have in their home. Whether you want to create a specific item for your home or build your craft skills, Ella’s jesmonite workshops are great for exercising your creative craft muscles.

Five Week Papermaking and Pulp Printing Course

Location: Wapping Wharf, Bristol

Have you got poor knowledge of the possibilities of working with paper pulp? That can all change in this workshop! Get experimental with your creativity in this workshop and learn how to create captivating images using different materials and methods. Learn how to make images with pulp paper and explore relief printing techniques. Discover cast paper and how to use relief techniques with cast or pulp paper to make artistic imagery. Master making a range of stencils through your hand cut designs or using clear photographs and learn how to use the silk screen process.

Stephanie Turnbull at Spike Print Studio is an encouraging teacher who enjoys sharing her comprehensive knowledge about various printing processes. Whether you want to learn about traditional printmaking as well as the modern variations of this craft, Stephanie’s workshops will help you discover the fascinating world of papermaking and pulp printing.

Mini Bag Making Course

Location: Recorded Online Class

Feel like a fashion designer and make your own accessories! A mini bag can be for any occasion. Whether you want a new travel bag, wash bag, clutch bag or pouch, this online workshop will teach you how to make your own stitchless mini bag. Alongside this recorded step-by-step online class, you will receive a kit with all of the materials and supplies you will need to make your mini bag with your own two hands.

Leather Needle Thread wants to help students learn how to work with leather to make their own fashion and functional pieces. As well as workshops making different styles of bags such as bucket bags, saddle bags and mini bags, Leather Needle Thread also has workshops making phone pouches, wallets and even clogs! No matter what kind of leatherworking workshop you’re looking for, there is sure to be something for everyone in classes with Leather Needle Thread.

Millinery Course For Beginners and Intermediates

Location: Bristol City Centre

Over the course of five days, you will learn everything you need to know about millinery. From different vibrant hat styles to felt materials and supplies. Work with sinemay and wire to make individual hats and learn how to make a trim and create a crown and brim. Not only will you learn the skills of hat making and the steps of this process, you will also learn how to properly take sizes and measurements. Hats off to you! Once you have completed this course you will be able to make quality pieces like a professional.

Milliner’s Guild is home to a broad collection of hats, accessories and vintage pre-worn items. With their knowledge of bridal, masculine, feminine and antique timeless hats, their workshops are the best place for students who are wanting to pay attention to the details of the rewarding hat making process.

Introductory Letterpress Class

Location: Old City, Bristol

Wondering if letterpressing is your thing? This two day workshop will show you that it can be everyone's thing! Discover the history and background of letter pressing as well as the different types, including hand-setting type as well as how to use a range of inks to print your own work.

Feeling pressed for time? The Letterpress Collective has a range of workshops and courses to fit anyone's schedule! One day classes are ideal for those trying to fit a skill into their busy lifestyle. While two day workshops are the perfect opportunity for students wanting to get a deeper letterpress understanding. Five week evening courses are for those hungry for a challenge and ongoing hobby!

With a range of interactive teaching styles taught in their courses, classes and workshops, there’s something for every kind of learner!

Beginners Lampshade Making Workshop

Location: Southville, Bristol

Inject some individuality into your home! Set your own trends by creating your own soft furnishings. If you are tired of buying ordinary items for your home and want to create something that makes your individual character shine through, this workshop will teach you how to make lampshades in your own unique style. Light up your life in this workshop and learn how to make your own versatile drum lampshade, perfect for a pendant light or table lamp. All you need to bring is your favourite fabric and your creative spirit.

Hannah Redden is passionate about helping students realise their interior craft skills as well as their design skills. Hannah believes that no one should have to scour the shops for specific items as everyone has the creative potential to bring their artistic vision to life and create pieces with their own personalised designs. Her workshops are essential for those who can’t get enough of exploring interior designs and students who want to make their design ideas a reality.

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