Build up your fitness through dancing! It doesn’t matter if you think you have two left feet, teachers in beginner salsa dancing classes will teach you all about the rhythm and steps in the world of salsa. Whether you want to learn Kizomba, Bachara or other Latin and ballroom dances, master each sequence with classes in a professional dance studio. In no particular order we have rounded up the top 10 best salsa dancing classes in Manchester, so you can stop searching and start dancing- break a leg!

  • Private Group Salsa Class
  • Cuban Salsa Dance Class
  • Improver and Intermediate Bachata
  • One Day Ballroom Dancing Course
  • Children's Ballroom and Latin Class
  • Bachata Styling Course
  • Private Salsa Class
  • Beginner Ballroom Course
  • Cha Cha Dance Class
  • Salsa Class for Beginners
While wondering under the hot sun of Sevilla, I stumbled upon this group of musicians and dancers, under the shadow of the buildings around the Plaza of Espana, making it a heart warming feeling thanks to the music… A musical and dancing stop in time.
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Private Group Salsa Class

Location: Manchester City Centre

Experience a fun fitness class with your family and friends! Private group classes give you the opportunity to learn surrounded by people that make you feel energetic and inspired. With private workshops, you can guarantee who you will be sharing the class with.

Moving and grooving can be for any occasion! Celebrate a hen-do or birthday party with this stimulating workshop that will get your blood pumping.

You don’t need a reason to shake it with your friends! Arrange a regular get together with your friends and learn salsa dancing styles together in this private workshop.

Salsa Freedom have salsa classes in Manchester that are guaranteed to get your hips and feet moving. Get inspired by teachers at Salsa Freedom and discover your passion for this enigmatic dance.

Cuban Salsa Dance Class

Location: Ardwick, Manchester

Salsa has an array of variations and styles. Compared to other styles of salsa, Cuban salsa has few fast steps, making it perfect for those new to this genre of dance. Explore the circular and technical movements of this fascinating salsa style with this interactive and hands-on workshop. Building your salsa dancing ability is beneficial not only for your fitness but also your body image. Get comfortable and confident while moving around the dance floor and experience the rewarding feeling of mastering a new impressive move.

La Suerte runs a broad range of salsa dancing classes for anyone and everyone wanting to develop their dancing skills. From beginner Kizomba to advanced Bachata, they are sure to have a workshop for students at any level of their dancing journey.

Improver and Intermediate Bachata

Location: Northern Quarter, Manchester

Learn from an experienced Bachata artist in this stimulating workshop! If you have already got to grips with the basics and fundamental sequences and steps of Bachata dancing, it’s only right that you learn from the best to keep developing your skills. Test yourself and step up to the challenge of this improver and intermediate workshop. This class is designed for those who are determined to advance their skills in an interactive and encouraging workshop. Refine your technical Bachata moves and steps with the guidance and direction of a welcoming teacher.

Salsa En Manchester are determined to bring the vibrant world of Latin dancing to Manchester. Their belief is that different cultures can be beautifully celebrated through dance! Experience the friendly and inspiring atmosphere of their workshops.

One Day Ballroom Dancing Course

Location: Dukinfield, Greater Manchester

Want to see if ballroom dancing is for you? Before you sign on to a long course, try your hand at ballroom dancing and discover the compelling nature of this dance genre. This four hour long day course will give you a full taster of the skills and steps of ballroom dancing. In this workshop you will learn steps from the Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha Cha and Jive within an encouraging and informal atmosphere. Designed for those with absolutely no experience in dancing, this day course is perfect for beginners as it covers basics in footwork and form.

Donaheys have a range of workshops that will have you dancing like a glamorous professional before you know it! If you want to dance like the famous dancers you see on television, then Donaheys is guaranteed to help you reach your stardom goals.

Welcome to Burlesque
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Children's Ballroom and Latin Class

Location: Sale, Greater Manchester

Let your child blow off some steam! Dancing is an exciting form of exercise, as it is so entertaining, fun and fascinating that it doesn’t even feel like you're exercising. There are several amazing benefits of dancing for children. As well as building their confidence and ability to socialise and meet new people, dancing also helps the development of their coordination skills as well as their ability to follow direction and guidance. This workshop keeps children on their toes by introducing new and exciting routines and techniques to keep building their ability and passion for ballroom and Latin dancing.

Cadmans Dance Centre pride themselves on their status as Manchester's longest established dance school. Their wealth of experience means their range of classes for adults and children are filled with expertise.

Bachata Styling Course

Location: Manchester City Centre

Everyone knows that practice makes perfect! Through repeating the same moves and steps in a dance routine, you can learn how to perfect each technique flawlessly. This course is created to allow students to become familiar with technical steps that they can keep improving. Each workshop will have structured teaching focused on body movement, styling and technique as well as specific choreography. If you’re looking for a saucy salsa class, this Bachata course will teach you sensual styling choreography for you to learn throughout the course. This workshop is designed for those who already have some experience with Bachata and want to refine their moves, but beginners who have around four weeks experience of dance are also welcome.

Floridita Dance is determined to help students of all abilities learn dance moves they are excited to show off. With a number of experienced teachers as well as a broad range of online, in studio or private classes, you can learn anywhere you like and with whoever you like.

Private Salsa Class

Location: Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester

Trying a new physical skill like dancing can be daunting, especially when surrounded by other students who are also hungry to learn. Many beginners find the idea of a group workshop intimidating and discouraging. Not to worry, a solution is here! Private classes are here to save the day. Build basic skills and grow your confidence in a private salsa class. One-to-one workshops allow you to learn in a style that works for you and prioritise the skills you want to master.

Solar Salsa has a selection of both private and group workshops for you to pick from. Perhaps once you have gotten comfortable with your ability, you can carry on with private one-to-one classes or try learning in an interactive group class. Whether you learn best with the concentrated direction of your teacher or in a lively group class, Solar Salsa has a workshop that will fulfil your craving for charismatic salsa dancing.

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Beginner Ballroom Course

Location: Stockport, Greater Manchester

Get to grips with the basics of ballroom dancing in this beginner course. Each workshop has been designed with beginners in mind! In this three week course, you will learn how to master one specific dance routine while also building your confidence in your dancing abilities. Spin into this skill and learn how to flawlessly finesse footwork like a professional dancer as well as other impressive ballroom dancing techniques.

Stockport Dance Centre are determined to get everyone moving. Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate dancer, learn new skills and ballroom techniques in their workshops that are full of knowledge, guidance, direction and fun.

Cha Cha Dance Class

Location: Bolton, Lancashire

Any Cha Cha Chance you want to learn an impressive and exciting ballroom dance? This workshop will teach you how to grace the dance floor with breathtaking ballroom steps and techniques. The Cha Cha is known for being playful, energetic and enjoyable- the atmosphere in this workshop is also all of those things! Fun while forming your skills is a priority in this workshop. Not only will you master the cheeky Cha Cha you will also learn some steps from the famous and lively quickstep.

Sandhams Dance run their classes in Bolton, just ten miles away from Manchester. However, their ballroom classes are worth going the extra mile! If you’re looking for an in depth salsa class that is both educational as well as enriching and rewarding, then they are sure to have a workshop that is right for you.

Salsa Class for Beginners

Location: Live Online Class

Feel like your feet have a mind of their own? This workshop will teach you how to keep your feet in check and control your footwork and movements. In this beginner class you will have the opportunity to gain and refine dance skills in a positive and friendly environment.

This class is run online which means once you have attended this workshop you can practise in the comfort of your own home and dance like no one's watching!

Online learning is a stimulating way to learn as you can concentrate on mastering your new skills without getting distracted by your environment and other students.

Salsa Spirit believes in the power of dance to improve both the mind and body of dancers. Teachers at Salsa Spirit promote salsa dancing as a way to lift your mood and spirit. They teach primarily cross body salsa to students of all levels wanting to find their inner salsa dancer.

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It’s time to fix your footwork! Learn how to have flawless form in the best salsa dancing classes in Manchester. Whether you want to be social in a group class or learn a solo in a private lesson with your teacher, salsa dancing classes will teach you how to take the floor with confidence. With classes in Cha Cha, Mambo, Charanga, Merengue and so much more for adults and children, you are sure to find your favourite style of salsa in Manchester workshops.

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