The Top 10 Best Cooking Classes in Manchester are:

  1. Pasta Masterclass with The Pasta Factory
  2. Mumbai Street Food Cookery Classes at The Spice Club Cookery School Manchester
  3. Healthy Body Workshops at 4Lunch
  4. Pizza Masterclass at Noi Quattro
  5. Cooking Classes at Sweet Mandarin Cookery School
  6. Cooking Classes at Zouk Tea Bar & Grill
  7. Pizza Cooking Class at Oh Crumbs Home Bakes
  8. Pasta 4 Hour Class at Cracking Good Food
  9. Chapatti & Curry Making Class 3 Hours at Chapattis' n Curries
  10. Indian Cooking Lessons at Indian Home Cooking

1. Pasta Masterclass with The Pasta Factory

Location: Central Manchester

Born out of passion for fresh, authentic, Italian food, The Pasta Factory are on a mission to share their love of pasta with everyone. The sister restaurant of the Noi Quattro Pizzeria - who we will also mention later! - they believe that good food can bring us all together. And now, they’re offering the chance for you to learn how to make that good food yourself.

Their Pasta Masterclass offers you the opportunity to mix, knead, roll and fill your very own pasta from scratch, all whilst being guided by The Pasta Factory’s talented chefs. They also offer vegan alternatives, so no-one has to miss out on the fun! You'll also get the chance to enjoy one of their highly-rated fresh pasta dishes at the end of the class, with a complimentary glass of prosecco and a “The Pasta Factory” apron and bag also included. So, if you’d like to learn how to bring a little taste of Italy back home with you, why not give their masterclass a try?

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2. Mumbai Street Food Cookery Classes at The Spice Club Cookery School Manchester

Location: Whitefield (Greater Manchester)

When Monica (after a lot of persuading) managed to convince her mother, Anita, to hold the first supper club Manchester had ever seen, history was made. Now, at The Spice Club, you'll be guided on a journey through Indian cuisine that will not only delight your palate, but be taught to you as well!    

Cookery Classes at the Spice Club are a truly unique experience, as Monica and Anita, "treat each event as if we are cooking for or with our very own family".  With amazing reviews from genuine chefs and customers, The Spice Club was an easy pick for our best cooking classes in Manchester.

Whilst the Spice Club Manchester may be closed for in-person classes until Decemeber 2021,  you can still enjoy their expert teaching through their Shikshak online cookery school platform - where Monica (your 'shikshak' or teacher) will walk you through how to make delicious Indian food in the comfort of your own kitchen!

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Cookery Classes at 4Lunch

3. Healthy Body Workshops at 4Lunch

Location: Salford (Greater Manchester)

Established in 2013, 4Lunch is an award winning social enterprise celebrated for its fantastic cookery courses for all ages, as well as food business training and professional catering. 4Lunch is dedicated to community-oriented social change and promoting health and well-being.

Understanding that changes in diet be monumentally beneficial for your health, 4Lunch's Healthy Body Workshop will teach you a variety of immune boosting tips. This includes healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas, knowledge of nutrient groups, simple substitutions and portion control, and much more!

The workshops are suitable for all abilities so why not give it a go? Your gut will thank you!

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4. Pizza Masterclass at Noi Quattro

Location: Central Manchester

Simply meaning, "The four of us", Noi Quattro is the first Pizzeria in Manchester run by four Italians. The mission statement of these passionate four is to bring the atmosphere, tradition and style of an authentic Italian to Manchester – and based on their superlative reviews alone they have clearly succeeded!

So who better to learn the ins and outs of the pizza pie than from these guys? In their Pizza Masterclass, you will be taught the skills and tips necessary to construct a sumptuous artisan pizza from scratch. Suitable for all abilities and pizza lovers, the masterclass also includes a welcome glass of prosecco and a Noi Quattro apron and bag – molto bene!

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Learn how to cook delicious Chinese Cuisine at Sweet Mandarin

5.  Cooking Classes at Sweet Mandarin Cookery School

Location: Central Manchester

The story behind Sweet Mandarin is an epic saga spanning a hundred years, and made possible by three generations of remarkable Chinese women. From mainland China to Hong Kong, and finally to the UK - after their grandmother lost the Hong Kong restaurant due to gambling and the triads - Helen and her sisters re-established her dream in Manchester. Today, they serve up the recipes passed down through generations, delivering some of the best Chinese cuisine to eagerly returning customers, and all manner of high-profile celebrities.

Now you too can learn their secrets at their much-loved cooking classes. Not only are they drawing from culinary knowledge a century old, but they've also been providing bespoke, exhilarating cooking events for over 10 years, so we're positive you won't regret booking a class at Sweet Mandarin.

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6. Cooking Classes at Zouk Tea Bar & Grill

Location: Chester Street (Manchester)

Zouk are experts when it comes to Indian and Pakistani cuisine, and understand the importance of creating a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere in which you can enjoy it. One of the questions their satiated customers often ask them is, "how was it cooked?" Well, all you curry lovers are in luck, because you too can be privy to the trade secrets that have made Zouk so successful.

Each course will take half a day and teach you – under the expert guidance of their chefs – how to cook and prepare a selection of mains and starters. The upcoming available classes are Southern India, British Favourites, and Punjabi Masterclass, so be sure to book now before they fill up!

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7. Pizza Cooking Class at Oh Crumbs Home Bakes

Location: Online (Zoom)

The founder of Oh Crumbs Home Bakes, Nicole,  is all about, fuss-free simple yet delicious cooking. If you would like your kids to have a fun and memorable time, as well as learn a valuable lesson that will serve them well in later life, there's no better teacher!

Why not sign up for Obby's pick for number 7 in our best cooking classes in Manchester? The whole family can join the lovely Nicole for a 45 minutes class, cook up a pizza and, most importantly, have a great (and possibly messy) time!

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Create restaurant-quality food in the Pasta 4 Hour Class 

8. Pasta 4 Hour Class at Cracking Good Food

Location: East Didsbury (Manchester)

Established in 2010, Cracking Good Food are a not-for-profit social enterprise whose manifesto is to guide and support more people to cook affordable, seasonal and nutritious homemade food. The profits of their cooking classes go to supporting their fight for food security within Greater Manchester. Also, as part of a wider campaign for sustainable, seasonal cooking, they are also committed to minimising food waste and environmental impact.

There are a staggering number of classes to choose from, with a number of new classes starting soon, including Vegan West African cuisine, Filipino cuisine and Greek cuisine. However, if we had to pick we would recommend the Pasta 4 Hour Class. In these 4 hour masterclasses, Italian head pasta chef Marcello Ghiretti will teach you all the skills you need to make fresh pasta from scratch. Among other things, you will be taught how to develop specific technical skills around ideal dough consistency, rolling, shaping & cutting, mess-free filling, and different sauce-making techniques. We believe this class is guaranteed to give you the confidence to tackle gourmet pasta dishes on your own!

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9. Chapatti & Curry Making Class 3 Hours at Chapattis' n Curries

Location: Prestwich (Manchester)

Chapattis' n Curries believes that delicious food can be cooked both easily and efficiently at home. Their courses offer a hands on experience enabling you to learn the art of creating chapattis and adding the right amount of meat, poultry or veg, and (perhaps most importantly) the perfect blend of spices. As well as planning to offer their own catering services in the future, Chapattis' n Curries are also introducing classes for students in school, college or university; in order to help them as they begin to learn cooking skills for themselves!

In their 3 hour Chapatti & Curry Making Class you will have complete assistance in transforming dough into delicious chapattis, and create your own delectable curries. With such great customer feedback, it's no surprise and Chapattis' n Curries secured a spot in our best cooking classes in Manchester.

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Why not broaden your culinary horizons at Indian Home Cooking?

10. Indian Cooking Lessons at Indian Home Cooking

Location: Manchester

Considering curry is the favourite kind of takeaway in the UK, it's no surprise we have another brilliant Indian cooking lesson for you! Farzana is the founder of Indian Home cooking, and is passionate about all aspects of this multifaceted cuisine – the smells, taste, and the art of creating a perfect Indian meal. After a lifetime spent learning the secrets of Indian cuisine, she is kindly willing to pass them on to anybody willing to learn.  

All her lessons are inclusive for all abilities and catered to your specific requirements.  During the half-day cooking lessons, you will be taught how to cook a combination of approximately three different Indian dishes (Farzana will send you a tailored menu to choose from beforehand), and you will be provided with all the requisite ingredients as well as a spice box. How accommodating, knowledgeable and hospital Farzana ensures you will have a memorable, relaxed and fun experience!

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Along with air and water, food is the most fundamental component of our survival. It can be a life-giving, sustaining, rich, pleasurable, almost religious experience – or it can even be the exact opposite! Obby believes, despite our persistent doubts, that anyone can learn how to cook well, and do so healthily and economically. By picking from our Top 10 Best Cooking Classes in Manchester you may not only refine your palate, but open up entire culinary worlds you never thought were possible!

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