Fashion and jewellery are vital for self expression, so why not learn from a professional how to make your own personal pieces? Craft with copper, sterling, silver, gold, pearls, beads, charms, clay and so much more! From personalised pendants to simple silver rings, learn how to make jewellery that suits your style. In no particular order, we have rounded up the best jewellery making classes in Bristol so you can get straight to creating your own original accessories!

  • Jewellery Making Day Course
  • Wax Carving Jewellery Workshop
  • Jewellery Making Workshop
  • Capturing Nature in Silver Class
  • Silver Jewellery Making For Beginner and Improvers
  • Silver Jewellery Making Course
  • Creative Jewellery Making Workshop

Jewellery Making Day Course

Location: Stokes Croft, Bristol

Discover new silversmithing techniques in this interactive beginner class. There is something for everyone in this day course! If you have no experience in making jewellery or silversmithing, learn the fundamentals and basics to create your own accessories. For those who already have some silversmithing tricks up their sleeves, learn new techniques such as gypsy, bezel, cabochon and tube setting methods as well as how to refine your existing expertise. Learn how to make a pendant, chain, earrings or broach in this day course.

Alice Goldsack has a wealth of sparkling experience making jewellery collections and wedding rings as well as memorable workshops for jewellery making enthusiasts. Alice is passionate about silversmithing and introducing students to this new skill with exciting workshops for any occasion. Whether you have an upcoming hen- do or just want to learn from a professional, Alice Goldsack is sure to have a workshop that fits you!

Wax Carving Jewellery Workshop

Location: Easter Compton, Bristol

Experience a step-by-step introduction to wax carving jewellery with this beginner course. In this workshop you will learn how to carve a block of wax into your chosen unique design to make original pieces of shiny silver jewellery! Not only will you get to build your jewellery making skills and take home your masterpieces, but you will also feel part of a friendly community of other eager jewellery making beginners. Although you are encouraged to let your imagination run wild, your professional teacher will help you with any designs and advice you might need.

Aimee Winstone is enthusiastic about helping students become addicted to jewellery making like she is. Whether students have some experience or none at all, Aimee will jump through hoops to make sure all students learn something new and feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of her jewellery making workshops.

Jewellery Making Workshop

Location: Bishopston, Bristol

It is a powerfully rewarding feeling to create something with your own two hands. Creating something that is beautiful and fits your unique personality is even more rewarding! This workshop will teach you how to make and design your own handmade jewellery. With a calming and creative atmosphere, carve wax into the design you want for your distinctive piece of jewellery. Design your own ring, large pendant or two layered necklace with guidance, instructions and direction from a professional jewellery maker.

Elin Horgan promotes the idea that jewellery is versatile and adaptable. With her experience making a range of beautiful jewellery in many different bold and simple designs, Elin Horgan's friendly workshops are the best place to get creative as well as learn new techniques and skills.

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Capturing Nature in Silver Class

Location: Bristol and surrounding areas

If you love the great outdoors as well as jewellery, then combine these passions in this captivating workshop. This class celebrates all aspects of nature and uses natural materials to make casts for your jewellery. Pay attention to the small intricate details of leaves and shells to make your own custom pieces. This workshop will introduce you to silver clay materials to work with as well as different jewellery making methods such as casting.

Rebecca Lucy enjoys winging it when she makes her jewellery, however she equally enjoys teaching students specific technical jewellery making skills and building their confidence to be creative and make jewellery they are excited to wear. Whether you want to learn as a group for an occasion such as a hen party or build your personal jewellery making development, workshops with Rebecca Lucy will help you make professional looking pieces like a jeweller!

Silver Jewellery Making For Beginner and Improvers

Location: Barton Hill, Bristol

Looking for a jewellery making challenge? This six week course will help you get to grips with beginner techniques as well as advanced jewellery making methods. Each workshop will enlighten you to a new traditional jewellery making skills such as annealing, forming, soldering, pickling, filing, sanding, polishing, textures as well as how to use dooming blocks and a rolling mill. You will try your hand at three projects during this course and make a ring or bangle, pendant, cuff link or earrings. You will also have the opportunity to design and make your original jewellery piece and put the skills you have gained over the course to good use!

Emily Gliddon Jewellery runs many jewellery making courses and workshops in a professional and inspiring studio in Bristol. Interactive workshops have a mixture of teaching styles to learn metalworking and jewellery making skills. Whether you learn best through watching demonstrations or through a more hands-on approach, workshops at Emily Gliddon Jewellery make sure everyone can learn in a style that suits them.

Silver Jewellery Making Course

Location: Lewin's Mead, Bristol

This silver jewellery making class welcomes students of all levels! Beginners and experienced jewellery makers can grow their skills in this creative course. During this five week course, you will learn how to design your own silver jewellery with the guidance of your professional teacher. This jewellery making course is a creative space for all students to learn about materials and designs as well as how to cut, texture and form metal.

Flux has an array of workshops for anyone wanting to indulge their imagination and learn to create. Teachers at Flux understand how important it is to have a mixture of different teaching techniques to accommodate all students' development of jewellery making skills.

Creative Jewellery Making Workshop

Location: Chew Magna, Bristol

Spend a relaxing and calming day getting inspired by the beautiful countryside in the South West of England. Why not escape from the hustle and bustle of Bristol city centre for an interactive and encouraging class? This workshop gives you the perfect opportunity to socialise with other jewellery making students while developing your creativity as well as your jewellery making skills. Not only will you leave this class with the jewellery you have made, you will also have access to a course help line for whenever you’re needing guidance while using your impressive jewellery skills at home.

Touchmark has a welcoming community of skilful teachers who strive to encourage jewellery making students to unlock their crafting potential. As well as having bespoke courses for students to learn technical skills, Touchmark is determined to ensure that all workshops are rewarding for both students and teachers.

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From hoops to chains, pearls to beads and gold to silver, bring your artistic vision to life in the best jewellery making workshops in Bristol. Whether you want to use classic silver and gold or explore new materials such as clay and resin, jewellery making workshops will help you discover a rewarding hobby as well as how to create jewellery for an occasion, as a gift or just as a treat to yourself! With virtual classes online accompanied with quality kits or friendly studio workshops, there really is a jewellery making workshop in Bristol to teach anyone and everyone jewellery making skills.

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