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5 Unusual Classes to do in London this Weekend


We love a bit of vegetarian cooking

Take our ‘Home Cooked Food with Family and Friends’ class at the London Vegetarian and Vegan school and change things up a little. We’ve all seen the documentaries, we’ve read the articles, we’ve all listened to a newly converted vegan tell us how it has changed their life for the better. It’s time we joined in as well. Vegetarian cooking is taking over the city, and it’s no longer just a veggie burger or lentil soup. Its new, it’s exciting and it is absolutely not to be missed out on. This class is conveniently located in London Bridge, taken in small classes, you are taught how to nail the perfect vegetarian dinner party. That means presentations, lighting, music, the whole she-bang. Learn how to cook some fresh and exciting new dishes like the ‘lemon and tomato sugo’ and learn how to make flatbread from scratch. This cooking class is lighthearted, suitable for all levels of experience and a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Get your friends involved this weekend and find a new Obby together.

Have a look at the class here…

Learn how to draw at the Victoria and Albert Museum

In the perfect setting, by taking Drawing Fundamentals Level 1, you are taught the basic of drawing. We all know it’s difficult to transcribe 3D images into a 2D drawing, but after this class, you’ll have no problems. At great value for money, this class is only £49 for 7 hours. At the end of it, you just may have become an expert in illustration. Just think of all the birthday cards that you will save money on now you can make your own. This friendly and useful class teaches its students the fundamentals of drawing, as the name suggests, giving you training in line and tone, as well as shading and scale.

Start your career as an artist today…

Perfect your already-beautiful face with a skin and makeup masterclass

Everyone loves makeup, and if you don’t, you know someone who does. The trouble is, in a world full of beauty bloggers and stores stacked to the rafters with products, colours and brushes, how are you meant to know what suits you? A full masterclass starting with creating the perfect skin base and ending up with a gorgeous finished look. Not only do you get to spend 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon beautifying but you also get a discount voucher at the end meaning you can take home any products you like for a fraction of the price.

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Feel rebellious for the night painting the town… literally!

With no experience required, for this Banksy inspired graffiti class, get your friends, family or colleagues together for an epic night in the heart of street-art culture. Based in Waterloo Tunnel you will be led by a group of professionals who provide everything except alcohol (which you are encouraged to bring along with you.) Theses classes are a brilliant and creative way to blow off steam. Imagine your commute through the tunnel every day and seeing your work!

Unleash your inner Banksy…

Because all of a sudden, sewing has become cool again

If the bloggers are doing it, that means everyone is right? We aren’t saying you have to become the next Vera Wang but this class teaches you how to sew together your very own dress. Learn how to make patterns and use a sewing machine properly, and once you’ve perfected this class your trips to Topshop are over. With two classes for the price of one, after completing this sewing course you’ll be confident in using a sewing machine by yourself and whats more, you take your own trousers or skirt to alter, saving you that trip to Timpson’s that you keep putting off.

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