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BlowFish Glass was established by Elliot's creative partner and fellow glass maker Bethany Wood (seen with Walker above). An impressive artist in her own right, Bethany graduated from De Montfort University in 2014 with a degree in Design and a specialism in glass making. Having now been making glass for 7 years, Bethany has worked with many renowned glassmakers all over England and produces her own glass pieces which she sells in various galleries such as the Vessel Gallery, and the London Glassblowing Gallery, and of course on her own online gallery.

It was Bethany who pushed Elliot to apply for Blown Away, which became a surprise hit amongst audiences during the lockdown(s) of the last 18 months. Elliot's season of Blown Away was filmed in the winter of 2019 in Canada, just before COVID struck. The pandemic meant the show's airing was delayed until the beginning of 2021 - with Elliot having to keep his involvement, and eventual win, a secret the entire time! The show's success has seen an increase in public interest in the unusual craft, with people looking to try their hand at glassblowing for themselves.

Check out the trailer for Netflix's Blown Away, starring Elliot, above!

When it comes to BlowFish Glass, Bethany aims not only for it to be an "ambassador for artists and their work" where they can showcase their original artwork, but also where others can embrace the art of glass-blowing for themselves.

This is where their workshops come in, which are now available to book here on Obby! In the setting of the new BlowFish studio in Stourbridge (opening in early 2022), Bethany and Elliot will offer their insights, expertise and skills to those who want to learn the historical craft.

Bethany teaching a student during one of her glassmaking workshops

The Glassblowing Full Day Masterclass will offer the chance for complete beginners to spend a whole day in the Blowfish Glass studio, with all the materials, supplies and equipment you need (including lunch!) to leave a glass-making addict. You'll get to make 3 pieces during your 6-hour workshop, with Bethany guiding you through the entire process, including how to use their 1100°C furnace! You'll also get the chance to take your glass creations home with you, after they've cooled down for a day in the studio kiln, so you can show off your glass creations to your loved ones.

You'll also have the opportunity to learn from Elliot himself, with his 2 Day Masterclass! You'll need a little experience to get the most out of the course, as you'll spend your two days creating a 'Freeze Flame' - an intricate glass sculpture designed to look like a burning candle.

BlowFish are also offering half-day classes, centred around next year's Easter and Queen's Jubilee holidays, with the intensive 3-hour masterclasses allowing you to learn all the skills needed to create 2 glass pieces to take home. These offer the perfect opportunity for you to learn with friends and family and get creative together.

Elliot's glass piece from Blown Away called 'Freeze Flame', which you'll recreate on his 2-day masterclass

We are really excited to welcome BlowFish Glass, Bethany and Elliot to the Obby community, and we can't wait to see what amazing glass art comes out of their masterclasses!

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