KitchenJoy food classes in London
KitchenJoy food classes in London



Joy started out her career in Corporate I.T Banking Technology but when her young daughter became ill and the medics could not diagnose the cause, Joy turned to alternative medicine to find a cure. She enrolled at Westminster University to study Natural Medicine and with the help of a Naturopath, they found out her daughter was allergic to Aspartame which is an artificial sweetener found in many processed foods. Joy and her daughter changed their lifestyles completely, and enjoyed plant based foods & organically sourced poultry, fish & grass fed beef. After extensive travel to far flung countries, Joy encountered many cuisines and returning back to London, decided to take up a full time career offering Nutritional & Medicinal based cookery classes, founded on her travel experiences, and past Medicine course.
Joy then embarked on an 18 month journey enrolling at Institute of Optimal Nutritional College (ION) in Richmond for one year on Nutritional modules relating to food, health & wellbeing. Whilst studying at ION, the construction of the cookery school, an extension at Joy's house in Chiswick began. Joy wanted to make the space personal, yet professional, practical and chic. October 2017 - KitchenJoy was launched with a number of exciting nutritional classes offered and the passion of Joy's culinary skills and personality, make KitchenJoy an event to remember!

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