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Large Glass Egg Terrarium Kit

3-5 working days
Build your very own indoor garden at home with our large glass egg terrarium kits.
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About this product

Build your very own indoor garden at home with our terrarium kits.

NOTE: Plants will range between small tree and Fern plants depending on availability.

By creating a terrarium using one of our kits it helps you to feel calm and relaxed and by getting your hands dirty you are literally connecting with nature.

The image is for demo purposes only, each terrarium is different please be creative with your own design.

What is Included
  • Glass vessel
  • Clay pellets
  • Sphagnum moss
How long does it take to put together?
When following our guide or joining one of our live online classes, putting together your Terrarium should take between 1-2hrs.
How long will the plants survive before planting?
The plants should survive up to 14 days from arriving at your home without planting. However, we suggest planting within 5 days to achieve optimum results.
Learning materials
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