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Belly dancing is an energetic performing dance which provides a really physical challenge. Learning to do it can be very hard but also a lot of fun in the process. An idea for a hen do activity or even to just to get in shape if you wanted to learn it properly and perform it regularly.

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2. Egyptian Bellydance - Level 2
Egyptian Belly Dance is an exciting and glamorous dance style. It features wonderful drum rhythms, fantastic movements that require real skill, and it develops a woman's balance, strength, endurance, and co-ordination. The lovely outfits with hip scarves and veils are accessories that make movement fun and creative. Asmahan has a background as a professional dancer who performed in Cairo and the class will feature Egyptian music and correct dance style from the culture of Egypt. Dancers will learn a correct posture, how to move with grace and in a connected and authentic style that makes this dance so magical. This Level 2 Class is perfect for those who are confident with the basic bellydance steps and moves. Level 2 covers learning more complicated step patterns, putting steps into choreographies, and expanding the technique in more sophisticated combinations. More music is studied including knowledge of the songs that make up a dancers repertoire of pieces that are expected. Dancing the entrance using a veil is included. Turning and starting to do Arabesque is part of this routine. Further development of Balady, using taksims, and dancing to more popular songs. The beginning of expanding the endurance of a dancer is developed preparing her to dance for five to ten minutes at a time. Asmahan has been teaching for 20 years at Pineapple Studios, the most famous dance studio in Europe. She can inspire women to health, fitness, glamour and having fun dancing all your life.
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