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Beginners Bass Guitar Lessons with Ash Milburn

In this beginners bass class, Ash will take you on a journey of learning and development.
£30 pp
What happens in this class?

In this class, you will be exploring the practical aspects of the instrument with basic techniques exercises. We will also delve into the language of notes and scales, as we discover the world of theory and harmony. Perhaps most importantly, we will groove away with your favourite bass players and their killer lines as we venture towards song learning!

If you're a complete beginner, Ash's aim is to make you the very best bass player you can be.

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Your Teacher

Ash is a bass guitarist with many years experience of playing live around the UK and abroad as well as recording in the studio.

Have personal, comfortable space in which to teach students with excellent equipment including Fender Precision bass (4 string), Lakland 55-01 Skyline Series bass (5 string) and Markbass Little Mark III head with Markbass TRV 102P Cab amp set up. Would also be willing to travel.

As well as this, he is also happy to help students with music theory and reading.

Class Location
Flat 2, Lyndon House
6 Berrylands


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Beginners Bass Guitar Lessons with Ash Milburn