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Introductory Lino and Still Life Workshops

You'll have the chance to try out Lino printing or Still life Painting
Introductory Lino and Still Life Workshops
by CreARTS
Introductory Lino and Still Life Workshops by CreARTS - art in London

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Single session

A New Venue for our creARTS workshop. We believe everyone can creARTS and we would love to help you, whatever your ability. You will creARTS artwork that you'll be pleased to adorn your walls. We are offering an introductory workshop in lino printing or still life. This can be a one-off session to have a go or a prelude to a 4-week course to develop your skills and techniques. You decide! Lino printing is a process where shapes or and images are cut into the lino. Ink is applied to the surface and the lino is pressed onto paper. You'll draw/ transfer your image onto the lino. A tool is then used to cut away areas to create negative and positive. (don't worry completely safe, hand guards are also provided. The plate is then inked up, then printed. Cut away some more, ink up in another colour then print again, and so on. Lino prints can be quite detailed or simple, repeating patterns or mixed media. Normally one/two colour are used. Option to work A6 & A5. The process is a great opportunity to create a single artwork or make multiple cards for birthdays, thank you etc.

Or you can learn about basic composition and colour mixing, working from a still life group.

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Did you know?

You'll be introduced to lino printing or if you tried it already, maybe develop your work in a relaxed, refurbished workshop at the back of a Picture Framers workshops
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Introductory Lino and Still Life Workshops by CreARTS - art in London

About your host, CreARTS

Calling all budding artists and those of you out there that are interested in making Art, but believe you can't, whatever age! We have great news for you... you can CreARTS! CreARTS is the brainchild of Susan who runs a variety of workshops to locals in comfortable, relaxed and informal atmosphere, whilst supporting local wine bars and coffee shops. Our first Oil paint and pastels workshop was a year ago. A group of terrific artist all had one thing in common they loved Art and wanted to learn new skills and to improve their style and techniques.

Susan - Has a background in 3 Dimensional Design, wood, metal and plastics, and was a Theatre and Television Set designer. For the past 12 years she has been a specialist Art teacher. Claire - Studied drawing, ceramics and textiles. She was a primary school teacher for 18 years, and a specialist Art teacher for the past four years. Valerie - Is a practicing artist and designer, she started as a textile designer and was a Set designer at the BBC.She taught Art in secondary school for ten years .

If only we had a penny every time we heard an adult cry out ‘I cannot draw', or' I’m rubbish' or 'I haven't done any art since school...Well...Our immediate reaction is ‘Oh, yes you can!’ We truly believe that any person can learn the skills of drawing and painting. It can be discovered and developed once you have learned the basics. We have seen the results first hand, experienced it in our teaching careers. It requires a slight change of mindset... It’s all about observation, the more you look, the more you see. The more you are aware of your surroundings by observing colour, shape, form, texture, pattern, the more you will gain the confidence to CreARTS! All workshops are inclusive of materials and a info worksheet. Individual attention is given to every artist to build on their skills. We will help you and ensure you will leave every workshop with pieces of artwork you will be proud to adorn your walls.

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Just bring your self ! You do not need to bring anything. All materials and equipment will be provided.

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Introductory Lino and Still Life Workshops
by CreARTS
Introductory Lino and Still Life Workshops by CreARTS - art in London
Single session



Introductory Lino and Still Life Workshops

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