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In-person classBeginner Modern Calligraphy Workshop
4.9(79 reviews)
Learn the fundamentals of modern calligraphy in a creative environment
£50 pp
2hrs 30min
What happens in this class?

Tired of spending your working week in front of a computer screen? Why not have a go at learning a new creative skill like modern calligraphy? During the Babooche Calligraphy beginners modern calligraphy workshop you will learn the fundamentals of modern calligraphy.

In this workshop

You will learn how to use a dip pen and ink to hand write beautiful calligraphy and shapes. Start off by learning and practicing some basic strokes before moving into the lower case alphabet and then capitals. Each class has a maximum size of 6 people ensuring there is plenty of space and one to…

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Latest Reviews
4.9(79 reviews)
Emma - June 27th
hugely enjoyable and relaxing, really recommend!
Mey - March 29th
Asha was a great teacher with clear and concise guidance. A chilled atmosphere and she left me feeling confident to start practising at home. I would recommend her class to all.
Elizabeth - March 9th
Asha is really friendly and welcoming so everyone felt at ease straight away. She covered everything very thoroughly and gave us all individual attention throughout - I learned a lot of new things and am now much more inspired to keep practicing!
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My name is Asha and I am the creator and owner of Babooche Calligraphy.

I specialise in custom calligraphy, illustration and stationery for weddings, special events and small businesses. I am inspired by the sea and nature and my motto is “lovingly handmade, simple, natural and timeless”. Growing up by the sea and surrounded by British countryside, my aim is to bring a sense of fresh air and calmness for brides and businesses looking for simple design and elegant calligraphy.

When I am not busy in the studio working on orders and creating new pieces with my beautiful tools…

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Class Location
Babooche Calligraphy Studio
Studio LG.08, The Record Hall, 16-16A Baldwin Gardens,
Hatton Garden
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Beginner Modern Calligraphy Workshop

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Emma - June 27th
hugely enjoyable and relaxing, really recommend!
Mey - March 29th
Asha was a great teacher with clear and concise guidance. A chilled atmosphere and she left me feeling confident to start practising at home. I would recommend her class to all.
Elizabeth - March 9th
Asha is really friendly and welcoming so everyone felt at ease straight away. She covered everything very thoroughly and gave us all individual attention throughout - I learned a lot of new things and am now much more inspired to keep practicing!
Life - November 6th
Really relaxing class. I learned new techniques in writing calligraphy, that I didn't know about. The teacher was really kind and helpful. The gifts was a really nice plus. I used them now in my journaling and finally I am not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them.
S - June 26th
I loved this class! The instructor was great and I really felt like I knew what I was doing after. I took it about six weeks ago and have been practicing on my own since then, and I can now comfortably address envelopes, write cards, etc in beautiful calligraphy!
Dani - May 24th
This class was informative and fun! Asha was knowledgeable and encouraging. She explained the basics of modern calligraphy, provided insight into best practices and how to continue forward in our learning. The aides provided will be very useful going forward and I would definitely take another class with her. The class was small and well planned.
Sylvie Wilcock - April 12th
I loved Asha's Modern Calligraphy for Beginners course! Asha is a very friendly and patient teacher with lots of good advice for starting out in calligraphy. The set up was lovely and the small group size made it feel very personal. The starter set is so helpful and has really encouraged me to continue practising at home. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants a calm and relaxing intro to modern calligraphy. Thanks Asha!
Olsjona - April 7th
It was fun and it was wonderful learning something new
Joanna - April 4th
Enjoyable and interesting starter to caligraphy
Rachel - March 26th
Thoroughly enjoyed this introductory class, and I hope I can return to Asha's studio in the future to further my skills! 2 and a half hours has never flown by so fast - highly recommend!
Jennifer - March 21st
I can't say enough about how good this workshop was. Asha is so passionate about what she does and is also a terrific teacher, clear, patient and encouraging.
Gemma - February 2nd
Asha is a great teacher - really positive and encouraging. I had a lovely evening and I liked that the class was kept small. I left feeling motivated to keep up my new hobby of calligraphy and being given a pen, nib, ink and really helpful practice sheets included in the class price, means I have no excuse not to go away and practise at home!
Joanne - January 14th
Loved the class! Asha was a really good teacher and gave lots of tips. Would highly recommend this class.
Iain - December 20th
Asha's class was really fantastic. We had a smaller class and it was wonderful. We learned all the techniques to successfully achieve great letter forms. As a teacher myself, her class was wonderfully structured, with plenty of time to relax and practice each technique. Absolutely recommend.
Mandy - December 6th
It was a very great evening. The tutor is very patient, helpful, and she explained everything very clearly. All the materials were provided. No need to bring anything but just enjoy the night and learn something new. Definitely recommend it!
Zoë - November 14th
Really good beginner class. Small group size meant you could get one-on-one help when necessary. Clear, easy teaching style. The take-home practices were very helpful.
Lauren - November 12th
Asha was so nice and helpful. It was an nice small group so lots of one-on-one and made for a great atmosphere. Definitely giving me the calligraphy bug and will come back for more courses.
Sacha - November 12th
I absolutely loved it! Asha was great and we learnt so much in the time we had. I'd thoroughly recommend it.
Rosalie - November 5th
The class was fun and captivating, it definitely got me hooked to calligraphy. The information given was very detailed and helpful, and it was great that the class was limited to 6 students because the teacher was able to give us personal feedback. I definitely recommend!
Stephanie - November 1st
Great experience. We just fancied trying something different and this was a great choice. Our instructor Asha was fantastic too and explained things simply and was very encouraging. She had also taken the time and effort for lovely little personal touches too but I won’t spoil the surprise!
Gaia - October 31st
Asha was a delightful and resourceful teacher! The whole lesson was extremely well balanced between theory and practice and the two hours and a half flew by. Calligraphy in itself is very relaxing, but Asha made it even more enjoyable and we brought home our first kit. I recommend this to anyone who wants to try calligraphy :)
Shuo - October 3rd
Had a great time learning modern calligraphy! It was super well organised, engaging and you walk away feeling equipped to practice at home. Thoroughly enjoyable and an excellent teacher.
Ronda - October 1st
Amazing? Would recommend. The pace, techniques and close size of the class meant you could work at your own pace and get individual help. Super friendly and will be coming to future classes!
Chun Lung - September 25th
Asha was a brilliant teacher with lots of patience and passion in Calligraphy. Everything in the course was delivered to perfection and she was really helpful in answering questions thanks to the small-group class. I had a great time learning a new skill and I will definitely continue practising and improving my writing. Thank you so much Asha.
Kiran - September 21st
Brilliant class! I like the fact that it is a small class of 6 people! I would definitely recommend it! After a couple of weeks of practising at home I am planning to sign up for the intermediate class!
Julia - September 19th
I took the workshop in order to do DIY stationery for my wedding and I learnt a lot! Asha is very nice and a great teacher.
Diana - September 18th
I had a lovely taking Asha's modern calligraphy workshop. She was very professional, friendly and attentive.
Naziya - September 17th
Great lesson with Asha, who’s a really good teacher! Lots of fun, definitely recommend!
Michelle - September 15th
This was my second class with Asha and she was lovely as always. The class size was small so there was lots of 1 to 1 support and you get a lovely kit to take home with you to practice.
Luisa - August 25th
Some great tutoring by Asha, an attentive and patient teacher. Left with some lovely goodies too!
Rosemary - August 20th
Really good class. Excellent , friendly instructor who took us slowly through the basics of modern calligraphy and gave us lots of time to practice . As the class was small (6 students) we were to ask questions / get hands on guidance when ever needed. Everyone came away from the class able to write all the letters in upper/ lower case and numbers. Also we practiced joining up letters. We were given a nib holder, nib, bottle of ink and 4 full instruction sheets to take home and hone our skills . The teacher also runs other calligraphy classes which I would definitely consider attending. Great value and lovely skill to learn!
Charlotte - August 20th
Such an enjoyable class, Asha is a very good teacher and I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to learn a new skill in a short period of time.
Heidi - August 17th
I really enjoyed my calligraphy workshop - I learnt the basics and feel as though I can now enjoy practising on my own. It was nice to be in a small group, and the time flew by!
Annaleigh - August 15th
This was a great class! The instructor was really welcoming and warm, the studio was cozy, and we all received a little packet of practice goodies to take home with us. The pace was excellent with just enough demonstration by the instructor and time for us to practice on our own. I left with the tools and basic instruction to get me started practising on my own at home. I really enjoyed it.
Gigi - August 13th
Asha is very friendly and helpful. I enjoyed the class a lot and have a very nice 2.5 hr break from usual works. Definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to start calligraphy.
Lee - July 28th
Wonderful experience. I had debated buying a calligraphy book to teach myself, but I’m so glad I opted for the class instead. I’m certain Asha’s personal instruction was much more effective — she had so many helpful tips to share. She was patient, encouraging, and so kind. I would definitely recommend this class!
Lara - July 27th
Asha was so lovely and such a patient teacher. Really loved this class, never knew calligraphy was so therapeutic! I am going to attempt to do all my wedding stationary now with modern calligraphy!
Jessica - July 23rd
Excellent introduction to Modern Calligraphy! Relaxed atmosphere within a small group setting and instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Includes a lovely take home set to continue practising. Thank you Asha!
Pamela - July 4th
Asha was a great teacher and I came away from the class excited to get home and practice! The kit we received was beautifully presented and filled with all the stuff we needed to get us started ✒️ I would definitely recommend the course to anyone interested in trying something new, I’m looking forward to writing beautiful handwritten notes in the future.
Fiona - June 24th
Lovely class taught by Asha, who was very informative and patient as I was a complete beginner. I am now happily practicing and look forward to doing another one of her classes.
Mei Fang - June 22nd
Asha was really approachable and patient with the class. I also learnt some brief information about calligraphy and enjoyed my time. The 3 hours flew by really quickly!
Gurpreet - June 21st
Very friendly teacher and nice small group. Got some good materials to go away and practice with. Asha was also happy for us to email her after to ask about any advice on buying new products etc. Would definitely attend another class with her.
Zinah - June 20th
After delaying this for so long, I wish I had done it sooner! It was amazing and so worth it!
Zoe - June 16th
Asha's modern caligraphy class was great - beautiful set up and really helpful tips and take home materials!
Fontane - June 13th
Great class with a great teacher. Small group so more focus on individuals and we got to keep some of the materials used too. Definitely do this class if you can.
Alice - June 9th
Asha is a knowledgeable, personable and inspiring teacher. The class was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning - thanks Asha!
Georgina - June 4th
Asha was so welcoming, patient and an excellent teacher. The time flew by and by the end everyone had formed some beautiful words in calligraphy. The set that you get to take home was beautiful and I went straight home and wrote lots of names on envelopes for my wedding! Would thoroughly recommend!!!
Hiu Man Eunice - June 4th
A nice class that is good for beginners.
Sophie - May 21st
The class was brilliant. Asha was an excellent teacher, the class size meant we had a good amount of one-to-one attention, and we got to take home a beginners calligraphy set at the end. I was a complete beginner and it's inspired me to do calligraphy in my spare time. I would definitely recommend it!
Katherine - May 16th
This was a great class for a beginner. Asha was a great teacher and the attention to detail on our training guides and our place names was lovely. I chose this class because it was a small group and I think this really helped us progress quickly as we got a lot of time with Asha to perfect the technique. Would highly recommend.
Seiko - May 14th
I really enjoyed the lesson. It was small class which has 6 people and well organized. And I could lean about the basic skill of Modern Calligraphy and I got basic goods for Calligraphy(pen, inc, sample sheet). I have to practice at home to use the Calligraphy for some use though. I recommend this lesson!
Fariha - May 14th
Loved it! Small class of 3 so it was basically 1-to-1. Asha really explained how to do all the strokes properly and I'm surprised by how far I progressed just in that class. Also, the little kit we got to take away was really good quality.
Sophie - May 11th
Excellent and patient teacher, and you get a pen holder, nib and some ink to take with you afterwards. Really great introduction to modern calligraphy!
Karen - May 10th
Really enjoyed it. Asha is really nice and atmosphere is good.
Louise - May 7th
I really recommend the Beginner's course in Modern Calligraphy. Asha was friendly and paced the class really well, with clear and easy to follow steps. We were writing full words by the end of it. It was quite a calming experience, as you focus so intently on the task, it was quite therapeutic to forget about the world for 2.5 hours! Fun and creative, thanks Asha! Louise
Louise - May 7th
I really recommend the Beginner's course in Modern Calligraphy. Asha was friendly and paced the class really well, with clear and easy to follow steps. We were writing full words by the end of it. It was quite a calming experience, as you focus so intently on the task, it was quite therapeutic to forget about the world for 2.5 hours! Fun and creative, thanks Asha! Louise
Michele - May 2nd
Great course, Asha is lovely and welcoming and covers all the basics. Nice small group so everyone got individual attention. Will be signing up for more!
Laura - April 30th
I really enjoyed the class! Asha was a great teacher who was very knowledgeable and explained the process and techniques really well. Also loved the kit we got to takeaway.
Vicky - April 26th
Such a great class!
Sarah - April 25th
Excellent class. Nice, small group so plenty of individual attention and a really friendly teacher!
Daphne - April 15th
I highly recommend this workshop. It’s very relaxing and fun. 2.5 hours passed so fast when it’s so enjoyable. It’s a small group so it helped me to learn faster and get the guidance accordingly.
Stacey - April 12th
When I walked in the table was set with individual and beautifully made name tags, it was such a lovely touch. Also, by having a small group we were each given help if we needed it. I would highly recommend this course, I absolutely loved it and have definitely found my new hobby!!
JINDARAT - April 11th
Asha was really great and the venue was amazing! Will definitely recommend this class to anyone who's interested in getting into calligraphy.
Chantelle - April 4th
The class was great! Asha took the time to go through the basics with us, and as there were only 4 people in the class there was the chance to ask questions and get tips! I've been practicing and will hopefully take another course :) Thanks Asha!
Amelia - March 28th
Small but very warm group, teacher was very helpful and interesting!
Kate - March 9th
Asha was so lovely and such a great teacher. The class size was small and you came away feeling really confident that with some practice you could reproduce this. Really great way to spend an evening! Would definitely go again!
Alex - March 9th
I had a fantastic time learning how to do modern calligraphy with Asha. She was really informative and helpful, and having never really tried calligraphy before felt I had improved a huge amount by the end of the class. The small classes were great, meaning Asha could help one to one with our work. Thanks for a brilliant class!
Rachel - March 9th
I would highly recommend this class to anyone - really fun, informative and amazing value for money! Asha was a brilliant teacher. You also receive a calligraphy starter pack to practice at home. I'm already planning to book on Asha's intermediary course. 10/10!
Tejal - March 6th
Thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. Asha was great; patient, friendly and knowledgeable. This is a great beginners course and ideal for everyone, whether you simply want to dabble in calligraphy or want inspiration to take things further. The small class creates a more intimate, inclusive environment. At the end, you get to take the lovely materials home so you can practise further. Looking forward to taking a more advanced version!
Vanessa - March 6th
I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Asha was very patient patient and the small class size (4 people) meant that everyone got to spend some one-on-one time with Asha, which was invaluable. I would highly recommend this class if you have an interest in calligraphy.
Emma - February 9th
Fantastic! I learnt so much and was provided with all the tools to go away and practise in my free time. I would highly recommend this class.
O - February 1st
Great intimate class, able to learn the basics of modern calligraphy.
Holly - December 3rd
This is a fantastic introduction to modern calligraphy. Asha deliberately keeps the classes small which means lots of 121 support and time to ask questions. The class had a really nice feel and I went away confident enough to keep trying at home. I really reccomend this class to anyone keen to try calligraphy
Elizabeth - November 4th
This was a really fantastic class. It had a really friendly atmosphere (having just four people worked really well). The teacher Asha was very informative and gave us beautifully presented, useful kits to work with and take home. The class definitely surpassed my expectations and I will be back for more!
Vikki - October 27th
It was a really lovely class. Only four of us which was great. We got to keep the set which included the pen, ink and info sheets. Asha gave us lots of top tips and was obviously very skilled. It just had a lovely vibe and was so relaxing after a long day at work. Highly recommended. You obviously have to practice lots to get very good but it was a good start in understanding the posture and way to use the pen. Thanks very much.
Whitney - September 13th
Really enjoyed the class. I like that it was small (4 people) so we got a lot feedback from Asha which was great. Asha was patient and organised, the class flowed really well. Feeling excited about continuing calligraphy!
Bryony - September 13th
I highly recommend this workshop. The class size was kept small so the teacher could give time to each student. It was good fun snd , as a complete novice, I achieved much more than I thought I would!
Kirsty - September 1st
I had a wonderful time at my class. Asha was so friendly and welcoming and encouraging through all my wobbly writing and mistakes I made. The time flew by, and I can't wait to book another class!
Tess - August 2nd
I really enjoyed this class, it was fun friendly and a good place to begin if you are interested in calligraphy