Learn how to make mouthwatering meals with cooking classes in Liverpool. Add some heat to your dishes and master making spicy Indian curries. Whether you want to roll sushi in Japanese cooking classes or knead dough in pizza making workshops, cooking classes in Liverpool will teach you how to fillet, slice, dice and bake your way to culinary success. We have rustled up a list of the top 9 best cooking classes in Liverpool that are sure to make your tummy rumble!

Top 9 Best Cooking Classes in Liverpool:

  • Italian Cooking Masterclass
  • Passion for Seafood Cooking Class
  • Kids Baking and Cookery Course
  • Beginner Pasta Making Workshop
  • One-to-One Cooking Class
  • Italian Cooking Course
  • Family Indian Cookery Course
  • Beginner Baking Class
  • Sugar Flower Workshop for Beginners

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Italian Cooking Masterclass

Location: RopeWalks, Liverpool

Learn how to make tasty Italian meals with this beginner masterclass. In this workshop you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to make delicious Italian dishes, which you can recreate in your own kitchen time and time again! Teachers in this workshop will help you master a timeless Italian recipe which you can make at your next dinner party to impress your family and friends. Learn how to flawlessly make flavoursome ravioli ricotta and spinach with cherry tomato sauce in this hands- on masterclass.

A Tavola prides itself on being Liverpool’s first Italian deli, wine bar and cookery school. Their classes celebrate vibrant Italian food and flavours. Within their welcoming workshops, you are sure to develop your understanding of how to cook delicious Italian dishes and recipes.

Passion for Seafood Cooking Class

Location: Hoylake, Wirral

Fancy some fish? Then this seafood cooking class is the one for you! For those who can’t get enough of fish, this workshop teaches eager fish loving students how to cook delicate fish perfectly. Learn how to bake Sea bass and Sea bream as well as how to make recipes including Octopus, ravioli and so much more! If you still have room for something sweet, you will also develop your Italian dessert making skills.

Ama La Vita runs their wide selection of Italian cooking classes in the Wirral, just outside of Liverpool. However, workshops with Ama La Vita are definitely worth going the extra mile! Their informative classes explore authentic Italian cuisine within a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Kids Baking and Cookery Course

Location: Prescot, Knowsley

The skills children gain when learning how to cook and bake can be very beneficial for their development. Through cooking, children build their physical abilities and motor skills as well as their cognitive abilities. Attention to measurements and time management are just a few of the life skills that children can develop when learning how to cook. This course is made up of fun and exciting workshops that aim to teach children baking and cooking skills through engaging and inspiring activities and recipes.

Liverpool Cook School has cooking workshops for students of all ages and all levels. From seasonal Christmas baking classes to indulgent chocolate cake workshops, learn how to make timeless tasty dishes while also building your confidence in your culinary skills.

Beginner Pasta Making Workshop

Location: Liverpool Waterfront

Discover how to make homemade pasta dough from scratch in this interactive workshop! In this beginner class you will explore all of the ingredients needed to seamlessly make pasta sheets and pasta dough. With the guidance of your knowledgeable teacher, you will learn how to make tasty tagliatelle and ravioli. Whether you have some experience making pasta and want to refine your skills or you’re a complete pasta making beginner, this class will help you master fundamental pasta making techniques.

Flour Will Fly enjoys teaching students how to cook Italian food, from pasta to cannoli. Their variety of workshops cater for everyone! With delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes included in many of their workshops, they are sure to have a class to everyone's taste.

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One-to-One Cooking Class

Location: Liverpool City Centre

Everyone learns new cooking skills at their own pace! One-to-one cooking classes provide a space for students to develop their cooking skills with the complete focus and attention of an expert cooking teacher. It’s time for you to create the menu! With one-to-one classes, you can choose what you want to make without having to compromise with other students in a group class. So what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and grab an apron!

The Secret Cake Kitchen teaches adults and children alike impressive baking skills. As well as baking techniques, their classes will also enlighten you to exciting decorating methods and approaches. Get creative while you bake with classes at The Secret Cake Kitchen.

Italian Cooking Course

Location: Wavertree, Liverpool

Broaden your cooking repertoire with this Italian cooking course. This six week long course will teach you how to maintain a healthy, balanced diet using tasty Italian recipes. Learn new methods of cooking vegetables and other healthy hearty ingredients. As well as teaching students practical cooking skills, teachers in this course also aim to help students discover the mindful benefits of cooking. Build your confidence in your cooking abilities and feel like a chef when making classic Italian dishes such as pizza, pasta, risotto and many more mouthwatering meals.

Fritto believes making food is an experience that can enhance and benefit people's lives. Teachers at Fritto promote the idea that cooking can improve wellbeing, resourcefulness and self-esteem. Their workshops provide mentoring and valuable guidance on the benefits of learning how to cook.

Family Indian Cookery Course

Location: Ormskirk, West Lancashire

Bring your loved ones together with this Indian cooking course. In this course you can learn alongside the people that make you feel most inspired. Learning provides a shared experience which can build family bonds and communication. If you and your family enjoy Indian cuisine, learn together how to make authentic Indian dishes which you can cook again altogether at home! Discover how to make your favourite Indian meals including Chicken Tikka, Naan bread and your own Garam Masala spice mix.

Tandoor-i-masterclass has a range of group workshops teaching students a variety of different Indian dishes. Whether you want to spend quality time learning with your friends and family or with your work colleagues in your next team building event, Tandoor-i-masterclass are sure to have the best Indian cooking class for you.

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Beginner Baking Class

Location: Lymm, Warrington

Learn how to make your own flaky pastry in this beginner baking class. If you love buttery croissants, this baking class will teach you how to make your own delicious and delicate masterpieces. As well as croissants, you will also learn how to make pain au chocolate and Viennese biscuits. With the direction of your friendly teacher in this workshop, you will soon be on your way to being a professional baker!

Room Forty believes all students can develop technical baking skills. Although Room Forty are based in Warrington, they are so determined to share their tips and tricks for baking success that they bring their baking school to different areas around the North West.

Sugar Flower Workshop for Beginners

Location: Bootle, Liverpool

Get creative in this sugar flower workshop! Develop your keen eye for detail and create intricate sugar flowers with the direction of your encouraging teacher. Adorn your baked goods with your very own designs and sugar flower decorations. In this workshop, you will master how to form your sugar flowers using flower paste, how to attach your flowers to a cake, how to make different types of sugar flowers and many more valuable cake decorating techniques and approaches.

The Cake Factory is run by enthusiastic bakers who feel inspired when helping students develop their baking abilities. If you are a fan of sweet treats and want to learn how to make as well as decorate your baked masterpieces, their workshops will help you reach you baking ambitions.

Butter Croissants 
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Discover taste sensations from around the world with cooking classes in Liverpool. From Mexican street food to Chinese dumplings and Thai Green Curry to French bread, cooking courses in Liverpool will teach you how to make famous dishes from across the globe. Whether you’re a beginner and feel clueless when it comes to cooking or you already have some experience cooking evening meals, cooking classes in Liverpool will help you feel like a confident professional chef before you know it!

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