Whether you’re a beginner with a sewing machine or consider yourself a talented tailor when it comes to stitching seams, develop impressive stitching skills with sewing workshops in Glasgow. Discover your next patchwork project or dress making venture with the direction of encouraging teachers. We have sewn together a list of the top 8 best sewing classes in Glasgow, so you can unleash your inner seamster.

Top 8 Best Sewing Classes in Glasgow:

  • Beginners Sewing Course
  • Overlocker Class
  • Private Group Sewing Workshop
  • Beginner Fabric Workshop
  • Quilting Class for Beginners
  • Making a Zero Waste Wardrobe Class
  • Introduction to Sewing Class
  • Parent and Child Sewing Class

Sewing day II
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Beginners Sewing Course

Location: Shawlands, Glasgow

Are you new to a needle and thread? Not to worry! This sewing course has been stitched together for complete sewing amateurs. This six week long course will teach you everything you need to know about the world of sewing. Encouraging teachers in each workshop will help you patch together your own sewing project and teach you about the best fabrics and materials to use. As well as assembling your very own unique sewing project, you will also learn many practical sewing techniques including sewing different seams, stitching patterns, how to thread the machine and so much more!

Jennie Lööf has a wide range of sewing classes for students of all levels. Whether you would like to learn in a one-to-one workshop or an interactive social group course, workshops with Jennie Lööf are sure to have the right sewing class for you.

Overlocker Class

Location: Finnieston, Glasgow

Don’t be intimidated by your overlocker! Learn how to master this powerful machine in this hands-on class. Students with some sewing experience can learn new ways to use their overlocker in this workshop! Within just three and a half hours, you will learn how to confidently thread an overlocker with ease as well as how to use an overlocker to make a piece of clothing. Bring along your pattern cut out and your eager can-do attitude!

Sew Confident are determined to help students demystify technical sewing approaches. From learning how to use a needle and thread to confidently using an overlocker, friendly teachers at Sew Confident will help anyone and everyone discover their sewing skills.

Private Group Sewing Workshop

Location: Glasgow Southside

With private sewing workshops you can set the agenda! One of the many benefits of learning in a private workshop is that you can prioritise the skills you want to learn without compromising with other students. Beginners may find private sewing workshops valuable as they can learn at their own pace. Whereas, experienced seamsters can get guidance on specific techniques they are struggling to master. Whether you want to learn how to mend your favourite fashion pieces or make your own clothing from scratch, private workshops will help you fulfil your sewing ambitions.

Jenerates is run by the very talented Jenn Hogg who is enthusiastic about textiles, sewing, knitting and many other crafty skills. Jenn took part in The Great British Sewing Bee, making her workshops the best place to learn how to sew like an expert tailor.

Beginner Fabric Workshop

Location: Kirkintilloch, Glasgow

Discover fabulous fabrics in this workshop! Knowing which fabrics to use as well as which techniques to use with your fabric can be very daunting. This workshop will help you never worry about ruining your fabric ever again! From stretch fabric to lace, this workshop will give you the knowledge to work with any fabric. As well as learning about different fabrics, this beginner workshop will also teach you patchwork, applique skills, quilting techniques and free motion methods.

I Sew 2 thrive through teaching and inspiring students to sew like a professional. Whether you want to design and produce home furnishings such as curtains to decorate your home or create personalised clothing, their broad selection of workshops will help students make whatever they want to make!

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Quilting Class for Beginners

Location: Clarkston, Glasgow

Quilting is a rewarding craft skill that anyone can develop. Learning to quilt can be considered a very therapeutic and enriching experience. Seeing your quilt come together piece by piece can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. Create a personalised quilt as a gift for your friends, family and loved ones or enjoy your masterpiece as a decorative home furnishing. Students of all levels can learn how to make quality quilts in this welcoming workshop.

Lismore Quilting celebrates quilting and building personal innovation. Their workshops are designed to help all students, whether they’re beginners or advanced sewing students, discover their fondness for fabrics, sewing and quilting.

Making a Zero Waste Wardrobe Class

Location: Govanhill, Glasgow

This workshop will enlighten you to how you can have a sustainable wardrobe. In a world of fast fashion where people are quick to dispose of their outfits after one wear, it is important to become more aware of how the fashion industry can impact the environment. This beginner ten week long course will teach you how to make fashionable clothing that keeps both you and the planet happy!

The Stitchery are determined to teach students how to make new fun fashionable clothing that they are excited to wear. As well as helping students develop their sewing skills, The Stitchery also believes it is important for students to understand new sustainable ways to enjoy fashion.

Introduction to Sewing Class

Location: Kilmarnock, Ayrshire

Want a sewing workshop that welcomes beginners? Then look no further! This class is for students who are interested in sewing but don’t yet have any experience with a needle and thread. Learn how to use your sewing machine like a professional and develop other sewing techniques. This class creates a friendly atmosphere that aims to show students the fun side of sewing! In this workshop you will put the sewing skills you have learnt to good use through creating your own apron.

Southside Sewing School believes sewing is a beneficial way for students to exercise their creativity. Sewing is a practical skill as well as an innovative craft that will help you strengthen your creative muscles! Workshops with Southside Sewing School will build your sewing skills while simultaneously encouraging your creative freedom.

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Parent and Child Sewing Class

Location: Kirkintilloch, Glasgow

Learning new skills with your children is a valuable way to spend some quality family time together. Developing and building your abilities in something you are both interested in can strengthen your communication and connection. Teachers in this workshop aim to create a fun and informative learning experience for students of all ages. All of the materials, supplies and tools you will need are provided in this two hour long class.

Stitch the Gap runs an array of amazing sewing workshops for children and adult students. No matter what your motivation is for learning this enriching skill, Stitch the Gap will help build your confidence to complete any of your impressive and intricate sewing projects.

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Sewing courses in Glasgow will enlighten you to the many reasons sewing can be a very practical skill, from making clothing to mending vintage garments and altering a hem to developing new stitching patterns. From embroidery workshops to patchwork courses, challenge your sewing skills and build your attention to detail with sewing workshops in Glasgow. Make personalised accessories, revamp vintage clothing or use materials to make your own clothing with sewing classes in Glasgow.

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