Get messy with different art media and materials within art courses in Liverpool. Many people appreciate art for many reasons, one key reason is that producing art can be a very therapeutic and soothing experience. However, art can be whatever you want it to be! From abstract and energising acrylic painting workshops to intricate Chinese calligraphy classes, get inspired with art courses in Liverpool. We have put together a list of the top 9 best art classes in Liverpool which will help you channel your creativity!

Top 9 Best Art Classes in Liverpool:

  • Ways of Sketching Workshop
  • Abstract Painting Course
  • Life Drawing Class
  • Introduction to Etching Class
  • Graffiti Art Class
  • Hen Party Life Drawing Class
  • Beginners Watercolour Course
  • Painting Workshop
  • Beginners Modern Calligraphy Workshop

Mix of paints
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Ways of Sketching Workshop

Location: Royal Albert Dock Liverpool

Master the art of sketching in this interactive workshop at the Tate. This inspirational workshop is led by an experienced artist and art historian Frank Wasser. If you want to make sophisticated sketches like a talented artist, then this is the workshop for you! As well as learning how to sketch sculptures and objects, you will also discover famous artists' work from throughout history. Not only are all of the materials you will need provided in this workshop, you can also take these materials with you, so you can keep practising and developing the skills you have gained.

Workshops at the Tate provide an enriching experience for everyone that appreciates art. Whether you are a complete beginner or have some sketching experience, this workshop at the Tate will challenge and refine your skills with a pencil. Within workshops at the Tate you will learn how to sketch sculptures and objects while in the presence of great art created by famous artists.

Abstract Painting Course

Location: Liverpool City Centre

Learn how to paint artwork that stands out! Create abstract contemporary paintings and let your creativity take the reins. In this three day long course, you will learn how to use vibrant colours to bring your artistic vision to life! Within this social group course, you will not only explore how to use different paints to create abstract art, you will also explore the power and portrayal of modern art with other like-minded students.

dot-art celebrates arts and visual masterpieces. They are determined to help all students who appreciate art exercise their creativity and find art in their day-to-day lives. Classes at dot-art will show you that art goes way beyond visual expressions, as they believe art has the power to connect and uplift people.

Life Drawing Class

Location: Liverpool Waterfront

Master drawing the angles and curves of the human form in this life drawing class. Learn how to expertly shade, sketch and draw models in different poses and stances in this interactive class. Whether you are a beginner who has never attempted to sketch a model or you are an experienced life drawing student, students of all levels are welcome in this workshop.

The Liver Sketching Club was first established in 1872, making it England’s oldest active art club. Their selection of workshops range from teaching students how to sketch, to teaching them how to paint like a pro!

Introduction to Etching Class

Location: Ropewalks, Liverpool

Discover the world of printmaking in this beginners etching class. In this class you will be taken step-by-step through the printmaking process by your talented and encouraging teacher. Etching is an impressive technique used to make prints which you will master in this beginner class!

Bluecoat is a contemporary art centre in Liverpool that aims to provide a space for artists as well as students to explore and experience art. Their art courses are for students of all ages, children and adults alike can connect with their creativity within their exciting workshops.

Photo by Jess Bailey / Unsplash

Graffiti Art Class

Location: Ropewalks, Liverpool

Always wanted to create your own street art? Make and design your own graffiti in this hands-on class. All of the equipment you will need is provided in this class, so all you need to bring along is your very own design ideas. As well as gaining impressive skills and techniques, you will also leave this workshop with your own poster to display with pride at home.

Zap Graffiti aims to teach students of all levels how to produce moving and powerful graffiti. Teachers in their workshops create a friendly and inspiring atmosphere for students to flex their creative muscles.

Hen Party Life Drawing Class

Location: Liverpool City Centre

Have a hen party with a difference! Bring your friends and family together before the big day and learn how to draw realistic life drawings with the direction of your knowledgeable teacher. This life drawing class is a fun way to learn while in the company of the people who make you feel most inspired.

Get Nude Life Drawing runs workshops that are designed to help students celebrate their upcoming nuptials through learning impressive life drawing skills and techniques. Their aim is to make each life drawing class a bespoke experience for students, where they can learn in a way that suits them.

Beginners Watercolour Course

Location: Lydiate, Sefton

Want to be a whizz with watercolours? Many people find that watercolours are a particularly challenging art medium to work with. However, this beginners course teaches students the techniques, methods and approaches needed to create stunning watercolour paintings. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to pick up a paintbrush and make your own masterpiece.

Roy Munday runs a broad selection of art classes for students of all levels. From life drawing to watercolour painting, art courses with Roy Munday will teach you how to master a range of materials to create your own unique masterpiece.

We were exploring old abandoned gun emplacements in Wellington. The entire place, covered in amazing colorful graffiti. As a result of the graffiti there were old, used spray cans laying all over the place. But this one corridor had two large square indents, opposite one another. The one on the right was almost empty, containing only dust and rubbish, polluted by inconsiderate people. However the square indent on the right was astonishing, packed with at least a hundred used spray cans, a work of art. A beautiful reminder that you’ll never know what you find, unless you go looking.
Photo by Ben Elwood / Unsplash

Painting Workshop

Location: Wavertree, Liverpool

Want a relaxing painting experience? This painting workshop encourages you to find peace through creating your own paintings. With each stroke of your paintbrush you will feel your stresses melt away in this creative painting workshop. In this workshop, you set the agenda! Choose what you would like to paint and bring your artistic ideas to life with the direction of your creative teacher.

Childwall Emporium runs workshops which strive to help students indulge in their creativity. As well as providing enriching art and craft courses for students, they also aim to promote artists and creators by selling their products within their incredible store.

Beginners Modern Calligraphy Workshop

Location: Liverpool City Centre

It's time to try your hand at modern calligraphy! This two and a half hour workshop is designed for complete beginners who are unfamiliar with a dip pen and ink pot. With the direction of two talented teachers in this workshop, you will learn how to create charming calligraphy and letters like a pro! Whether you want to write your own handmade wedding invitations or simply explore the rewarding nature of this form of art, this workshop will teach you how to use a dip pen with ease.

Mellor and Rose run hands- on calligraphy workshops across the North West. Teachers in their workshops are determined to help students build their calligraphy ability with challenging yet rewarding activities and teaching methods.

Photo by Sarah Brown / Unsplash

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Whether you feel inspired through getting covered in paint or through calmly sketching with a pencil, art classes in Liverpool will help you unleash your inner artist. Art can encompass many different forms of creative expression, from calligraphy, sketch illustrations and printmaking, to stained glass, resin, mosaics and so much more! With art classes in Liverpool, you can master a range of art mediums, including acrylic, watercolour and oil paint. No matter what kind of art you want to make, teachers within art classes in Liverpool will help you embrace your creativity!

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