Whether you’re a beginner in your ceramics journey or you already have some experience making personalised pottery pieces, pottery classes in Liverpool will teach students of all levels how to make pottery they can be proud of. Explore artistic pottery and make wall art, ornaments and decorations with creative pottery courses in Liverpool. Want to make practical yet beautiful pottery? Teachers within pottery workshops in Liverpool will teach you how to make your own dinner sets, bowls, vases and so much more! We have sculpted a list of the top 9 best pottery classes in Liverpool that will help you reach your pottery potential.

Top 9 Best Pottery Classes in Liverpool:

  • Beginner Pottery Course
  • Wheel-Throwing Pottery Workshop
  • Evening Pottery Course for Beginners
  • Eleven Week Ceramics Course
  • Sculptural Ceramics Workshop
  • Weekend Pottery Workshop
  • Pottery Painting Class
  • Private Pottery Workshop
  • Creative Pottery Painting Workshop

Working with stoneware clay on a Brent wheel.
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Beginner Pottery Course

Location: Sefton Park, Liverpool

Feel clueless when it comes to creating your own ceramics? Not to worry! This beginner pottery course will give you a full introduction to the world of pottery. This seven week long course is designed for those who are completely new to clay. With the direction of your encouraging teacher, you will learn a mixture of both hand building and wheel throwing techniques as well as how to glaze and add slips to your pottery.

Lark Lane Pottery Classes are determined to help all pottery students build their pottery skills. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced pottery student, develop impressive pottery making skills in their interactive and informative workshops.

Wheel-Throwing Pottery Workshop

Location: Georgian Quarter, Liverpool

Want a spin on the potter’s wheel? This workshop will teach you technical wheel throwing skills! Develop your skills through practising how to make simple sculptures. This workshop concentrates on helping students learn how to create small pottery pieces, making it the perfect class for beginners to try their hand at this challenging method of making pottery. Build your confidence in making beautiful ceramics in this workshop where you will make up to three pieces of customised pottery.

Altar Pottery runs pottery workshops that encourage your unique creative flare. Teachers in their workshops feel inspiration from helping students reach their ambitious pottery making goals. Create and sculpt pottery that you can display at home with pride.

Evening Pottery Course for Beginners

Location: Baltic Triangle, Liverpool

Want to start making your own pottery but feel overwhelmed? With all of the confusing pottery jargon, knowing where to start in your journey to pottery success can be very daunting. This beginner pottery course makes learning pottery accessible for students who are completely new to creating ceramics. In this course you will become enlightened to the different approaches used to make pottery, such as hand building and wheel throwing.

Baltic Clay has a range of workshops which celebrate ceramics and pottery. They aim to deliver workshops and courses that have a friendly and encouraging atmosphere so students can have fun while they learn. If you’re looking for an exciting yet informative pottery class, Baltic Clay is sure to have just the workshop for you.

Eleven Week Ceramics Course

Location: Kensington, Liverpool

Challenge yourself with this eleven week long ceramics course. Master fundamental and basic pottery techniques as well as more advanced pottery making methods. This course welcomes all pottery students, whether you’re a beginner wanting to discover a creative hobby or you have some experience with pottery and want a course that will refine your skills. Within this course you will receive step-by-step guidance on how to make pottery like an expert.

The Pot Factory enjoys sharing their tips and tricks for making pottery masterpieces. They cater their teaching in their workshops to help each student reach their personal pottery making goals. Workshops with The Pot Factory are relaxed, educational and creative.

Child hands doing pottery
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Sculptural Ceramics Workshop

Location: Birkenhead, The Wirral

Try your hand at hand building! In this sculptural ceramics workshop, you will first learn hand building skills as a foundation for making technical sculptural pieces. Master pinching, coiling, slabbing and so much more in this hands- on workshop. Get creative shaping your own sculptural ceramics. As well as developing your techniques for making ceramics, you will also learn how to add colour to your creation. With the guidance of your knowledgeable teacher, create sophisticated sculptural ceramics in this workshop.

Rathbone Studio promotes the idea that each piece of pottery is individual and impressive in its own right. If you want to make personalised and unique ceramics, workshops with Rathbone Studio will help you express your character through fascinating pottery.

Weekend Pottery Workshop

Location: Bebington, The Wirral

Enjoy learning within an energising group? This weekend workshop is a fun way to develop your pottery skills within a group of sociable like minded students. This weekend workshop is usually around five hours long and filled with expertise and guidance. Your creative freedom is encouraged in this workshop! Use your creativity as well as the technical skills you have gained in this workshop when shaping and sculpting your pottery.

Mon Ceramics run their workshops in their professional and inspiring studio. Their bright and airy workspace environment is the best place to learn valuable pottery skills. Receive direction on how to make impressive pottery from enthusiastic teachers in workshops with Mon Ceramics.

Pottery Painting Class

Location: Formby, Sefton

Add a splash of colour to ceramics in this pottery painting class. Channel your inner artist and pick up a paintbrush to adorn pottery with your own design and patterns. Whether you want to paint a pot, mug, bowl or tea pot, this class has hundreds of pottery shapes and pieces for you to choose from. Decorate your chosen pottery with acrylic paints or glaze paints and fulfil your artistic vision in this pottery painting class.

China Butterfly Pottery Studio Formby has a wide range of pottery painting classes for students of all ages. Adults and children alike can indulge in their creativity while decorating and designing ceramics. China Butterfly Pottery Studio Formby has their creative studio in the picturesque town of Formby, just outside of Liverpool.

Creating cups on a potter's wheel.
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Private Pottery Workshop

Location: Toxteth, Liverpool

Explore the creative nature of pottery surrounded by your family and friends. If you have a group of six to eight pottery enthusiasts, then why not attend a private pottery workshop together? Private pottery workshops can be whatever you want them to be! Teachers in this workshop are delighted to cater their teaching to fit the bespoke aims of the students.

Clay Elm believes pottery is a powerful tool for relaxation and creativity. Their private pottery workshops are taught by experienced and encouraging pottery teachers who have a rich history of creating captivating ceramics.

Creative Pottery Painting Workshop

Location: Old Swan, Liverpool

Paint high quality earthenware in this pottery painting workshop. Discover all of the materials and supplies used to decorate pottery, including non-toxic underglaze and a range of colourful paints. Not only will you learn different techniques used to decorate ceramics, you will also be enlightened to the fascinating process of finishing pottery like a professional. Once you have completed painting your pottery, your professional pottery teacher will finish your pot which you can collect around two weeks after the workshop.

Potter Around thrive through teaching students of all ages the many different techniques used to decorate and paint pottery. Their interactive workshops are sure to build your confidence in your unique creativity.

Ceramics. Clay. Hands.
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There is a wide range of impressive skills you can master with pottery classes in Liverpool. Whether you want to make your own flawless pottery using hand building skills or wheel throwing techniques, learn how to make ceramics like a professional with pottery courses in Liverpool. Get creative painting pottery and sculpting your own pottery shapes and imprints with the guidance of encouraging pottery teachers. Learn how to mould, slab, coil, sculpt or throw clay to make your own decorations and ceramics with pottery courses in Liverpool.

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