The Top 10 Best Pottery Classes in Leeds are:

  • Throwing: Half-Day Taster at Sunken Studio
  • 2 Day Throwing Workshops at SAZi Studio
  • Handbuilding Pottery Workshop at Workshop
  • Pottery Workshops at Puffin Pottery
  • Taster Sessions at Old Stables Pottery Studio
  • Pottery - Beginners Course at Swarthmore Education Centre
  • Pottery Painting Class at Honey Pottery
  • Clay Experience Course at Firefly Pottery
  • Pottery Kit from Pottery People
  • Pottery Courses at Bentham Pottery

Throwing: Half-Day Taster at Sunken Studio

Location: Butterfly Street (Leeds)

Sunken Studio is the largest independent ceramics centre in Yorkshire, and contains all the facilities a budding potter could desire. They offer a variety of courses for all levels that cover a wide range of pottery techniques.  

Have you ever wanted to take a stab at the potter’s wheel? Well, the Throwing: Half-Day Taster will guide you through the steps needed to  throw a pot and make cylinders. Perfect for absolute beginners, this course will teach you wheel control, posture, centering, coning, opening up, collaring in, lifting a wall, compressing walls and rims, using a rib, wiring-off, and wiping down.

The course costs £70 and lasts 2 and a half hours.

2 Day Throwing Workshops at SAZi Studio

Location: Croydon Street (Leeds)

The founder of SAZi Studio, Sandra Whyles  name is a visual artist and maker with a special love for ceramics who also has a fondness for using photography and printing in her work. From her studio she runs workshops for beginners, improvers and experienced students as well as accompanied children and young people.

The 2 Day Throwing Workshop is Sandra’s most popular workshop, and is an intensive course that will teach you the ins and outs of throwing, trimming and turning a foot ring on the wheel, and decorating. This intensive course is guaranteed to build your confidence, knowledge, and skill on the potter’s wheel.

The 2 Day Throwing Worksop costs £170 per person, but if you’re unsure about booking 2 whole days, Sandra offers 3 hour taster sessions for £60 per person.

Handbuilding Pottery Workshop at Workshop

Location: Leeds

Workshop is the Leeds-based studio bringing arts and crafts to the modern world. They offer a variety of workshops for all levels, including our choice for one the best pottery classes in Leeds, the Handbuilding Pottery Workshop.

Join Lizzy, otherwise known as Peachy Keen, in this bathroom set workshop, which will teach you how to make your own toothbrush holder and soap dish.  All equipment is provided except for an apron, and you will be taught score, slip and moulding by the experienced Lizzy.

At the end of the class, Lizzie will take the items away to fire and then paint with a glaze of your choice.

Pottery Workshops at Puffin Pottery

Location: Otley (Leeds)

Puffin Pottery is a paint your own pottery studio based in the heart of Otley. Home to a spacious and accessible studio, their friendly staff are always on hand to give tips on how to achieve the best results when painting.

If you desperately need ideas for birthdays, hen parties, baby showers, or just something fun to do with friend’s, Puffin Pottery’s Pottery workshops are a great way to learn, create, and have fun!

Taster Sessions at Old Stables Pottery Studio

Location: Hebden Bridge (West Yorkshire)

Edyn Culverwell

Nestled into a hillside in the beautiful market town of Hebden Bridge, lies The Old Stables. Specialising in clay courses that use the potter’s wheel, Old Stables studio offers a variety of workshops for all abilities.

If you’ve ever wanted to work with clay, but haven’t had the chance to, their Taster Sessions will let you experience the traditional way of making ceramics. This session is ideal for those who are new to the potter’s wheel. So, whether you come with a friend or your family, the Taster Session is sure to be a memorable experience. You may not leave the class an expert, but you’ll definitely improve your skills, going from sticky blobs to your very own beaker and bowl!

The session includes use of facilities, tuition, tools, basic materials and Old Stables will fire and glaze two of your favourite items for you to pick up at a later date.

Pottery - Beginners Course at Swarthmore Education Centre

Location: Woodhouse Square (Leeds)

Swarthmore Education Centre is committed to lifelong learning, hosting community projects and family learning sessions as well as a range of courses and activities  Their central aim is to “encourage people who want to learn but might not feel comfortable in more formal educational institutions”.

No prior skills are needed to take their Potter Beginners - Courses, and it’s a perfect way for beginners to learn the ropes. You will be taught coiling, slab building, how to use moulds and use a potter's wheel as well as glazing.

All equipment and materials will be provided by the centre, you just have to bring your own facemask, apron and towel.

Pottery Painting Class at Honey Pottery

Location: Horsforth (North West Leeds)

Honey Pottery specialises in pottery painting classes for students of all ages! Children can get creative painting pots within interactive kids classes. Whereas adults can explore their artistic nature within grown up classes hosted by Honey Pottery.

Children and adults alike will learn unique skills in order to paint their own gorgeous pottery pieces. With a variety of events from children’s workshops to hen parties, Honey Pottery is sure to have a pottery painting class for any occasion!

This workshop includes guidance and tuition, premium quality ceramic pots and all the necessary tools and firing. All abilities are welcome!

Clay Experience Course at Firefly Pottery

Location: Horsforth (Leeds)

Firefly Pottery is situated in the picturesque town of Horsforth, and provides a welcoming, child-friendly space where you can make your own unique pottery with friends or family. Whether you opt for a potter's wheel, or a spot of hand-building, Firefly Pottery’s friendly and experienced team are there to guide you.

One of their most popular courses, the Clay Experience Course consists of three sessions – two sessions to make and one to return to glaze. One afternoon will be spent learning various hand-building techniques, followed by an afternoon that will introduce you to the art of throwing. Finally, after your pottery has been bisque-fired, you will get to unleash your creativity by decorating and glazing your work.

You get all these sessions, as well as all provided materials for the great value of £95! No wonder we chose Firefly Pottery for our guide to the top pottery classes in Leeds!

Pottery Kit from Pottery People

Location: Leeds


If you’re easily overwhelmed by some of the more technical aspects of pottery, you’ll likely be a fan of Pottery People’s credo, “Pottery made simple”. With their revolutionary pottery kit,

Pottery People are giving you the chance to make fuss-free pottery from the comfort of your own home! It’s suitable for all ages, a much-needed break from the digital world and, for every Pottery kit you purchase, a tree will be planted in North America, South America, Asia or Africa!

The kit includes two bags of high-quality air dry clay, as well as white paint and sealant, but you can also add their colourful paint set for more colours! And don’t worry! The kit also includes an easy to understand guide to guide you towards your masterpieces!

Pottery Courses at Bentham Pottery

Location: Low Bentham (Near Lancaster)

Next in our guide to the top pottery classes in Leeds is the thriving and enduring pottery studio, Bentham Pottery. Having taught pottery for the last 35 years, it’s no surprise their courses are so well-reviewed!

Bentham Pottery specialises in how to throw pottery on a wheel, and they also have throwing demonstration videos to help you gain an understanding of their techniques. Their courses are overseen by  Kathy Cartledge or her son Lee, who have, between them, over half a century of experience of craftsmanship and production thrown stoneware pottery.

So, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, Bentham Pottery is sure to teach you methods and techniques you don’t already know, and help you perfect the art of pottery!

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Hopefully, our guide to the Top 10 Best Pottery Classes in Leeds will give you a leg up when it comes to improving your pottery skills. Whether it’s hand building, refining your techniques on the potter’s wheel, or eye-catching decorations, these courses are sure to be a therapeutic and creative break from the pull of the digital world!

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