Mindfulness and meditation are important habits for decompressing, taking a step back from your busy thoughts and getting some perspective.

Whether you already have some experience exercising mindfulness or are a complete beginner, meditation workshops will help you integrate meditation and peace into your everyday life. Meditation has an immensely positive impact on our well-being through its power to promote a healthy sleep cycle and reduce stress and anxiety.

Often people find guided meditation, breath work and yoga to be incredibly enriching, relaxing and rewarding. We have created a list of the best 10 meditation classes to help you unwind.

Top 10 Best Meditation Classes in Brighton are:

  • Medications for a Happy and Meaningful Life with Susan Tait
  • Online Guided Meditation
  • Vajrasati Yoga with Khadine
  • Pop-up Candlelit Restorative Yoga
  • The Breath
  • Slow Flow Yoga with Gurulou
  • Friday Yoga and Meditation Class
  • Scaravelli Inspired Yoga
  • Mindfulness 8 Week Course with Jiva Masheder
  • 1:1 Yoga with Holly

Meditations for a Happy and Meaningful Life with Susan Tait

Location: Brighton and Hove

Start your Wednesday mornings with meditation to find some midweek perspective. In this class Susan Tait uses a down to earth and accessible approach to teaching guided meditations. Split into three coherent steps, this hour long class starts with a guided meditation, followed by a practical teaching and another guided meditation with the new teaching in mind. Not only will you leave this class feeling centred and relaxed, you will also be equipped to integrate these teachings and techniques into your daily life, helping you find peace day to day.

The Bodhisattva Kadampa Meditation Centre focuses on exercising mindfulness through Buddhist teachings and offers classes, day courses and weekend retreats. Although Buddhism is celebrated, it is not essential to be Buddhist to attend. Each class is self-contained, so whether you want a one off class or to take part in a longer course there is sure to be a meditation class that suits your desires.

Online Guided Meditation

Location: North Laine, Brighton

Struggle being present? Learn how to slow down and be in the moment with guided relaxation meditation classes led by Sarah Pailthorpe. Sarah’s online class means you can participate in the class anywhere that you feel relaxed and calm. This 20-30 minute relaxation meditation class will help you feel composed and refreshed and is perfect for beginners or anyone who is wanting to stop, self-soothe and de-stress.

The Brighton Natural Health Centre is a charity which runs both online and in- person studio classes. Their aim is to provide interactive workshops that are both relaxing and educational and their belief is that classes should not only build physical abilities but also develop a healthy mind, body and spirit. Whether you want to book a one off class, a weekend workshop or a 5-8 week course, Brighton Natural Health Centre has a range of welcoming classes to help you reach your relaxation goals.

Vajrasati Yoga with Khadine

Location: Elm Grove, Brighton

Want to stretch your mind as well as your body? Vajrasati yoga classes allow you to practise mindfulness and meditate while performing different postures and breathing exercises. Learn how to combine different modern and classical yoga techniques with beginner friendly classes. Khadine is an experienced, passionate and encouraging teacher, each of her mindful yoga classes will leave you feeling refreshed and uplifted.

Vajrasati Yoga School believes that yoga is so much more than an exercise! They believe that yoga is an opportunity to connect your mind, body and soul and to refresh your mind by creating yoga classes which promote mindfulness. Classes are crafted with different Tantra, Raja, Buddhist, Advaita Vedanta influences and are accessible for people of all levels.

Pop-up Candlelit Restorative Yoga

Location: Preston, Brighton

This restorative yoga class run by Rachel will leave you feeling relaxed and revived. The atmospheric candlelit ambience helps to relieve tension and stress and instead encourage tranquillity and peace. Rachel will introduce you to beginner friendly postures which mainly consist of lying down poses for this mindful meditation yoga class. This hour and a half long class will conclude with a soothing meditation to leave you feeling calm and with the tools to peacefully unwind anytime.

Yoga can create an enriching meditation experience because it gives you the opportunity to connect with your body and feel comfortable in your own skin. Being conscious of your movements and breath can help you feel present, relaxed and revitalised. Yoga with Rachel will teach you how to embrace slowing down and being still and how this will have an immensely positive impact on your  well being.

The Breath

Location: North Laine, Brighton

Start your week in the best way with Monday morning breath work classes. As breathing is something we do subconsciously, it is easy to take for granted the benefits of concentrating and controlling your breathing. This breath work class will enlighten you to the benefits of specific breath work on our bodies as well as our minds. Learn breath work techniques that nourish and cleanse your organs and feel the tension leaving your body. Develop your understanding of how breath work can improve your emotional well-being and experience how controlled breath work can allow you to release stress and uplift your mood.

About Balance is passionate about making well-being classes as well as holistic therapy treatments as accessible as possible for people who need them. About Balance is dedicated to improving the health and happiness of everyone through their range of spiritual and physical well-being classes for both adults and children.

Slow Flow Yoga with Gurulou

Location: Kemp Town, Brighton

Ready, set, stretch! This beginner friendly yoga class is perfect for if you're wanting to push your physical abilities. This class has a focus on the repetition of postures, which means your body adapts to new positions and can move with ease through the new poses you have acquired. Not only does this class ensure that you develop new physical capabilities and strength, Gurulou also teaches you how to incorporate breathing techniques along with your yoga postures. By concentrating on both the body and the breath, this yoga class provides a calming and soothing experience to enhance your skills when practising mindfulness and meditation.

Humankind is a community of experienced and passionate yoga teachers who are eager to provide an enriching experience for students who want to slow down and reflect through yoga and meditation. Humankind yoga classes are all about helping you find new ways to wind down and be present in your own body through their range of soothing yoga classes.

Friday Yoga and Meditation Class

Location: Live Online Class

Fridays are perfect for reflection. This one and a half hour Friday morning yoga and meditation class will help you still your busy thoughts. Gain knowledge about mindful yoga techniques and a variety of soothing poses from seating and standing to passive restorative yoga stances. The aim of this class is to establish a sense of sensitivity to your body, breath and energy while also building strength physically and spiritually. This class concludes with a relaxing meditation, so you can leave behind the stresses of the busy and turbulent week and instead compose yourself for the tranquil weekend ahead.

Vidyadasa at Inspiring Yoga and Meditation is eager to pass on his profound adoration for yoga and meditation. Not only is Vidyasa enthusiastic about sharing his passion for yoga and mindful meditation but Vidyasa also wants to impart the gratifying experience of these practices on your overall spirit.

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga

Location: Round Hill, Brighton

Yoga and meditation are incredibly helpful for building your sense of self. This class has an emphasis on developing acceptance of your own body and letting go of personal tensions and reservations. This inclusive Tuesday evening class is suitable for any level of abilities, so whether you’re a complete beginner or want to reconnect with your previous skills and knowledge, this class with Michelle will leave you feeling fulfilled and content. Not only will you learn new yoga techniques, Michelle will also teach you how to nurture yourself physically and mentally.

Michelle Cobbin ensures that each yoga class will be rewarding and fulfilling for each student in the workshop. Michelle has small intimate in person classes to make sure that she can give her attention to each student as well as to ensure that each student feels comfortable and quickly familiar with their surroundings and fellow yoga novices.

Mindfulness 8 Week Course with Jiva Masheder

Location: Live Online Class

Want to explore self reflection? This eight week mindfulness course with Jiva Masheder will help you learn how to take a step back from your busy thoughts and instead get some perspective. This course is made up of in depth two hour weekly online workshops, which means you can learn how to practise mindfulness in the comfort of your own home. Jiva uses mindfulness cognitive therapy techniques which will not only help you become more self aware of what may be causing you stress unconsciously beneath the surface but also improve the way you see and cherish yourself by slowing down negative self thoughts.

Jiva Masheder at Mindfulness Brighton uses an approachable way of introducing beginners to mindfulness. Jiva addresses the stereotypes that cloud people's judgments and perception towards mindfulness, which makes her classes more enticing and appealing for beginners or people who have struggled to get to grips with meditation techniques.

1:1 Yoga with Holly

Location: North Laine, Brighton

Holly’s focused class is designed to cater to your level of experience, so if you’re a beginner or already familiar with mindful yoga, Holly will help you reach substantial progression after each class. Build your confidence in new postures and stances and feel the pressure and stress of everyday life leave your body. Not only will Holly make sure your confidence is growing, she will also inform you of the many benefits of yoga from improved sleeping patterns to stress free relaxation. Leave this class feeling in high spirits and accomplished after challenging yourself.

Holly offers a wide range of classes at Studio iO. From strong flows with a range of soulful or electronic music which puts your abilities to the test to gentle postures that get in touch with the parasympathetic nervous system to promote mindfulness as well as spiritual and physical healing.

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Guided meditations can help us find calm in the present moment while learning breath work techniques enables us to become aware of and appreciate our bodies. Although many people find meditation and yoga as techniques for mindfulness really beneficial, there are other artistic avenues such as pottery, painting and mosaics to explore and practise mindfulness. Discover which way of practising mindfulness and meditation works for you, whether it gardening and photography or guided meditations and yoga.

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