Put in some elbow grease kneading pizza dough or roll your way to success with sushi making cooking workshops in Birmingham. Rustle up a roast chicken or explore vegetarian and vegan recipes with the guidance of a professional chef! We have whipped up a list of the top 10 best cooking classes in Birmingham, so you can effortlessly make any meal you’re craving.

Top 10 Best Cooking Classes in Birmingham:

  • Cook Stars Junior Class
  • Cooking with Fire Course
  • Online Caribbean Cookery Masterclass
  • Children's Bread Making Class
  • Katsu Curry Making Class
  • Mediterranean Healthy Eating Course
  • Indian Cookery Class
  • Pizza and Ciabatta Making Day Workshop
  • Chocolate Challenge Team Building Cookery Course
  • Knife Skills and Maintenance Course

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Cook Stars Junior Class

Location: Solihull, West Midlands

It’s never too early to explore cooking! Children can benefit in many ways from learning how to cook. Building their ability to make delicious meals will benefit their confidence and improve their self-esteem. Not only will children learn how to cook in a fun and exciting environment, they will also gain key life skills such as time management and communication. In this hands- on weekly class, the recipe changes each week so children get to explore new dishes and flavours.

Cook Stars are determined to deliver interactive and entertaining workshops for children. Their classes are led by teachers with a wealth of expertise in both cooking and working with children. As well as safely teaching children valuable cooking skills and techniques, children in their sociable workshops will also get the chance to make new friends and play food related games.

Cooking with Fire Course

Location: Halesowen, Dudley

It’s time to turn up the heat in this cooking with fire course! If you’re a fan of BBQs then this is the course for you. Learn how to cook with fire flawlessly and discover the best materials and tools as well as how to use them. Within this five hour long course, you will master making rubs, how to cook meat with fire, short smokes and grilling and so much more!

Live Fire Birmingham Cooking School teaches students of all levels impressive cooking with fire skills that will impress their friends and family. With Live Fire Birmingham Cooking School, it’s BBQ season all year round! Their courses are run within an undercover workspace so your learning isn’t disrupted by the temperamental and rainy English weather.

Online Caribbean Cookery Masterclass

Location: Recorded Online Class

Learn how to make mouthwatering Caribbean dishes in the comfort of your own home! In this online Caribbean cookery class, you can cook up a storm in your own kitchen. Discover dishes and taste sensations from the Caribbean within this online class. In this class you will learn how to make Jerk Chicken, Rice and Peas,  Fried Dumplings, Salt Fish Fritters, Fried Plantain as well as many more tasty Caribbean recipes. The simple step-by-step guidance of this online class has been structured with beginners in mind. However, experienced cooking students wanting to broaden their cooking repertoire will also benefit from this flavourful class.

Tan Rosie celebrates Caribbean cooking! The aim of their workshops is not only to teach students valuable cooking skills, but their goal is also to help hungry students discover new flavoursome recipes from the Caribbean.

Children's Bread Making Class

Location: Digbeth, Birmingham

Does your child enjoy baking? Then they knead to attend this bread making class! Within this social bread making class, children will work in pairs to make their own bouncy bread. If your child is between the ages of 10-14 and is eager to learn how to bake their own bread, this class will teach them how to make a loaf they can be proud of. This day long class is run once a month and will adapt the recipes and ingredients around any allergies the children have.

Kitchen Food School is determined to help all students of all ages gain cooking knowledge and skills. From mindful bread baking classes to kids kitchen workshops, they are sure to have a workshop for anyone and everyone interested in channelling their inner chef.

Salmon and quinoa dish
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Katsu Curry Making Class

Location: Harborne, Birmingham

Katsu Curry has become a famous favourite Japanese dish for many people across the world. This workshop will enlighten you to the background of this delightful dish as well as how to make every aspect of this meal perfectly. Learn how to make thick and smooth Katsu sauce like a professional as well as how to make Japanese white rice. Discover different variations of this dish to cater for any dinner guest, from oriental vegetarian Katsu to Katsu chicken.

Harborne Food School has a broad selection of cooking classes that will cause any cooking student's inspiration to stir. Teachers in their workshops are foodies who understand what it takes to make good food as well as how to share this knowledge with enthusiastic cooking students.

Mediterranean Healthy Eating Course

Location: Birmingham City Centre

Get more vegetables into your daily diet! This Mediterranean healthy eating course will help you realise that having a healthy balanced diet doesn't have to be boring! Get inspired to introduce healthy meals into your lifestyle within this interactive course. Learn how to make healthy moreish Mediterranean meals from a professional and experienced chef.

Rosa Cookery School thrives through teaching students technical cooking skills. They have a range of cooking workshops, many of them focusing on irresistible Italian dishes. With their vibrant array of Italian cooking classes, their workshops and courses will fulfil any craving you have for Italian cuisine.

Indian Cookery Class

Location: Solihull, West Midlands

Master making authentic Indian meals with this hands- on cookery class. All of the fresh ingredients, recipes and guidance you will need to make delicious dishes are provided in this cookery class. If you’re curious about curry and want to know each step in the curry making process, this workshop will help you make rich and creamy curries! This class can be customised and structured around teaching you the culinary skills that you aspire to learn from an experienced chef.

The Delhi gets inspiration from helping customers and students discover their fondness for flavour filled Indian dishes. As well as their workshops which embrace authentic Indian cuisine, The Delhi also has a restaurant which aims to provide tasty dining experiences for everyone with an appetite for Indian dishes.

Kitty and Oz baking a Norman Castle cake for Ozzy's History homework.
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Pizza and Ciabatta Making Day Workshop

Location: Birmingham City Centre

The best way to learn cooking skills and techniques is through having a go yourself! This cooking workshop has a warm welcome with coffee and biscuits to enjoy before you start cooking. Once you have made your perfect personalised pizza and ciabatta, it's then time to taste the fruits of your labour, either with other students in the workshop or in the comfort of your home after the class.

Italian Ventures has workshops that give students an opportunity to develop their Italian cooking skills. Their aim is to build students confidence in making tasty Italian food with ease!

Chocolate Challenge Team Building Cookery Course

Location: Wythall, Birmingham

Chocolate is powerful for bringing people together! Indulge in this sweet treat while getting to know your workmates better in this exciting course. Get to grips with the basic techniques used by professional chocolatiers in this two and a half hour long course. Learn how to make glorious ganache and smooth chocolate pond puddings from scratch. By the end of this workshop, you will have developed your communication with your colleagues as well as discovered how to make luxurious chocolate.

Becketts Farm has experience teaching students a selection of culinary skills. From piping, shaping, coating and mixing in their chocolate challenge course to kneading dough in pasta making workshops, cooking courses with Becketts Farm will definitely build your cooking skills and abilities.

Knife Skills and Maintenance Course

Location: Stirchley, Birmingham

Slice, dice and chop your way towards culinary success in this knife skills course! Safely enhance your ability to use a knife for different cooking tasks. From chopping an onion to filleting a fish, learn how to choose the right knife as well as how to use it. Within this three hour long workshop, you will receive tips and tricks from a professional chef on how to use a knife efficiently with different foods.

Loaf believes preparing and tasting food creates a sense of community between people. Their workshops promote a social and friendly atmosphere for students to learn exciting and impressive culinary skills together.

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At times we can all feel clueless when it comes to cooking! Cooking workshops in Birmingham will have you cooking like Gordon Ramsey before you know it. Learn how to cater for every dietary requirement of your dinner party guests with vegan, vegetarian and gluten free cooking classes in Birmingham. Explore food from Asia with Thai, Chinese and Japanese cooking courses or discover French, Italian and other European cuisines. Cooking workshops in Birmingham will develop your cooking skills and stop your culinary abilities becoming stale!

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