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Salsa Classes for Couples in London


Salsa classes are a great thing for couples to do. Luckily, London has plenty of them to choose from. Out of all the type of dance, Salsa is famously regarded as one of the best for couples. The famous salsa scene in the movie Mr & Mrs. Smith created the epic romance between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt that broke up his marriage to the very beautiful and loved Jennifer Aniston. The dance floor is a beautiful place to watch couples flourish, as they lose themselves in one another and learn something new together. Intimacy is something that comes naturally in salsa dancing as you work together as a team to learn something new, away from chores and distractions of family life.

Salsa classes in London can often be dating pools, full of singletons desperate to partner with the entire room. However, we've found some couple friendly salsa classes, for those who are looking specifically to learn the Salsa in a couple.

FK Dance school salsa classes with Fadi

FK Dance has two schools it runs classes from, Kilburn and Soho. Started in 2012 by Fadi K, this school has various different salsa classes that are perfect for all levels and most importantly, suited to couples. They have a tailored approach to teaching, so if you'd like to learn as a duo, they work that seamlessly into their lessons. They are not exclusively for couples, but are very accommodating of them. Other dance schools can encourage partners to dance with other people, but Fadi prefers to leave you guys together.

Have a look at the classes offered at FK Dance starting at £16

Couples salsa with Salsa Tropical

These classes are available to buy as a couples package, with a standard one getting you 1 private lesson as well as 6 group lessons. These classes are held at the dance studio in East London and usually last around 2 hours. You then participate in social dancing afterward which is a nice opportunity to meet other couples like yourselves, and immerse yourself a little more in your new hobby. Social dancing is useful because it gives you an opportunity to practice what you've learned, without an instructor there to help.

Book yourself onto the couples package with Salsa Tropical starting at £170

Salsa Class with Casa della Salsa

Casa Della Salsa specialises in beginners and is quite happy to have you learn as a couple. From £20 for the two of you, you'll join a group class in Potter's Bar. There is often more than one teacher per group, meaning you get further personalised tuition as a pair.

Book yourself onto the beginners class for £20

LGBT Salsa classes with Salsa Rosada

These classes welcome all levels and LGBT couples. Their beginners class is from 7 pm till 8 pm every Wednesday and the intermediate class follows that from 8 pm till 9 pm. You'll learn a four-beat Colombian style salsa and you will learn essential Salsa steps within a fun, sociable and safe environment. There are no boundaries and you choose whether you want to lead or follow. In all classes, we change partners constantly which helps to challenge you to push yourself further. The classes are ongoing, you can join them at any given point and you don't need to bring a partner. No special footwear or clothes are required though you should wear what you feel most comfortable in.

Find out more about these classes from £14 for a couple