With multiple cookbooks, two restaurants and two children together, Tuscan-born chef Giancarlo and artist-turned-cookery-writer Katie Caldesi have achieved a lot since they first met back in 1997. The married duo have appeared on shows such as BBC Masterchef, BBC Breakfast and Saturday Kitchen; sharing their passion for authentic, Italian food created using local, seasonal produce. Their flagship restaurant is heralded as a 'Little Corner of Italy in Marylebone’, and comes highly recommended by some names you may recognise; such as Bill Nighy and Kathryn Newton!

They also have another pride and joy between them: La Cucina Caldesi, their Italian cookery school, first opened in 2005.

La Cucina Caldesi, Giancarlo and Katie's purpose-built cookery school in Marylebone.

La Cucina Caldesi was born from a Sunday tradition over two decades old, established by Giancarlo and Katie at their restaurant in Marylebone. Every Sunday, they would take the time to teach their friends and guests how to create their own fresh pasta; passing on their expertise and passion to those around them. It became a hugely popular event, and eventually the two made the decision to build their own purpose-built cookery school.

Open every single day of the week, there's something for everyone to enjoy, with either Katie, Giancarlo, or Head Tutor Stefano Borella there to help every step of the way. Alongside them is an ever rotating host of guest chefs, each with their own passion for Italian cuisine, offering something unique for students to enjoy during their time at the school.

The expertise behind La Cucina Caldesi means there's a wide variety of classes to choose from - we've chosen a just few that caught our eye below:

Go on a culinary journey through Italy's different regions with La Cucina's Sicilian or Tuscan Sharing Plates classes, or by dedicating a day to creating dishes from Giancarlo and Katie's much loved Amalfi. In each you'll learn select dishes that define each area, as well as getting to enjoy them at the end of your class!

Then, there are the basics. Focus on the staples of Italian food that you know and love with La Cucina's Essential Italian class - where you'll learn how to make some classics including (but not limited) to rosemary focaccia, Neapolitan pizza and two essential pasta sauces. And, of course, there's pasta itself! With their 1 Day Workshop, you'll dedicate spending 6 hours learning how to make fresh pasta in all its forms.

If you love to cook, but are often low on time, La Cucina's 30 Minute Italian Menus is the class for you - learn how to craft authentic Italian meals from cupboard to plate in 30 minutes or less, ranging from starters all the way to desserts, so you'll have a recipe for every occasion.

If you're looking to make sustained and healthy change to your eating habits, then Katie's Low-Carb Lifestyle class could be for you. Inspired by Giancarlo, who put his type 2 diabetes into remission and lost nearly 4 stone following this diet, Katie will guide you through the recipes she has perfected over the years (as seen with her 4 Amazon bestselling low-carb cookbooks!), teaching how you can enjoy a healthy diet that doesn't leave you hungry or feeling as though you're missing out.

We're thrilled to have welcomed La Cucina Caldesi to the Obby family, and we can't wait to see what mouth-watering cooking classes they introduce next.

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