The Pasta Artist food classes in London
The Pasta Artist food classes in London


The Pasta Artist

1 reviews
1 reviews

Silvana is a 4th generation artisan pasta maker from Naples. Her passion is to teach the dying art of making pasta entirely by hand, saving rare pasta shapes from disappearing and helping pasta lovers to recreate the authentic Italian experience, teaching techniques passed down to her by her family.

Her grandma, Nonna Rosa, has taught her everything she knows, started training her when she was just a teeny weeny 5-year-old. Nonna Rosa's been her only teacher for 17 years, allowing her to earn first hands experience in the small family pasta factory. In July 2017 Silvana featured on BBC2's "Inside the Factory" as a pasta expert.

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Pasta Making


10 Aug
Silvana was very sweet and lovely. The booking was made in conjunction with my friend's birthday and we ended up having a private class of our own! When we arrived, Silvana had already prepared the potatoes in advance of our gnocchi making session, which was very thoughtful of her. She was very patient as we were quite slow in pasta making. We also had a very informational session as she explained the history of pasta and her family's history relations with Pasta making. She also gave us very practical advice in choosing good quality pasta from stores. We also learnt how to make pesto sauce from scratch and it was the best authentic pesto sauce I've ever had. Thoroughly enjoyed the session! Unfortunately she is moving away from the UK from summer next year. So do book any pasta making sessions with her quickly!! Thank you so much again Silvana, we had a great time!!