Harrington's Kitchen

About this school

Professionally-run bread and pasta making kitchen in Beckenham.

Located in Beckenham, South London - Harrington’s Kitchen provides hands on classes for those interested in discovering the art of making bread and the fundamentals of cooking traditional Italian pasta.

Our classes will teach you simple, effective techniques to produce delicious breads and a variety of pastas, which you can replicate in your own home with just a domestic oven and a pair of hands!

The kitchen is run by Stephen Harrington and Roberta Levent, both enthusiastic bakers and chefs. Stephen started his bread making and cookery classes to share his passion for baking, having previously run his own cookery school in the Basque region of France and a successful catering company in Paris. Roberta is a native Italian from Treviso and has been living in London for 25 years. She is a natural cook and teacher and teaches our Pasta making classes when she is not teaching Yoga!

Classes are held in a domestic kitchen - there are no bakers ovens just ones you are used to, this gives our students the confidence to take the skills they have learnt in the lesson and put them into action at home.

We are fortunate to have some talented chefs teaching classes with us where all equipment and recipes are provided. Classes can also be held in the comfort of your home for you and a group of your friends.

Find us:

  • Just a short walk from Elmers End or a bus ride from Beckenham Junction