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Mini Macramé Heart Wall Hanging

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A perfect beginner Macramé kit, unique as it uses only one knot. You will be a master in no time! Includes clear instructions and a step by step video!
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About this product

Share the love by making or gifting this cute Mini Macramé Heart Wall Hanging kit! A perfect gift for Mum on Mother's day, a birthday gift for that creative person in your life or just to let someone know you care!

As a Macramé Teacher for over 3 years, my students keep asking for a kits they can do at home, mini projects that are easy to do and quick to create when they are short on time (some Macramé projects can take hours!) This kit is special as it only uses one knot, making it quick to master…

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What is Included
  • 16 meters of 3mm braided cotton macramé cord, alre
  • 3 meters of cord already attached to a wooden dowe
  • a bobby pin to help tie cords in the back
What you will need
  • scissors
  • cello tape
Is this kit suitable for beginners?
Absolutely! It's the perfect Macramé start project due to the clear and concise written instructions and step by step video. Plus you only need to learn one knot!
What makes this kit different to other Macramé Kits out there?
Not only is it great value, it's also FULL of value! As well as containing all materials, written instructions, pattern and a video tutorial - I do all the prep for you! Meaning you don't have to do the boring measuring and cutting - you can just get on with the fun part and start knotting!
Is it suitable as a gift?
Definitely! It's a great gift for any craft lover! It is presented in bright and attractive packaging. Also it is packaged in a handy letter box size, meaning it can be easily be delivered by the postman even if the recipient is out.
Is there a follow on project?
Either my Macramé Plant Hanger kit or Macramé Wall Hanging kit would be a great follow on project as you build on your Macramé knowledge and learn a few more knots, developing your skills, confidence and ability :-)
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