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Here is the first and only, GLAZE & FIRING included clay kit in the UK. We have created a secure packaging to have your mug or bowl send back to us!
About this product

Make your own bespoke mug for yourself , for two, or for four with the Family pack. You can also create anything else you wish, from mug bowls, vase to chess pieces and ornament we have had surprises !

What is Included
  • A bag of pre-coiled clay and base
  • A set of pottery tools (optional £10 add-on)
  • A magic bubble box to protect your piece to be sent back to us.
What you will need
  • Alongside with this kit you’ll need some TAPE to seal the box, when your piece is finished.
  • You will need some PAINT BRUSHES to apply the coloured slip onto your piece. These are not included in the toolkit. Alternatively you could apply slip using your fingers or pouring it onto your piece.
  • OPTIONAL: If you don’t order our toolkit you’ll need a PLASTIC CARD (any loyalty card, oyster card etc.) and some CUTLERY OR ANYTHING you might find, that is sharp to carve your piece (if you would like to carve).Feel free to hand build anything you like without any tools too!
Latest Reviews
5(1 review)
Sophia - Aug 6, 2021
Amazing! And great communication, v accommodating. Thank you so much!
Does the clay has a shelf life?
Yes it is best to use your kit within 3 weeks, so make sure you don't order it too much in advance.
What happen if the pieces break when sent back to you?
If your pieces are sent back to us following the guidance, clay being still soft we guarantee it won't break but if sent back to us too late and bone dry they are chances of breakage in that case we cannot take responsibility for the loss.
Can I send back more than one piece made ?
Yes, you can send back to us as many work as you want using the clay from your kit.
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