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Technology is a pivotal part of almost everything we do and is a huge component of the digital era we are living in. You can be a part by learning processes and development of parts and processes and by learning technological engineering and operations.

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15. Generative Design with 3D Modeling and AR fabrication
Class 1 : Grasshopper C# Scripting Software: Grasshopper for Rhino 3D, Visual Studio Construction of C# script from scratch Participants will learn: -What C# Script is -How to write script in Grasshopper -How to use coding in architectural design 1A (2 – 3 NOV) : Boid algorithm -What Boid algorithm is -How to construct Boid algorithms within C# in Grasshopper -Examples and references of how Boid algorithm is used in design applications 1B (30 NOV – 1 DEC) : Path finding algorithm -What path finding algorithm is -How to construct path finding algorithms within C# in Grasshopper -Examples and references of how Path finding algorithm is used in design applications Class 2 : AR Fabrication Software: Grasshopper for Rhino 3D Generative design and Fabrication with AR device Participants will learn: -What Augmented Reality fabrication is -How to use Microsoft Hololense : the AR Device -How to use Fologram : the AR plug-in bridging Hololens and Rhino/Grasshopper -How AR is used in architecture 2A (9 – 10 NOV) : AR assisted brick fabrication -How to make generative digital model based on multi-agent system -How to assemble bricks in physical world using AR technique 2B (7 – 8 DEC) : AR assisted pipe fabrication -How to make generative 3D digital patterns based on path-finding algorithms -How to assemble PVC pipes using AR technique Class 3 : Maya 3D Modeling -Software: Autodesk Maya -From conceptual geometry to architectural model Participants will learn: -What Maya 3D poly modeling is -How to design with organic geometry in Maya -How to model complex geometries -How to prepare architectural model from conceptual geometries 3A (16 – 17 NOV) : Towers and master plan – How to use polygon modeling technique to generate creative and conceptual geometries – How to model master plan with unified design language 3B (14 – 15 DEC) : Pavilion with interior -How to use polygon modeling technique to generate creative and conceptual geometries -How to model interior details to a conceptual geometry Class 4 : Rhino 3D Modeling -Software: Rhino 3D 6 -Architectural 3D modeling with NURBS Participants will learn: -What NURBS 3D modeling is -To understand professional architectural plan and section drawings -How to model for professional drawings 4A (23 – 24 NOV) : Building 3D models from drawings -How to translate information from professional architecture drawings to a 3D model -How to model a building based on a set of 2D architectural drawings 4B (21 – 22 DEC) : Creating professional drawings from complex 3D model -How to draw plans and sections from 3D model -How to make drawings more professional (tips and tricks) -How to make professional 3D sectional drawings

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